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  1. so, ok, we continue on without dealing with oils. oils were important money for me btw, so my carefully hoarded 60 demonstones was from like 2 yrs of collecting and my like 40 white orbs which I didn't burn in HM+CS because I was TOLD TO SAVE THEM. This is the crux: WE WERE TOLD TO DO SOMETHING AND GOT SCREWED FOR LISTENING. the fair thing would be to give me 60 oils worth of whatever replaces demon stones. also I have only spent maybe $850 on this game, so I can easily cut and run. NO MO MONEY FOR YOU UNTIL I GET MY 60 DEMONSTONE REPLACEMENTS SO I CAN CONTINUE FARMING THE OTHER OIL MATS.
  2. After being 1-shot in the racoon village by some op jerks this thread makes me feel better OP is evidence of some of what is really wrong with the player-base
  3. New launcher

    everyone that is having trouble with a windows PC has: A) changed game files, B) has things turned on/off/set in their OS that is non-standard, or C) conflicting apps/malware/security-ware, D) bad drivers or drivers not set up correctly or E) crazy stuff i'm not even aware of. my new installer installed automatically in 30 sec and a prompt for a site to go to, if there was trouble, appeared. Then about a 160MB update loaded and I was GTG. I run a clean windows with minimal apps and 3rd party crap running and I basically NEVER have trouble (been playing for 3mo shy of 3 yrs now) THE TROUBLE IS IN YOUR PC!
  4. Moon Refuge yellow Panda portal Zone needs pvp balance

    1st time in I got immediately 1-shotted. whatever is in there, I don't need evidently. also, after the jerk punks get bored maybe they will go back to posing in mushin's tower in a couple weeks my plan is to try it again in a month or 2
  5. Moon refuge - content outdated on launch

    There are players who have real lives with real stress and work. The game is a way to decompress and relax. Raiding is serious gaming. It is almost like a job with schedules and training and yada. Not for casual players. But casual players can shoot up the woods at their own pace and eventually get some of the older raid stuff. My point is that it is also for casual players along with newer players fast tracking to catch up to more current top end raid gear. Mgmt is wise to cater to casual players who have jobs and far more disposable income and less time than bored schoolkids who have not been strapped by life yet. I am bummed that there are no decent XP mobs to farm BUT, in MF, if you count 15 of those 66xp mobs (990xp) PLUS the 10k charm in the box (10,990 xp per 15 mobs) which = 732xp, just like the thunderbutts and robbers in CB used to be, so I quit QQ'ing when I realized that. The XP bonus stuff is useless like clan/premium bonuses or soups.
  6. Game Crash after new update!

    Yes, as someone said: huge freezes. The client is alive and it has now happened to me twice in MSP, 1st time it was during Longuii #3 big purple effect, then I hung. but the client snapped back, after maybe 2 minutes, after I was kicked from the party cuz I didn't rez. lol, sry, I was too busy freezing to be rezzing. just happened again in MSP trying to finish part3, except it happened on boss #2 during a big purple effect. this freeze was deep and after like 5min I had to invoke the task manager who fired the client then I rebooted haha. I will try the turn off camera shake. this does seem internal to the game as I run a clean stripped down PC with little else running and rarely have troubles. this is not a DC issue for sure
  7. Lvl 60 Voucher questions

    a couple of things to think about before you burn your L60 voucher on a L50/55: In the past,the story quests supplied enough XP to level up to the next max level before the HM leveling kicked back in. You probably will want to do those quests anyway. IMO, the L60 voucher has the most value starting a new alt char or bringing a lowbie up, not a L55
  8. How do nebula hearts help me upgrade my virtuous heart?

    thx for the fast reply. You called it: I never even looked at the numbers of all the lower mats, just the oils and the gold haha. Well if all that does is save a few various crystals, then I agree. On the other hand, it seemed too good to be true anyway.
  9. The nebula heart info says helps upgrade to true virtuous heart. I have Virtuous heart L2 which needs 3 oils and a pile of lower mats. NOW the window shows all that stuff PLUS 8 of the hearts. If I put the 8 hearts in and all the other items, the evolve window STILL WANTS 3 OILS! as if the hearts were of no consequence. I cannot see how they would help me. 1) Do these nebula hearts only help to a certain level? 2)is there something or some place special that I have to do or see to "HELP" me evolve the virtuous heart?
  10. What can we expect from the new patch???

