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  1. Hi I think you should remove Raven weapons from PVP, this weapon does an insane amount of damage and many people don't have the option to do endgame raids like Skyspire. Remove it, its ruining the experience. Thanks.
  2. I think personally that 3k is max for this bundle, it would be over the top if it's 3999 ncoins. I don't think it will draw many people who are considering buying it tbh.
  3. I wonder how what the price will be on the Phoenix bundle, anyone have an estimation? I think 2500 ncoins would be fair since not everyone can spend a lot on this. Thought?
  4. I've been too late for this one but was hoping to get this Midnight Action Hero to be returned to the hongmoon store! Really want it and also the Alice ribbon.
  5. I was wondering if there is a possibility of bringing these two back on future events? Missed out on it so ya worth trying.
  6. But that would be very greedy since it's an event item in other regions, if they would sell it in nshop -> it will display greed on their part.
  7. So since I've heard other regions get it through an event, will that be the case for us too?
  8. I think you misread my post. What I meant was: it SHOULD be 85-90% successrate not that I have it or I do be rich XD
  9. Jato it's fun if the success rate is 85 to 90 %, it may still fail but the 30% factor is just plain wrong considering the mats one loses..
  10. This would be really good if we get that in NA/EU, players cant progress because it's already hard to obtain one premium stone from transmuting for most. Basically this would be an good alternative.
  11. I hope the chances of success increases. 95% successrate, given the mats are costly, is reasonable. Atm I heard horror stories of people transmuting 30 times and got only 1 premium stone. Personally I tried it 7 times and got one stone but I guess that was luck.
  12. So I was doing cross server dungeon on EU and I happened to find out that even low levels can sign up for Tomb of Exile, which only drops like lvl36+ items. Now I do not want to exclude people from entering, but please what does a lvl21 blademaster gain from tomb of exile? It will only slow down the party dps. This is also for other dungeons of course but Tomb of Exile is an example. What does the community think of this matter? should there be a minimum level requirement for dungeons or just leave it as it is?
  13. I am crashing constantly and I am using Windows 7 :C Like whenever I go into a dungeon, its like crash. It even happens when I run a bit further in the area, this is definitely not on my end as my internet seems fine. Europe btw.
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