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  1. Greetings! Thanks for the report. We are currently looking into this :)
  2. Can´t find Launcher

    Greetings! Sounds like the launcher did not install properly. You could try and reinstall the NCSOFT game launcher separately from the game. Here is how to do that. If this should not resolve your issue, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support. Thank you!
  3. Cannot create PIN

    Greetings! If you do not remember the current PIN listed on your NC Account and need a Character PIN reset, you will need to contact Support. To do so, click the "Submit a Ticket" button and select the "Login/Password Issue" from the list. Thank you!
  4. fhelercode E02024

    Hallo! Bitte reiche diesbezüglich ein Ticket bei unserem Support einreichen, damit der mit dir mögliche Ursachen speziell auf deinem PC durchgehen kann. Dank dir!
  5. joybringer katzenoutfit

    Hallo! Das Problem sollte inzwischen behoben worden sein. Spielern, die das Begleiterset „Feierbereit“ zuvor gekauft haben, werden wir den fehlenden Gegenstand natürlich noch zukommen lassen. Wir entschuldigen uns für die Unannehmlichkeiten.
  6. someone set OTP in my account

    Greetings! If you are unsure whether someone has accessed your account with your password, please change it immediately. As suggested above, you may also want to change the password to your email, as a matter of precaution. You can further turn off the 2-Step Verification through the account management page of your NCSOFT account: If you didn't make this change in the first place, please contact our Support to ensure your account is secure. Thank you!

    Greetings! If your account got hacked, please inform our Customer Service about it by email using the last-known email associated with your account before the hack occurred: Thank you!
  8. Code letters and abbreviation

    Greetings! There are a couple more abbreviations explained in this thread: Enjoy!
  9. test

    Test successful - thread now closed. Please remember to keep your threads constructive ;) Thank you!
  10. Game launcher doesn't launch game :\

    Greetings! Since this thread dates back to 2016 and in order to avoid duplicates, please continue your discussion in this more recent thread: Thank you!
  11. Launcher error E02018

    Greetings! Maybe my answer to this post can be of use to you, too: Closing this thread down in order to avoid duplicates. Please feel free to continue your discussion in the above-mentioned thread. Thank you!
  12. Greetings! Thanks for the reports. We are currently investigating the issue and will definitely get this resolved in good time before the registration deadline on November 30 so you won't be missing out on the gift pack! Please try to register again at a later point in time. Thank you!
  13. problem with the luncher

    Greetings! You can install the NCSOFT Game Launcher separately from the full game client. Here is how: If this should not resolve your problem, please submit a ticket to our Support. Thank you!
  14. Hallo! Uns wurde von einigen Problemen bei der Registrierung über Google Chrome berichtet. Am besten scheint die Anmeldung über Edge zu laufen. Falls du die Möglichkeit hast, versuche es doch einmal darüber. Ansonsten kontaktiere bitte unseren Support. Dank dir!
  15. Update error E02018

    Greetings! Here are some suggestions of what you may try: If none of the suggestions work, please submit a ticket to our Support. Thank you!