    I wasn't very clear there and I see how you could think that, now after reading your response heh. I cut them off AFTER they have already pulled some crap. Like I said, there are decent people running gunners and they get it and they don't thrive on making others miserable or just not giving a rip, so those people get the normal respect I give other players in general. Shout out to Winnchester as an example of a gunner pal, and a couple of good peeps running gunners in my clan, so they are out there. Celestial and F8 are where the bad eggs wreak the most havoc as far as where I hang out. Only occasionally do other classes have people acting like jerks, like a sin trying to stealth and tag the mobs right as you are winding up so you kill it for them, but those kind of funny things are rare
  11. Trove

    I'm kind of thinking that when I started in aug 2016 there was a trove just finishing/just finished, then later in the fall another one. then one in spring, summer and fall of 2017 I could be forgetting one, but I think that I have been through 5 troves and I saw posts in forums and youtubes of opening x hundred keys in april 2016 trove(which would have been the first one after launch) I'm thinking they have done 3 troves per year these first 2 years, and no I won't stake my life on that heh.
  12. Turn old path weapons into Phantom skins.

    I have suggested in the past that they put every weapon that has ever existed in a subset of the wardrobe or something similar and let people buy and keep several or many skins that they can swap like outfits to match outfits or their mood or whatever etc. It is another non-combat way for the "letter after M +letter after B + opposite of hard" company to make money. like the fashionistas say "Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize" lol edit: Ok, I was thinking about this some more, pondering how this could most easily be accomplished by the devs. It seems to me, that the easier something is to implement, the more likely it would happen to get the extra income and more quickly pay back the programming investment. So..... 1) Use the template of the old wardrobe in the ESC menu window and completely load it with all the skins. Remember, all that artwork and skinning has been done already so why not put it to work for you vs just mothballing it and even having it costing you extra because you are storing and managing it for nothing. 2) Each class/race would get the appropriate set of skins to view/purchase(in this case: unlock) when they open the Weapon Locker (kek) 3) For any locked, greyed out skin, the "view" mini-window (like for current weapons or outfits and it opens a new view windo etc) would have another choice added which would be "purchase". When purchase is chosen, a window showing ncoin, hmcoin and gold prices appears. Then go thru the menu something like: select payment type....r u sure?....y... THAT routine haha. Once the unlock has been purchased and balance deduction made, the skin changes color from greyed out to colorized indicating you have unlocked this skin for this character's weapon. 4) Once the skin has been paid for, use the "Title" engine from the achievements to assign, re-assign or remove the skin from the current weapon the character is wielding. If character owns several weapons, the last skin state remains with the weapon data, even if not in use currently. 5) You have already started with the skins to match the outfits or theme. Those go in their own category like the outfits do as they get added to the game, and some may possibly have no purchase option because they were a special event item or maybe only is available with complete outfit purchase package, or more of a premium price to unlock..something this could be a lot of fun for everyone.
  13. Premium transformation stone in F10

    It didn't stop. They are still in the rotation. but maybe the period has been increased, and I am not sure about that specifically. Just keep checking back and save your coins for when they do show up. I would check every day starting today because it has been a while so they are due soon.
  14. What can we expect from the new patch???

    this x infinity gunners ruin boss fights by grabbing aggro and running around takingthe boss with them. they can steal mobs in pve because of range and once tagged all the mobs are theirs. I never rez gunners, I never squad with gunners. and I do my best to never assist them. caveat: a couple people with human decency play gunners and those peeps are great, but super rare. Gunner is the other way to spell cancer and if I leave this game it is because every total jerk that wants to screw with everyone else IS running a gunner and there is nothing you can do about it in any region or area.
  15. there are only like 2 servers per region .......they merged all the deserted servers so regardless of the server you ARE on, it is busier than the one you WERE on before, because that now includes your original server plus several others combined. also: do the story all the way to L55 for new gear because all of your 1.5yr+ old gear is obsolete and outdated and can no longer be of luck.