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  1. Please put this game available on steam

    Some of you are NOT wrong in thinking that Steam could be used as an advertising vehicle to generate more awareness of BNS' existence, resulting in more additional players. However, there are also drawbacks and a few reasons why you should know, by now, that NCW won't put BNS on Steam. The main drawback that would concern is, as existing players, would be the review system on Steam. --Because a lot of us know how shady NCW's dealings are and because we know how big a pain in the butt a lot of STILL unresolved issues are in BNS, the negativity alone will most likely get a lot of negative reviews giving the overall Steam rating as either "overwhelmingly negative" at the worst, with a possible "mixed" review average, if you wanna take into account people who DO like the game and try to post positive reviews to balance out the negative review average. Whenever most people are "window shopping" on Steam, most people steer clear of most games that have the word's "mixed reviews" , "mostly negative", or "overwhelmingly negative", etc.. A lot of people will just post the bad experiences THEY had with the game, even when they had never even gotten a character to level 50 (HM1) or barely played a third of the main story. I actually didn't REALLY start to like the game until I got further into the story and hit Lv50. Other than the review system, we know how shady NCW's business practices are. The review system and "discussions" sections pretty much have to be checked by developers, and it would mean having to own up to a lot of the unresolved bugs and other issues, neglect with customer support, etc., and NCW is most likely not going to want more accountability, as if they had any currently.^^; They'd need to spend more money in community management to monitor the feedback and forums on Steam, separately from their own website, which could've used a bit MORE work since NA launch. Notice how we still cannot customize our own portraits on the forums, but the guys running the show get to make their own, even with gifs...? If they hadn't spent any money or put in more time and effort on their own site, you know they won't want to pay anything to put their game on Steam. Right now, their shady dealings go unchecked, and they can get away with it all, with their own systems in place. On Steam, they'd have to answer to too much and I just don't see it happening. If it does, eventually, then that'd be great. The review system on Steam is a double-edged sword, but along with the Steam forums, can make NCW more accountable in their practices, if they wanted to KEEP the game on Steam.
  2. True Heart Aura (Valentines Event item)

    Hey, thanks for the upload and post. I remembered a recording of a stream, I think, that show'd the pink swirly stuff in the aura, but didn't notice the lightning part. That wI'll look neat with my outfit from DT, which is one of my favorite free outfits in the game for a Gon female. Also, thanks to others for the info that I had been thinking on: I wasn't sure if the three weekly raids' dynamic quests gave more tokens or not. My FM has one half a heart, so far, and a little under 50× tokens to go for the other one. My WL has maybe 58× or so toward her first half heart. This is all with doing the weeklies once each of these past two weeks, and dailies, so far. I forgot that we could only use weekly resets 3×, but is it 3× uses period, per week, or 3× per weekly raid? I wanna say it's the former, and not the latter. I hadn't used any in a while.
  3. 50 box RIP off

    I understand what RNG actually is, and that's a roll of the dice. There are odds to be had, chances that will yield results between several different outcomes. These boxes, however, are most likely a scam, and none of us has the means to prove it to be so, without actually seeing the programming and coding behind these items' so-called drop rates. For all we know, out of 150× boxes, RNG might just include a shortened loot table for 130× of the boxes, while 20× of them ACTUALLY have the more valuable items in a more complete loot table. If this were so, it's like having a switch flipped, either manually or automatically, that says out of only 20× of these boxes, you actually have a chance to get these items you want, but the rest of them are duds, with shortened loot tables, that only give junk. I'm not saying I have proof, but if I was behind such shady programming at NCSOFT, that'd be one way to keep the greedy whales swiping away with their cards. Personally, I spent too much more than I wanted to on these boxes, being over $210 USD for 150× boxes, plus a few odd ones with HMCoins. I got enough tokens to buy all my cosmetics and sold a few things from the boxes for the money to buy two of each of the outfits, which was around 3K gold. That's 1K for each Red Raider and 50g for each Dragonfly. Thankfully, about half the real money I splurged was birthday money, and other money from my tax return, etc.. Then again, we always seem to get some kind of gambling event, be it a trove or rng boxes during tax season. It's that way in the schedule, by design, because NC wants our money. So my conspiracy theories with bogus RNG probably don't sound TOO far-fetched now, do they...? I think it's naive to trust in them so blindly, thinking there's no way they'reripping us off, but that's just me. I've seen so much corruption and dishonesty in my years that I don't trust anyone unless they're blood-related to me. --And that trust is only there because I know such people well enough to know their motives and behavioral patterns in most situations.^^; TLDR: Don't blindly trust just anyone to NOT rip you off or stab you in the back. If it's not bolted down, people will steal ANYTHING. They'll steal the underwear right out of your pants if they had a way to do so without you noticing.
