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  1. PIN Vergessen

    Hallo! Bitte reiche hierzu ein Ticket bei unserem Support ein. Dieser kann dir dann helfen, den PIN zurückzusetzen. Dank dir!
  2. Google Authenticator Verloren

    Hallo! Du kannst den Authenticator jederzeit entfernen, indem du dich bei der Accountverwaltung anmeldest und den Abschnitt „Sicherheit“ aufrufst. Dort kannst du die Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung entfernen. Bitte beachte, dass du Zugriff auf dein Mobilgerät haben musst, um dich anzumelden, während die Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung für deinen Account konfiguriert ist. Wenn du deinen Authenticator entfernen willst, aber keinen Zugriff mehr auf dein Mobilgerät und auch nicht auf den CODE hast, kannst du deinen Authenticator jetzt selbst entfernen, ohne das Support-Team kontaktieren zu müssen. Um das zu tun, befolge bitte die HIER genannten Schritte. Bei Problemen warte bitte auf die Antwort des Supports zu deinem bereits eingereichten Ticket. Dieser kann dir dann weiter helfen. Dank dir!
  3. NCoin Purchaces Not Going Through

    Greetings! If this was your first time purchasing NCoin, a longer delay in the delivery is normal. If it wasn't, then contacting Support was the right direction to take. Please note that our Support answers tickets in the order they are received and that the response time varies depending on the amount of tickets received. Also, please note that updating your ticket will send it back to the end of the queue, resulting in a longer response time, so please be patient and give them a chance to get back to you :) Thank you!
  4. Greetings! The link works fine on my side. Here is the page being linked: Enjoy!
  5. patch notes?

    Greetings! The patch notes were posted on May 8. You can find them in our News section: Enjoy!
  6. Fehlender Launcher

    Hallo! Hier ist ein Link, wie du nur den Spiele-Launcher erneut installieren kannst. Sollte dies dein Problem nicht lösen, dann reiche bitte ein Ticket bei unserem Support ein. Dank dir!
  7. Hello again, In that case, please submit a ticket to our Support so they can verify your account with you. Thank you!
  8. PIN Vergessen

    Hallo, der Weg über den Support ist schon der richtige. Bitte lass ihnen die Chance, sich auch bei dir zurückzumelden. Wenn du dein Ticket aktualisierst, dann verlängerst du damit die Bearbeitungszeit, da der Support die Tickets in der Reihenfolge bearbeitet, wie sie reinkommen. Das heißt, bei Aktualisierungen wird das entsprechende Ticket in der Priorität wieder hinten angestellt. Dank dir!
  9. Greetings! Sounds like your game my have defaulted to the region on which your characters were not created. Please check the region in the launcher of the game (above the Update / Play button) and make sure you select the region on which your characters were first created. Should the problem persist, please submit a ticket to our Support. Thank you!
  10. Don't let the event troll you

    Greetings! We have already listed this issue in our current "Known issues" list: "The Princess Cannonball earned from the Automaton Assault event dungeon incorrectly appears as antique. This item is still usable until May 9." See also: Thanks!
  11. cant get in after logged out

    Greetings Ahmed Wali! There is no maintenance going on right now. Should the message still occur to you at this time, please submit a ticket to our Support. Thank you!
  12. Purchased NCoins and got absolutely nothing. Zero.

    Greetings! If this was your first time purchasing NCoin, please note that the delivery can take a little longer. Should you still not have received your NCoin after 12 hours, contacting our Support would be the right move. Please do not update your ticket once submitted, however, as this would sent the ticket back to the end of the ticket queue and cause delays in their answering. Since you have already submitted a ticket, please give them a chance to get back to you. Their time to answer may vary depending on the number of tickets they receive so please hang in there. Thank you!
  13. cant get in after logged out

    Greetings! We were experiencing login issues earlier today which have been resolved by now. Please restart your PC and try again. Should the problem persist, please contact our Support. Thank you!
  14. I'm Seeing Botters??

    Greetings! Please feel free to report a player for any suspected inappropriate behavior (including botting and spamming) to our Customer Support and they will further investigate the issue. Thank you!
  15. nothink to received

    Greetings! We host our websites on two domains for Blade & Soul: and If you're asked to log into a site that isn't on these domains either via in-game mail or email, we strongly advise you not to continue. In case you have fallen for a phishing attempt, please change your password immediately. If your account already got hacked, please report this by sending an email from the mail associated with your NCSOFT account to: Thank you!