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  1. agreed and it also goes against the small lore that has been revealed about them , we are a race that like to keep to ourselves and dont like to get involved with other societies but we need your men to have babies???? :|
  2. i been with this post from the start , i been replying to it from early on too and i just don't see it possible and simply say "why not in fantasy world" that's all :D i cant just make things up that doesn't make sense even if its fiction (my personal opinion tho) , and i like it better that they left it to players to decide rather than including it in the lore , considering they censor some of the story and lore i wont be surprised if they come up with a weird clumsy explanation to not offend anyone and just call it a day!
  3. i dont think that one works , the first part i mean because first its a female only race no males at all and second since its the male's off spring that decides the gender of a baby in our "science" reproducing with other races sounds impossible to me :D
  4. interesting idea , but it seems they left it to players to decide for themselves :D or didnt even care to include that part or didnt even think about it but also , Scientific explanations in a world where you can glide with your hand,shoot fire from your fists fly and dive through the air kill monsters of different type and form doesnt make much sense to me :D
  5. ah i see now :D , but im still not satisfied with any of the answers i hear or any i think of , myself . i guess i keep looking thanks to you i can no longer look at my yun the same way ever again i_i
  6. i dont understand what people mean by "easiest" i mean we are not looking for the easiest explanation we looking for something that makes sense based on the given information in their lore which is not much , easiest is not the best as they say xD
  7. How do you mean? i mean which part of the lore you are talking about i cant find anything about it :D
  8. you win sir :D somebody close the topic!
  9. try reading about Asari (all female race) reproduction from mass effect too , interesting idea a bit more scientific though . Diging up old posts like a pro :p
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