  4. more special rules?

    First of all, you cannot take apart a COMPLETE THOUGHT, split into whatever two pieces you wish, then presume to put those words into my mouth and assume that was the complete message I was trying to convey. The complete thought was the following, in its entirety: "If it was the "MOML/YOYL" thing, it's an unwritten rule for people who "buy" access for those runs with their "keys", so it's pretty much just a way to respect the person who's paying for your ticket, like if you were invited to see a movie with someone, etc. at a theater." The "MOML/YOYL" thing is not a rule enforced by the people who run the game, and is an unwritten rule, being a part of an "honor system" put in place BY the community, FOR the community. Don't be a blithering idiot and take apart what I say, and make it sound like I support male chauvinism to any degree with that dumb quid pro quo remark you made. If you had kept the appropriate words together, which were necessary to convey what I was actually saying, it would make more sense than just reading what YOU wanted to read out of my words. You owe me and a lot of other women here a sincere apology, but I won't hold my breath for one, nor care to read one for someone who acts so ignorant. I was speaking of general rules of thumb in different situations, and your "selective listening" where YOU did not read what I was saying, whereas I DID read what your situation was, does far more harm when you go off, half-cocked, and too quick to blame and accuse others the way you do. Has it not occurred to you, that maybe most of your online encounters end so poorly, because YOU are the problem...? Fix yourself, in whatever ways you honestly should before trying to burn others at the stake. No one said a damned thing about a quid pro quo situation like it was a "date" where the MALE pays for everything and feels the lady OWES him for the night out. Your mentality itself is just appalling and you should be ashamed of yourself. I don't find it to be a ban-able offense, but that's just really wrong. The "learning curve" you speak of, and claim youre learning from isn't that difficult to navigate. You, apparently, need for people to put it very plain and simple for you to better understand. I'll oblige by saying this: If it is an orb spent by another player, you SHOULD respect the unwritten rule that most of the civil people in this community adhere to, being the "MOML/YOYL" rule. They're NOT that damned expensive and it's NOT a big deal. I had stockpiled on them as SCALES in the past, fromy own Zaiwei Ruins DCS back in the day, and I got a few from troves, etc.. I've always had around 300× or so, and I don't care if theIR market value is 1~3G now. It's not like you'll ever need more than TWO in any given day, unless there's an event like a Merchant of Wonders thing in CS or H.Mandate again. The loot you get in either place is worth less than the orb sometimes, but most people just want to go to those places for the DCS these days. If you're too cheap to acquire the orbs on your own and/or present your orb in your runs, that's up to you, but you'll often get grouped with other freeloaders where NO ONE wants to fund the cost for the party's access to CS or H.Mandate. I rarely even stay to bid on anything in those places anymore. Watching bid bots go at it in bid wars where the ante NEVER goes above 2 copper for 5+ minutes is ridiculous. I'm not sure how the exploit works, but it sucks for anyone who actually wants to stay and bid on what they want and need from the dropped loot. In static raid groups, if you are just someone's temporary stand-in, the people running the raid will usually make sure YOU agree with the idea that if X or Y drops, that their guys have priority unless something changes in that area. You can expect people to be okay with you bidding on their clan's main tank's loot/drop goal, when you're just a guest in THEIR run. However, in the case when someone is just being a butt-lord, feeling entitled to all the loot in a non-static group or raid, just because they are a higher Hongmoon level than you - if it's a PUG, you don't have to listen to him/her. It WOULD be crappy if you were bidding on an item that your class cannot even use, while other people in the group who CAN use it are being hindered and impeded by your troll bids. As for situations where you want something for an alt, you should speak up about such things and discuss them with your group as close to the beginning of your expedition ASAP, so there's no confusion in the case that what you're looking for actually drops. Don't be a butt-lord. We have plenty enough in BNS and in these forums. If this wasn't helpful, disregard it. I don't care.
