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  1. they should have just put all these items on market and tagged it as "market promotion sale" instead of "event" xD
  2. hehe and here i am trying my 15th party for a 6 man yeti run while some of them players have over 550AP xD if its stupid easy i dont know why so many people are dead when yeti is at 40% and thats not entirely true when you say its notorious for being easy everytime i mention yeti everyone is like "yeah its a *cricket* to defeat"
  3. yes thats a giveaway post entirely different than asking random players to gift outfits , i knew someone in my clan in BnS too who use to give away outfits every week to random player in clan , that doesn't change the community really , still can barely find anyone who is willing to sell one item cheaper than market while i give the same items away for free
  4. but... using SS... how ... i use SS then instanly get another freeze , i break out of that with tab and instantly get another freeze , how many freeze these FMs have D:
  5. this should at least have the reward for all participant above certain amount of contributions...not fair when someone put hours of work on this and they get nothing!
  6. you are right there is no reason to hate people that pay , but the fault is kinda at both sides , people shouldnt keep pointing fingers like this and hate rich or paying players the thing is we have paying players AND we have people who pay alot of money to progress fast just to show off , talk down on others , and think they are really expert at every aspect of the game , and i seen many of them that think they own the game and everyone should just bow to them because they are a paying alot of money into the game , not everyone can handle being rich and they always have this talk
  7. well no you didnt get my meaning you just assumed i said something when i didnt and you keep talking based on that , atleast give me the chance to explain before say im crying about this , because im exactly the opposite , i keep telling people who cry about game forcing them to buy keys and such or feel like everything is a hassle that devs can not just hand in a game to players for free out of the goodness of their heart and if there are no reason for payment no one will ever bother paying , cause who doesnt want things for free? only an idiot expect everything to be free in the world we liv
  8. actually it does effect him or other players the more people buy the more they see it as something people want and support and they will add more and more, which has a lot of bad effects on game/players
  9. what the... i had same problem for 2 weeks thinking problem is from my end until it was fixed later on....damn free 2 months sub!
  10. dont think its possible i cant salvage it ! guess they thought of that too
  11. it applies as soon as you use the code so dont apply until you need it
  12. its "news settler" writing on it , reward is 7 days premium and black penguin pet well im more ok with premium reward cause mine just ran out and couldnt subscribe myself again :p
  13. 1 gold 68 silver on angler's watch moments ago
  14. all of them are soloable , you either need to be very careful with them or just level up a bit and get better gear and come back for them , only one i had issue with was samja couldnt solo it even at 42 :D i think they were meant to be soloed as "challenging" is the only description for them , the one that are you see a 2 player icon on them. try to study them on multiple tries and do not worry about going down , see what they do as most of their moves and stages of attack are predictable and block/avoidable. also try using the skills/gems that regen your health while using them the window be
  15. you have all the rights to do that and leave if they don't communicate , i mostly meant people who just want the dungeon to be done their way . i had this run in BRIGHTSTONE RUINS! where the warlock used soulborn at a wrong time , a ninja started whining about how its a waste of skill and he should use it like blah blah . the warlock refused to listen to him saying "this dungeon is easy will be done in 5 min anyway" ninja went and stood in a corner saying yeah lets see how it is going to be done in 5 min and watched the entire boss fight not to mention he was a HM10 with over 550 AP ^
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