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  1. I have one of each class made and never paid for an extra slot. How many slots do you think people need for free?
  2. Just returned myself. Played a year. Took a year off. Came back. I know for me personally, I haven't cared for Summoner, Force Master or Kung Fu Master. I've enjoyed the other classes, and part of the problem with KFM could just need to get mine to a higher level. :p Love Warlock, Soul Fighter and Gunslinger. While being stuck with a Lynn may not be what you want, Blade Dancer is a lot of fun and Blade Master wasn't bad either (just not one of the top 3 for fun). Assassin I'd make number four on my list of fun. :) Surprising on my picks (well not the s
  3. https://imgur.com/awlIgYz Gomun Jangmi, my new Gunslinger I made after returning from a year long break. :) However, for some reason, the pic doesn't want to show up :(
  4. There was no defending in his post. :p You're not using spaces between sentences and you're typing a message like you can't spell small words (you your) not to mention, "R u work for them?" Would be "Are you working for them?" I had to go through your original post multiple times to get what you were saying.
  5. The reason for the mail fee, is it's an easy way to help get just a bit of money out of the system :p
  6. Bobbie Jo, the Soul Fighter, also with new hairstyle :)
  7. I've only noticed it a couple of times and it's never been very long, and usually when I went to the wrong place to begin with that I did notice :p But didnt know about the switching channels, so that's good to know :)
  8. Exactly Alysha. In fact, I would wonder why one would even have want for a mount, when it couldn't move around as freely as you can.
  9. The applying of a verification code every day is likely on your end. I know I had a problem with my provider and when they FINALLY fixed it, that daily verification ended. Are you still leveling? Because I hear often about these extreme costs to wind stride and I've never seen it. Even when I started, I was wind striding everywhere to save time :p Yeah, I have to run to the next area, but after that, there's generally a wind stride and BAM I'm there. :p I've hardly ever had to wind stride so much that I had to wait for a cool down of it to finish. Are you crawling
  10. Just another couple pics of, Bobbie Jo, Yun (Master Race *nod nod*) Soul Fighter!
  11. While I'll agree bigger seems like it may just get uglier, but if we based things off what we think is disgusting, then we'd lose a lot of characters from the players :p
  12. Through her nostrils...maybe a lot of mouth breathing. :p That said, I often wonder why people go so skinny with the nose.
  13. Because, some of have the Minnesota Twins were they want them :p
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