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How do the Yun reproduce?

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They reproduce by budding, which is why they wear the most clothing. Underneath that clothing is the half-formed body of another Yun, ready to burst out in a magnificent display of blood and pus. 

They used kung-fu as they do with everything else in this game.

They reproduce by cellular mitosis, induced through consuming large quantities of bologna and corn chips, while listening to Tailor Swift music over the P.A. speakers in a local supermarket. Conception occurs when you hear the supermarket's radio ad interrupt the music to inform you on the great sales you can get there, every day, as long as you have your silly little bonus card on your silly little keyring, alongside all of the other silly bonus and membership cards that you never actually use, nor remember actually ever signing up for.

This is when a new Yun buds into existence. -And yes, they smell like Tailor Swift - the smell of bologna and corn chips... and probably a little hint of butt.

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The theory that there is set number of them and they are like phoenixes doesn't seem much correct. Jiwan died, but went to the Divine Realm, and so at this rate all the Yun would go extinct on Earthern Realm. So, if by a coincidence Yun got together with male of other race? That is the question.

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still havent seen any hybrid race on bns like half gon half jin or w/e so maybe on this realm offsprings are determined by the mother, we even see yun courtesans in zaiwei and gunwon

so its likely they have experience with other male races.

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I would suspect Yun's to be akin, similarly to The mythical island of Themyscira ticks off just about every box in the quality utopia checklist: Cascading waterfalls. A lush, tropical landscape. Years of undisturbed peace. A gorgeous race of warrior women. Oh, and absolutely, positively no men. It is governed by Aphrodite's Law, which stated that "Under penalty of death, no Man may set foot on Themyscira." Themyscira is the theocracy and capital city that serves as the Greek peoples' government and place of origin for Wonder Woman. The name for the entire archipelago became "The Paradise Islands" So how do Yun & Amazonian's reproduce?  Simply they don't. When a female child is lost at sea, the child is rescued from drowning by the goddess Thetis. Thetis would rescue mortal female children she deemed "special" and safely transport them to the shores of Themyscira's Island of Healing. Once on the island the Amazons' chief physician Epione would discover them and tend to their care. After this the child would be taken to the royal palace where one Amazon is selected as the child's "Guardian of Inspiration". The baby is then granted great wisdom and strength of spirit via a magical kiss. 
Our Yun have been left out of the basic story line, because there is no information.. One may surmise the new creation of any Yun is a magical process and needs no explanation.

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On 1/31/2016 at 11:06 PM, Xytarez said:


Ok, here's an answer as close to the lore as possible:


Short version: Gon males. 

Long version: Yun descend from Fenghuang, A mythical Asian bird queen, that is usually paired with dragon kings, from which Gons descend. So, Yun probably get it on with Gons to get more Yun.

i know its old threat , but in that case why there is no male yun if they marry male gons , not to mention they looks like pure yun as if yun marry another yun not yun+gon , don't DNA have any effect on that ? like size,color,sex , unless they marry female gons then its different story lol

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