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  1. Hi I think you should remove Raven weapons from PVP, this weapon does an insane amount of damage and many people don't have the option to do endgame raids like Skyspire. Remove it, its ruining the experience. Thanks.
  2. I think personally that 3k is max for this bundle, it would be over the top if it's 3999 ncoins. I don't think it will draw many people who are considering buying it tbh.
  3. I wonder how what the price will be on the Phoenix bundle, anyone have an estimation? I think 2500 ncoins would be fair since not everyone can spend a lot on this. Thought?
  4. I've been too late for this one but was hoping to get this Midnight Action Hero to be returned to the hongmoon store! Really want it and also the Alice ribbon.
  5. I was wondering if there is a possibility of bringing these two back on future events? Missed out on it so ya worth trying.
  6. I am so confused when reading this: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/beluga-lagoon/ "Overview This update introduces a new 6v6 battleground, new Legendary Soul Shield Weapons, and the ability to preview your weapon and accessory upgrade path." PvP weapon? Or is it only the soulshields?
  7. What's the point of having faction wars if it isn't balanced? Ncsoft many clans in eu Windrest have changed from Blue to Red faction making all faction content one sided. Make it balanced pls this is against the fundamental concept of the whole Ceruleon vs Crimson. It will also become a problem with new faction content.
  8. So we tried it many times, but instead of the pt going into stealth -> pt gets ''resistance'' message instead of the pt going into stealth.. can any pro sin give advice? we are struggling atm since we dont have a summoner. (its the aoe after someone gets ''marked'' and ppl need to ''stack'' into the aoe.
  9. I mean seriously maybe most like these pets, but I don't at all. Don't get me wrong, it's fine to have an otter or lord of flames but many players simply want a cute pet like poh or chef so what's the hold up on keeping this from us? I don't see a reason to just ignore the good things other asian servers get.
  10. But that would be very greedy since it's an event item in other regions, if they would sell it in nshop -> it will display greed on their part.
  11. So since I've heard other regions get it through an event, will that be the case for us too?
  12. I totally agree with this! Finally some love to lyn blade dancers and u see a hord of destroyers QQ. Pls, u can always get another class and yes I prefer a blade dancer in the pt than a destroyer cos they also give pt iframe unlike destroyers. Cry more.
  13. @YoumukonWindrest is filled with reds and it is quite depressing, please make it balanced because right now I can't even do my dailies on ceruleon anymore. It was possible before merge, but now it's just depressing and not fun anymore. Please change it, the population is not balanced at all. All channels are usually filled with Crimson.
  14. I will not invest in this retarded mode 6vs6, I have other things to spend in like getting my weapon to legendary. I only participate due to the event, if it wasn't for the event, I wouldn't even have bothered playing it. Arena is the only balanced gear and before you ask my sin is 670ap and yes I hate ppl that go offline because of losing. If you have that outfit from monthly ranking, don't be proud of it because you are one of those people that goes offline to save ranking. Once the event is over, it's bai bai. Just having some challenger bopae and naksun soulshields, not gonna waste money w
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