  5. Larger breasts size

    Some of you want a more "natural jiggle", but the OP did explain that if you wanted more realism, you'd find it in other games like BDO. Personally, I have a Gon Female and love how she looks in most of her outfits, but even though I set my chest size slider to exactly on the ZERO mark, her chest gets ridiculously too big with certain outfits. With the red and white one from a founders bundle for NA launch, the chest is a bit much. w Except for her blonde hair, I made her look as closely like myself as possible, but I can't even say that anymore because of how certain outfits just force a super huge chest size onto "me", as an avatar. I get a bit uncomfortable wearing certain outfits because when someone is running past me, I can usually tell when they're "checking me out", and they look like dirty creepers who lurk for a bit too long, making me have to move off to the side somewhere. When they follow, I run away - a lot. w It's when someone is running by, but stops in their tracks just a few inches behind your character, because that's how most people get a better look at other players' characters. I prefer for my character to look more elegant or pretty than I care for her to have such sex appeal. The race itself has little problem with the sexy look, because of how they're designed, but just shooting for "pretty" is such a struggle. I like wearing the white hate with the grey ribbon on it with my wedding dress, along with the white-framed shades that I've had since the game came out in NA. That's one of my prettier ensembles. When I thought one of our new outfits, which is currently in the Hongmoon Store, was nice looking, I hated how it made me so top-heavy! >_<;
  6. more special rules?

    If it was the "MOML/YOYL" thing, it's an unwritten rule for people who "buy" access for those runs with their "keys", so it's pretty much just a way to respect the person who's paying for your ticket, like if you were invited to see a movie with someone, etc. at a theater. With raids run by clans, if you are a "guest" who's filling a vacant slot on a no-show, you're usually invited with an understanding that the guys in the raid just need YOUR help in finishing the dungeon so their guys can get whatever it is they are there for. If the person inviting you says you can feel free to roll on certain things, being their guest, it's just fair to play along with their conditions. However, if you want something specific from a raid, you SHOULD speak up from the start and say what you're hoping for and ask if it's okay to roll or bid on such things. If it's not okay, you can always look for another raid group where no one minds if you roll for such items. Otherwise, it's better to just make your own raid group, make your own rules, and hope you get enough people to agree to whatever rules or terms you have so you can all do the activity together. When some "high level" guy tries to be greedy and uses his "muscle" or levels of contribution, however, you can just ignore or block him and bid to your heart's content. The only time I see someone like him or her being justified is if everyone else was an afker, sitting at the entrance of the dungeon, making him solo everything, but then again, I would leave if a group tried that crap with me. w
