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  1. Already have both 100 kill achievements, I took path 2 :^) I mean 20 kills in general because they keep coming back and the fight keeps going on and on.
  2. Finish your weekly&daily challenge > Use "essence" on Pinchy wheel in the Cinderlands and find out it has a 18 second cast time for whatever reason > Realise that you have to "fight" to actually use the wheel > Fight for the wheel 1v20 or 20v1, either way, you'll get interrupted by a group or a single person with a one-shot AoE skill. There are two different paths that will lead to the same ending. 1. Fight for hours, kill and/-or be killed, realise that even though you kill 20 people on your own which I doubt unless you're highly geared, the wheel is RNG s
  3. Hi, As the title says, will we ever get more classes per race? Like Jin FM, Yun Assassin etc. We already know that Lyn will get gunner class so maybe the other races can get some love too? I know the chances are small but I'll leave a post here anyway as a player request. I personally like to see Yun WL/Summoner Thanks :v
  4. I wonder how they will make up for the retextured outfits after all outfits are recolorable.
  5. Depends on how long it takes before they'll change the rewards. If it's still far away from now, it's not a bad idea to stack the premium charms at least.
  6. Hi, Just like the title says, the exp charms really need to be stacked. We get plenty of exp just by being logged in every day which is cool. But no need to make it a "claim one by one > claim page by page to inventory > click one by one/transmute one by one to continue clicking one by one-fest" out of it. Something like a single exp charm + 3 charms stacked (premium) or just everything stacked. Either way, it's better than what I just mentioned above. Thanks /o/
  7. Say no to old outfits, say yes to the outfits that we don't have yet in EU/NA. I do like to see Grand Phoenix back in F10 for a discounted price because it was too expensive last time, and not everyone was able to pay that price.
  8. They do it with each other, one of them (depends on RNG) will lay eggs. The eggs will grow over time and finally hatch. :v
  9. Hi, I love the new Tailor Shop, it's below 1k ncoin. The question is.. pretty much as the title says. Opinions? ^^
  10. Hi, I think we've all noticed the old outfit comebacks for the last 2 months, every 2 weeks. Wouldn't it be great to have some new ones again? ;-)
  11. Saying "the game is horrible" is not the truth. Because not everyone agrees. I think the decisions on it are horrible but I already made that point clear by spending no money on it. Which has nothing to do with the player community. It has to do with them not getting my money^^ And they will notice it.
  12. Feedback: I like chocolate, but it's unhealthy. So I don't eat it. Like I said, NCsoft will notice it when their playerbase shrinks. Their income will drop and less players will be around in the game. So announcing that you are quitting is kinda the same like me telling you guys that I dislike Spongebob and stop watching it.
  13. What I mean is, Instead of spreading demotivation and standing on the top of a hill and screaming that you're quitting with a megaphone, isn't going to help anyone. Not NCsoft, not us. With feedback, they know enough. You tell us what you like(d) about BnS, and what you didn't like. Then quit silently. There is always something you liked about BnS, that's how you got into the game and most likely leveled up to 55. Also, I'm not "White Knighting" or anything, it's the truth. If I dislike Spongebob Squarepants (I love Spongebob Squarepants) because it has nasty jokes t
  14. It is pretty much up to them to buy keys for the tip-top prizes. What I'm saying is, it's not really worth taking the risk^^ As a maxed player, you don't need materials, you want the best of the best but don't expect these things to be a 100% drop after spending loads of money.
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