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  1. You just need to do the story. L48 is like 2 year old land. EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW and the free gear you will get from doing the yellow story quests will totally blow away anything an old L48 could possibly possess.
  2. BTW, there is a block function in this forum. If the "G" troll bums you out, just block its brown nose. FWIW, the big gear upgrade (aka erase all your prior hard work) system started in the spring of 2017 when the ivory potatos and the scorpio bling that people slaved to build (remember all the pirate emblems and that other thing siren? emblems?) got removed and the HM resets and skill resets started. I was crushed. I worked so hard on that gear that was instantly equaled by any brand new nub doing the story. (ya those stingers that gold spammers still offer was part of that big c
  3. actually, IF they were going to do that merge, that means that there are NOT characters on both servers. haha
  4. If you have played this game for more than 6 months it makes perfect sense. Things get changed in steps. Eventually the requirements will be dropped at all vendors. watch how they do shields and that will tell the entire tale for all the other gear. you now can get 1st 3 celestials with no requirements. First longuii shields were the bomb. Then they started giving those away. At one time you could only get the first few BT shields, then they gave them away and now they are trash because they are giving away the next level aransu shields in moon refuge which only were unrestricted a month ag
  5. lol. drop rate is now zero for obsidian serpent. Also, fwiw I got the mask on run 27, the hat on run 29 and the outfit on run 35 also by doing like 5x failed daily's a day. my worst was 143 stinkin pinchy tokens to get that outfit. saw a few hats and never once saw the 3rd like tail piece. after easily 400-500 dark balrok kills I have only seen the outfit 1 time. I got the deva outfit on the very first roll, kaari took maybe 10-11 tokens and lycan set was probably about 30 total. so ya, RNGeesus is the true lord and master. how do you like them apples oh rage-quit, thread-necro,
  6. You are basically emphasizing the problem that I see. I am one of the piddly few who has stated my beef regarding the demon stone BS, 1st post page 8. BUT, I am trying to deal in reality. I have again taken a hard look around the game areas that I hang out in. tons of people and at least 2/3 all premium. If 99% of a company's clientele is OK with the way things are going, they would be poor business people if they threw that aside for the 1% who make the most noise but probably don't even put in 1% of the money. The forum is a great filter for mgmt. because all problems whether
  7. I have an "internet speed" story for you regarding my cable internet. I'm telling you this because it sounds like it is time to sling as much mud as possible at the walls in the hopes something sticks. This may not even help, but may at least add more perspective as to the kinds of things that just make NO sense. If you do not use cable internet then this probably is useless info lol. So here is the story: New internet provider is going fine in the beginning, but then after a few months I started noticing my download speeds were choking out more and more during prime time or at l
  8. My guess is: If the mgmt. looks at the game stats of the players overall, and they see(for example) that most of the active players have premium and that the forum posters represent some (for example) piddly 1% of the playerbase, why would they even have a reason to address the concerns of the 1% in the forums? They are doing OK by 99% of the players...…..
  9. Please stay on topic. The topic is XP. The XP is the 10k charms in the boxes is all i'm saying and that it approximates the old xp on the CB when combined with the sad 66xp per lunar grove mob that you need 15 of for each box. This thread topic THAT YOU STARTED (lol) isn't about the mats.
  10. OK, so I farmed some spiders for like 20-30 minutes and got 26 boxes = 260k xp. The actual mob xp is insignificant overall, but I was resetting the quest just as much as killing spiders so those bud boxes piled up fast. Plus you don't need dragon soup or clan bonus since they are basically useless on 66xp mobs. eventually spiders will be the xp farming place if nothing else changes. I'm also thinking maybe leave the lunar mobs at L56 so we can faceroll them and throw the spiders on each other lol. the xp is in the boxes...…... edit: actually someone could calculate the XP
  11. ok, considering you aren't the only player in the game, there are people that need help farming the mobs in CB as they are. These are lower geared people. Sorry u can't just faceroll CB any longer but you have now levelled out of that lowbie area. SO, NO you leave the CB mobs alone. HOWEVER, seeing as you did not understand my somewhat cryptic humor before, my point was that they just made a brand new area for L60's and put L56 mobs in it for double-digit xp. which is mega-lame. IF they are going to put L60 mobs anywhere, that would have been the place. Also, mr type-b4-u-
  12. lol excellent job making some lemonade from a big lemon
  13. what about the brand new area for brand new L60's, the lunar area? It was given L56 mobs..HELLO???? once again for the awesome amount of 66xp per mob BOOYAH GRANDMA!!
  14. If all the character slots are available right from the start, people will fill up with alts and play more/spend more. Think about it.
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