  7. I knew wed be disappointed, so as soon as I saw what came out, I logged off. w
  8. The Valentines Day Event isn't that Bad.

    It is garbage by design and garbage because griefers, who already come pre-installed with bad intentions, welcome any chance they can get to troll other people. I've seen people actually say that they can't pass up on such a good "trolling opportunity". However, once CIVIL people learn that all the killing at the wheels is unnecessary, given that you CAN just go off somewhere else with a friend to "win trade", people will do things like form lines and actually remember who they were behind if they get one-shorted by an aoe at the wheel, rez, repeat, etc.. The achievement minimum for the goodies is 20× kills per faction, and anything beyond that is ONLY for the achievements of 100× kills - nothing else. To better protect yourselves while waiting in line, just DON'T put on the faction outfit until it's your turn to spin. It's not 100% invincibility from attacks by trolls, but it greatly reduces your downtime from dying from the childish troll pests. With all 40× kills out of the way, like how it is for me, it is now JUST a matter of time and RNG, using my FIVE daily spins each day, and getting up to 5× of the tokens I need from the wheels. The other day, I got a couple soul crystals, a moonstone, and a sacred crystal. It SUCKED, just getting ONE token for the day. Anyway, once order can be seen as something that CAN be maintained during this event, more and more people will follow suit. You'll still have trolls, but this just gives everyone else the opportunity to make note of and remember these people when it comes to future groups for dungeons, raids, or even a personal rez. If THEY want to burn bridges with the rest of the population so bad over a +1 boss attack power item with a cosmetic effect, or just want the achievements, just remember that bridges, like roads, can be traveled both ways. You can choose to ostracized and exclude these knuckleheads in the future, and I think anyone who's DONE this event and gone through all this garbage will completely understand and not oppose your decision. I'm a nice person and afford everyone respect, as equals. --But my memory is longer than most peoples' lifespans, and I have no problem holding a grudge until the end of all things.
  9. Quest log

    I sometimes forget which keys are which windows, since I play with a controller, but it's down arrow on the D-Pad if you were using one too. Hehe As for users who don't use controllers, just hit the escape key to bring up the mouse pointer mode and click the bottom-right-most icon on your screen. You may see a few icons already, but doing this reveals the others. From there, you can try the different icons until you find the window you're looking for. The icons should also show what buttons or keys correspond to them.
  10. Tomorrow, being Friday, I will check the Hongmoon Store, hoping for something NEW, and not ugly. I will hope for the best, but will expect the worst, and I'm sure my increasing levels of disappointment will be compounded, exponentially, because anything and everything good just keeps getting trapped in RNG boxes and horrible RNG trove. This game is too expensive...
  11. How about I "welcome" YOU to the world of people like me, who have to stop tanking or dps'ing to rez OTHER people, you dummy. lol I can rez myself with self-rez charms that I craft for myself AND I craft the party-wide rez charms, in case I/we ever need them. I don't die often, but when I do, it's usually because I'm standing there for MORE time than I used to have to, to rez OTHER people. This affects the whole party and not just the player who pays for premium. I couldn't care less whether or not you're one of these people who's SO super proud that they don't spend a single penny on this game. Bravo, and good for you. While free-to-play players are saving their money, the cost of doing business (Running dungeons and raids) is STILL being paid. Before, it was the premium members with less downtime, which helped the entire party. Now, the cost is STILL being paid in the form of everyone having more downtime. I get that it wasn't a feature meant to be in the premium benefits in the first place, but it's dumb that it WAS put in there and NOW taken away after it had become the norm for over two years. Even if none of us ever had that benefit at all, has it ever occurred to you that EVENTUALLY, some people, including yourself, would complain about the amount of downtime and ask or demand that such a dumb ritual would be sped up...? As much as people complain about BNS in the forums, you think THIS aspect of the game would be left out, because everyone is just happier with the chi recovery being such a nice, round number...? Give me a break - eventually, SOMEONE would complain about the downtime, even if we never knew a better one for premium users ever existed. Keep your assumptions of other people and your condescension to yourself and let us adults have a conversation before you decide to poke your head into the room with unwanted, unproductive interjections.
