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  1. I have one of each class made and never paid for an extra slot. How many slots do you think people need for free?
  2. Just returned myself. Played a year. Took a year off. Came back. I know for me personally, I haven't cared for Summoner, Force Master or Kung Fu Master. I've enjoyed the other classes, and part of the problem with KFM could just need to get mine to a higher level. :p Love Warlock, Soul Fighter and Gunslinger. While being stuck with a Lynn may not be what you want, Blade Dancer is a lot of fun and Blade Master wasn't bad either (just not one of the top 3 for fun). Assassin I'd make number four on my list of fun. :) Surprising on my picks (well not the s
  3. https://imgur.com/awlIgYz Gomun Jangmi, my new Gunslinger I made after returning from a year long break. :) However, for some reason, the pic doesn't want to show up :(
  4. There was no defending in his post. :p You're not using spaces between sentences and you're typing a message like you can't spell small words (you your) not to mention, "R u work for them?" Would be "Are you working for them?" I had to go through your original post multiple times to get what you were saying.
  5. I've quit spending money here, because of the RNG being to much. Then there's my guild disappearing. :/
  6. Making it so everyone gets more gold for completing it, will only mean higher prices. It does not mean, "I become rich!" :p Now, what might make it better for many is, more Heavenly Energies or put in some Season of Fury Tokens (or pieces). Basically, something else besides gold :p
  7. The reason for the mail fee, is it's an easy way to help get just a bit of money out of the system :p
  8. You quit 8 months ago, when the game was less than 2 months old and you come back to say this? Why not just stick to the RO forum? What was your point of coming to these forums? I'm not saying RO can't or won't be a great game, it could be, but seriously, don't be that cricket.
  9. Did it stop working all together or just need to try it multiple times before it takes? The later is what I've had to do.
  10. Yes. More hairstyles in the actual creation process would be nice. Would love Jin's Fashionable (Elsa's) Hairstyle available for my Yun without the added accessory on the head. I'd also love love LOVE Yura's hairstyle as an option and not a wig.
  11. Never seen the outfit drop. I'm still waiting :(
  12. Imagine how some of us feel. I have 2 pre order names, I can't use because if I delete the characters (one over 45 the other over 50) I have a long wait to get my name back :/
  13. I don't see why they would stuff it in a RNG box. I like Cloudy Skies, but it seems closer to Spring Breeze to me, than some of the other RNG box ones, that have been offered. I say this, because with the others, I saw them all over enough to see people bought the RNG boxes. Spring Breeze, I hardly saw. So either it's chance to obtain was way way low or people just didn't want it. I am more prone to believe the later however, since Spring Breeze didn't make the player vote.
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