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  1. Khanda Vihar

    omg, 8 cc bar, :'( btw, that 24 man still need mechanic too?
  2. Give us midnight Skypetal Plains already

    oh be patient for mid ssp jon! prolly we need waiting for 1 month :)
  3. Khanda Vihar

    it is a new map that will come? http://imgur.com/a/LyTMB O.o
  4. What is this?

    oh thanks :) im really can see him in stealth mode :( like black shadow ty luna
  5. What is this?

    [Removed screen shot with names.] what is scripted? its like third-party software or (illegal)? but im never use illegal program He's an assassin, as he will capture the brazier with stealth mode, he thought I could see it clearly, but not impossible I can see him with stealth mode (just looks black shadow was running toward a brazier) im so scary with banned but im really'' not using third-party software :'(
  6. New Job

    or shadow range class :D like shikamaru in Naruto
  7. New Job

    I hope Archer Archer and Archer :3 (bow) No Pistol No Riffle
  8. New Job

    nooo please >.< hope NCSoft release new Archer Job in Yun only xD only Yun Char haven't special job Jin = Assasin Gon = Destro Lyn = Summoner and BD Yun = Nothing =,=''
  9. New Job

    Maybe need new job like Archer or Spear O.o And only Yun have Archer :D