  12. I don't find it unreasonable to want this back in the game. Since I have always been a premium member myself, I never knew how bad everyone else had it until this change hit everyone across the board. It's not super horrible or anything, but it was the "norm" for a lot of us who've played BNS since NA launch, and who took it for granted, even though it was one of the things premium users were paying for. It's like the cooldown on windwalking - I have never had to worry about that at all, but always saw it listed in our benefits, as subscribers. So even though free-to-play players had to have a little extra chi recovery time, I never knew what it was like, so as long as I kept paying for premium, I never had to worry about it. The mentality there was, "No biggie - I'm paying so I don't have to put up with that", basically. I have spent the money NC asked for, in return for the one-year subscription, two times in a row, so far, being two years of premium time. For a brief time, I let the first subscription run out because I wasn't sure if I would pay for a second year, until I saw that a new outfit set (Samurai set) would come with the 2nd year's annual sub bundle, and after realizing that the wardrobe was still something I wanted to keep. Now, with the wardrobe being free for everyone, as it should have been for a LONG time before they finally gave it to us, I don't see much value in the new premium membership - at least not for a 3rd annual bundle. A costume probably won't do it for me this time if it means spending around $100 again, or whatever it was for the first two years. The new premium's only value for me right now is the login bonus - extra exp charms, just for being semi-afk, if I'm not in the mood to play BNS for the day. This is also the first week I haven't bothered with weekly challenges in a long while, because BNS bores me right now, and I have tons of other games to play, including Monster Hunter World, which I'm enjoying at the moment. I'm going for Hunter Rank 6 before my work week starts again, so that I can participate in the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event, and I hope I get the goodies from it before it ends. I wasn't about to miss out on a cute set of "Watcher" gear for my Palico (my personal, little cat person helper fella) just to waste time doing daily/weekly challenges after weekly maintenance. Hopefully, this Friday will see NEW, better-looking cosmetics in the Hongmoon Store in BNS, but the trend lately has been old, re-releases of ugly junk that isn't trapped behind expensive RNG boxes or troves. The way things in BNS have been going, it's not keeping me in the mood for the game, and giving me less reason to log in every day. If NC is running out of ideas, or if the localization team is trying to drag out their tenure with the NA region, a lot of people are just going to get the same way, and lose interest with BNS. Currently, I only play events and new content. I'm not saying that a lot fo people are going to quit the game if they don't shape up, because a lot of other people say that in the forums just about every day. --But morale will continue to plummet if new and better things do not start to happen asap. The tailor shop, understandably a work-in-progress, COULD have used a few additions for this week, but nothing was apparently added or even done with it since release. The color choices need to be broadened, and a color slider bar would be a LOT more worthwhile, along with a saturation and brightness bar. It sucks when the only two "brown" color choices are "taupe" and "chestnut", and when you look at the colors on your outfits, they are NOT either color at all. For some reason, "scarlet" is a medium-dark ORANGE, but labeled as "scarlet", and there's barely ONE blue color to pick from. --And "crimson" is a much darker red, while the one in BNS is a bit too bright, but that's kind of forgivable, while the scarlet one is not. lol TLDR: Keep your customers interested, or you'll see less of us, and you'll soon have to merge all of your servers into ONE, for the thirteen people who'll still be on this game in the end, but can't stand eachother enough to form a full raid party, because 7 of them will be gold farmers/spammers trying to squeeze whatever they can that's left to make money off of with the remaining players. We need NEW, better things to happen in BNS, and what is boils down to is giving us reasons to WANT to play BNS. I WANT to want to play BNS, but it's more appealing to play other games sometimes, when BNS feels like a 2nd job or chore with little to no rewards for doing so. It would just make us want to spend more time with our first job... kind of... lol
  13. I just now saw this, and would like to thank you for this response. I'll look forward to such streamlining, so thanks.^^
