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  1. [all servers] Art commissions ^^

    Hi Drew good to see you here! :D
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Female gon reminds me of Rihanna, beautiful
  3. No sure if I should point this out..
  4. Ill leave this here for anyone who don't understand what is art theft and tracing According to this, the creator of the wonderland outfit is an art theft then. oh stealing art is plagiarism.
  5. Yes the winner can get inspired by those people he admired, but Does it count as inspiration when s/he just trace the design from other?
  6. Resemblence of something is different from copying from something. that is the difference between the night luna outfit and wonderland.
  7. If you plan to steal other people's work for your own sake, you better prepare to get insult.
  8. Guys while looking through pivix I found something interesting.. The leg accessory look familiar right? the wonderland outfit have this same design on all female oufits! this drawing is created by an artist on Pivix, go by the name 春夏冬ゆう@三日目東I29b back in 2014. well this is another piece stolen.
  9. copy from another artist's design making little change is still count as plagiarism, especially when most people can recognize the similarities.. Plagiarism is plagiarism, doesn't matter whether the costume look pretty or not.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    my girl is planning something evil and some random screenshots
  11. Show off your characters!!

    my kind of mature lyn xD
  12. Another watercolor painting of my Kfm
  13. Sabie Art Shop

    Your drawings are really nice, good luck with the art shop!