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  1. For example so far I have 6 gems slots, if I upgrade my weapon would that give the 7th gem slot by chance?
  2. some weapon box does not contain warden weapon, because there are some cool looking greatswords that i want to make them as my warden weapon skin, but so far cant get from those boxes event with brilliant keys
  3. once a costume is re-coloured it is no longer account bound, why
  4. Mount will be classified as low speed, normal speed and high speed, low speed gives 60% speed buff, normal gives 90%, and high gives 120%, and if nc is going to release mount, the low speed one would required at least $100 to buy directly
  5. I reckon you can also find him in jadestone village
  6. I don't know what's the point of this rotation, except graveheart I don't like it and didn't buy last year the rest of those 3 costumes were obtained in last Halloween event without using any nc, and now they just listed them with a new costumes price
  7. Let me get this simply, if you like melee class pick warden, because warden can be tank, dps and give buff, if you like range, go for warlock, buff and dps, and best aoe skill in pve
  8. I can understand if I got kicked from naryu sanctum, maybe they wanna other blue buff to get fast run or something, but what's the point to kick me from nf this low level dungeon, btw my main is wl with bw, and I have also seen some warden or wl with no badge but even do sf or sb when in the same team
  9. If you like to press keyboard, go sin, kfm, if you are brain dead go gunner or sum
  10. My warden got kicked by a wl pt leader in f8 naryu foundry party while there was no other warden in pt, but my warden has bt frost ring and earrings, raven 8, full raven ss, 1200+ ap, and im still confused about why
  11. I have seen some korean server videos those players have 2 more weapon gems slots than us will this be available soon in NA server
  12. eric11zhao


    Tank and Warlock replacement if you have good ping
  13. After warden release and trove comes the same time some warden even have had legendary badge already, in that case what Warlock does even with aransu soul badge can only do td, not like used to be anymore, and why not just let sb and sf stack
  14. Please I just want to give this one to my warden, don't want to do another 150+ runs to get it
  15. Wow I posted this thread last year on gunner patch why people dig it out
  16. Does phoenix weapon box so far includes warden weapon skin, cuz haven't tried trove yet, just want to know if it worthy to buy that box from trove
  17. Just found when warden's buff on cd Warlock's soulburn won't be activated, so when warden and warlock are in to same team the buff won't stack, so which one is better, or would warlock get dumped in the future
  18. Now all I'm concerned about is when will this one be available in f10
  19. Whatever it is don't ever waste anything on designer thread because all you get is those scamming boxes again, I wasted 20 emblem on those threads but all I got are just old costumes
  20. I have 400ms in mushin tower, a6 weapon, can't even dodge his stab attack
  21. What's this item for, and where to use it
  22. i bought this swimsuit, but no head piece, also checked f3 not even available in that section
  23. what if i use some female anime characters with under covered upper body picture as in game profile picture, will i get banned
  24. There are 6 fishing spots in jade village, does each spot drop different fish, for example costume fish drops from a specific spot or just rng from everyone
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