  14. I'm not creating a problem where there is none, because I'm not the one in charge of content creation here. Anyone can simply choose to ignore what I even said, but no matter what you and I would rather have, the issues are still there and not going away anytime soon. Sure, I would rather they fix more important things, but what CAN be stacked should also be unstackable, ergo no problem there should even exist. Also, your comment about not liking ME speaking for disabled players isn't for YOU to make either, when you don't have an inkling of what my situation is. I have my own struggles and issues, but these forums aren't the place for me to disclose my life's story, nor is it your business, so I'll just leave it at that. I was merely referring to people in some pretty extreme cases who have it a little rougher than others, to put it mildly, and I did not exclude myself in such references. I can see how you would assume that I was only speaking for another party or group of people, but I'm speaking to include EVERYONE who has even some semblance of similar difficulties. Some of us have injuries or health issues that had developed over time or from accidents in the workplace, for instance. Sometimes, it's an unfortunate mix of such things, so that high horse you find yourself a-perched could be lowered a peg or two so some of us could hitch a ride too. lol If I offended you in some way with the idea that I'm not included with a "disability" label, I apologize. I won't apologize for my disabilities or speaking our for others who have some of the problems I do with games like these. None of us are perfect, so it's good that we can at least TALK freely of such things without someone biting down on us when we make a mere utterance. If such words are uncomfortable to you, just imagine how uncomfortable it is for people to even bring it up in conversation, even as part of some other topic. I could CHOOSE to be offended, but that's not one of my shortcomings, thankfully. Oh, but even mentioning that playing games like this CAN be challenging for people like me is such a bother, so I guess it's NOT okay for me to talk about it, and that I should keep my mouth shut in the shadows - maybe cry myself to sleep. lol I'm just kidding. It's just hard to resist playing the guy with one hand who jokes about being an amputee and asking someone if they "need a hand". I would much appreciate YOU not deciding for me, or anyone else, just who I can speak for. If you were disabled, I would defend your honor for you, without you being around to hear my words, without a moment's hesitation. I'd type such words, even with my own struggles and disabilities to manage. I won't, however, look for a reply or response here, because I now consider this matter closed on my end, and see no reason to revisit it. That's another shortcoming of mine - I neither expect, nor care for an apology in the near or distant future. I probably should be more gracious than this, but I have the right to be mad after seeing such words. XD I'm kidding, though - I'm not mad. Not much anyway.^^;
  15. The cosmetics in the cash shop aren't designed to fit in with the lore at all. They're purely for people who want to cosplay with their virtual Barbie Dolls, as how it is intended in all other mmorpgs where cosmetic items are even a thing. Ryu and Sakura from the Street Fighter games have absolutely nothing to do with Monster Hunter World's lore, but it's an upcoming collaboration betweent he two IPs, and both just happen to be owned by the same company, being Capcom. The current collaboration is between MHW and Horizon Zero Dawn, and while it seems like it makes sense that "Aloy" from HZD will become an available cosmetic "skin" in MHW because she's a "hunter" kind of character from a game that involves a lot of hunting, she also has nothing to do with MHW lore at all. It's all for the purpose of cosplaying in a video game, and people have been doing it since the days of dial-up internet on the Sega Dreamcast with Phantasy Star Online, and Everquest. As distasteful as anyone might find a game with an integral, core artist that provided the initial imagery that represented the aesthetic of the game, the bottom line to cosmetics are that they aren't "necessary", but because people WANT them, it's profitable to provide them, so that you can sell them, and profit from them. This game, along with a lot of others, and even games that are very much a "labor of love" in design, are all made with the ultimate goal of turning a profit. The ONLY true 100% way for you to EVER have and play a game that does NOT have money in mind is if you got it as freeware that was made free BY the content creator(s) themselves OR you make it yourself FOR yourself. In any given psychology class, they often discuss how there's technically no such thing as a "true" act of altruism, in that there's ALWAYS something to be gained and or expected from performing a good deed or favor for someone else. It's the school of thought that no matter how good of a deed one could possibly perform for another person or people, that there's ALWAYS something in it for the person trying to commit an act of altruism. Either there's the intention of receiving praise, or fame, or thanks, or some other reward of some sort. Even if it's your intent to sacrifice your own life to save someone else's, you might feel that you'll be rewarded by such good karma or favor by some celestial entity, that you'll gain a favorable place in your afterlife. Even with such a noble gesture, to save someone else's life by sacrificing your own, you're still getting something out of it, in some way or another, and you're either expecting it or at the very least, not only desire it, but hope for it being even a slight possibility. True altruism, according to humans, can never be committed by us humans, no matter hwo good our intentions and or deeds could ever possibly be. Back from that brief tangent, and back to what I was saying about this game, as with other games like it - games are made to make money. Even if you give that game away for free, and I mean 100% free, the developer, in some way, profits. They might not profit from financial gain, directly, but making an awesome game and giving it away for free is really good publicity. Once word gets out that the game is free, and that it just happens to be awesome, other people will know and spread the word. Word of mouth is free advertising. What do you think will happen with the developer's NEXT video game or similar project...? By then, they'll have built a favorable reputation with the public and a lot of people will have been so thankful for the first game that they'll jump right on board with this developer's next and other future projects, as long as the developer does not do something to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ people off or cheat them in any way. --And if he does a good job with the 2nd project, and makes money, all of his future projects, or at least most of them will be presumed success stories. So yeah, the guys running this game are going to make money off of every one of us, as long as we're spending money to wear sunglasses and Western-styled clothing on our characters in a game world that involves martial arts, swords, and sorcery, with an Asian theme to it all. This world PROBABLY takes place in ancient times, so I guess sunglasses might SEEM unreasonable, but they have glasses and spectacles, so there's that... If you want to find more things that don't fit in this game, you could always point out the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu is in the lore, but no actual Kung Fu is being used because the Kung Fu Master doesn't fight in the manner that a Kung Fu practitioner fights. You could always point out that the Samurai armor has no place in this game, because it doesn't fit either. Also, in an age where swords are still used most commonly on the battlefield, but where gunpowder exists, how is it that the Gunslinger class has access to guns that somehow use ammunition that's nearly limitless AND can be so rapidly fired...? This game conflicts itself in SO many hundreds of ways, as well, and the "lore" you speak of is shaped, distorted, AND contorted to FIT the package that is an mmorpg. World of Warcraft conflicts with Warcraft lore in so many ways, and has done so since the vanilla builds of the mmorpg, but to make the story and supposed "lore" work in an mmorpg, you have to rewrite a whole lot of content to FIT things into that type of package. If Warcraft was a novel that depicts the lore and CANON of its story, then World of Warcraft is an amusement park with rollercoaster rides that have Warcraft imagery all over the place to make you FEEL like you're still experiencing Warcraft, when you're just another customer who's paying to experience something as much like Warcraft as you can. The mmorpg caters to the people who want to experience things in their own ways, and every player DOES enjoy a game in their own ways. I'm one of those people who likes to try and get a cool name from some other video game or a movie for my character. My name will have NOTHING to do with the lore of the mmorpg and its aesthetic at all, but I'll want to get it anyway and play the game in the ways that I want to play it, no matter what anyone else says. People like to "role play", and make their own "cross-overs" as they role play. They also like to cosplay, and dress their characters in the ways that fit their tastes, and how they think their character will look "cool" for themselves while playing such games. Is it at all surprising when a company running a game decides to provide products and services to cater to those fantasies that customers want to experience while logged into their game...? Is it wrong for them to profit from it...? Not only is it not wrong, it's legal, and it's a large part of what keeps the game afloat. Oh, and I support it through the thousands of dollars I've put into this game, in particular. I've spent way too much money on this game, and it's shameful. lol When this game closes its servers one day, I won't have ANY of my money back at all. I will, however, enjoy the pretty sun dress, or Westernized hairstyle, or modern sunglasses, or silly wings on my back in the meantime. Not today, though. I'm playing Monster Hunter World, and BNS is just something I seriously play when new content comes out, or when there's a new event. I don't care for the current event, and only log on for the pathetic login rewards and the boring Daily Dash. I DO like the artist's work that you guys speak of, but other than that, I play this game for the cosmetics. I never started to play BNS because I wanted to make my stat numbers bigger than everyone else's. PVP does nothing for me in BNS, and if I want to play a fighting game, I'll play an ACTUAL fighting game. If I want to shoot other people in a competitive setting, I'll play an FPS. I just find my virtual Barbie Doll in BNS more appealing than an actual Barbie Doll. lol TLDR: Go to YouTube and search for a song by The O'Jays, called "For The Love of Money".