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  1. I just logged off of the game, and I don't remember what those shades are called. They're actually different between the races/genders. On my Gon female, they're black with gold hoop earrings. On Gon male, they're kind od purple, have a different shape, and are more translucent. I think at some point, I was able to get a 2nd one from somewhere for an alt, but I could be mistaken. The first one was from an RNG box. T-T The Hello Kitty stuff we most likely won't ever get here, due to licensing issues. I DO want those cute outfits but ESPECIALLY the "Television" hat/head piece. Lol ♡
  2. 1 Ncoin daily events.....

    Ah! I JUST found out today, that the 1 NCoin box has a chance to drop the OTHER box that has the chance to drop Maple Leaf. Lol I don't remember it being in the loot table before, but out of every box of that type that I've opened, so far, this is the first I've seen it. It's not a super fast or better way to get the leaves, but at least now we know that the 1 NCoin box CAN get you a leaf. ☆Shrug☆
  3. I never saw a second chance to get "Blue Sunglasses", and missed the first time because it was only posted for ONE day, and within some bundle for some event tokens of some sort, like coral or whatever - I forgot what it was. Anyway, I asked for it in the forums a few times before, and I understand that not ALL requests even make it to the "Today's Specials" or anything else. Just in case the guys in charge of the Hongmoon Store ARE checking our feedback, however, please, make this item available again. I want to be able to buy more than ONE at a time, if I may, and it would mean more money for you guys, so it's a win for both of us.^^ If anyone else would like to post wishlist items here, feel free to. I'm just being selfish with the one thing I've always wanted in BNS, but never got ahold of, so everyone else is welcome to do so here, as well. I hope you get what you wish for!^^
  4. 1 Ncoin daily events.....

    I actually feel like my premium subscription is a "lock" for the wardrobe functionality. I've always paid for the year, and between our firat two years, when I was a little hesitant about paying for the 2nd, I let my sub run out and briefly lost the wardrobe. It's not important for everyone, as everyone enjoys games like these in their own ways, so it's a sense of what your own priorities are. For me, losing the wardrobe functionality sucked, because I've invested so much money into this game, mainly for cosmetics, but also for the mats to upgrade my gear and weapon, which also serve to support my fashionista lifestyle. Lok Anyway, I know the wardrobe isn't important for normal progression in BNS, but because I feel that it's important, I feel a little "locked" into having to pay for a sub. Of course, some of the other perks are nice, like the TINY discounts off of items in the Hongmoon Store, but anyway...
  5. 1 Ncoin daily events.....

    I'm not sure if the confusion is quite cleared away yet, but I believe the OP is talking about the RNG box that has the chance of giving a Maple Leaf - not the one you can buy for 1 NCoin, and not the box that you craft with all of the silly Thanksgiving ingredients. I DO agree that feels unfair that the 1 NCOIN box doesn't even have the Maple Leaf in the loot table, and originally, before I realized that the leaf itself hides behind silly RNG, I wanted to just save up leaves for the wings that everyone thinks are so ugly. Lol After buying two bundles of 50× RNG boxes, being about $140 USD, I've made a few thousand gold off of the mats and other junk that I didn't need or need any time soon, and most of that gold went into buying more boxes until I eventually just got the wings from RNG and the 36× Maple Leaves I needed to buy the Octagonal... Aquamarine, I think it was. Between all the stones available, that stone boosted my AP by 12, so that worked out okay. I wouldn't have had to sell so much gold if the RNG on the leaves was better. It would've helped even more if the leaves came with a chance of having more than just ONE drop per box, and even if the 1 NCOIN box would drop 1. With things as they are, it would be too impractical to try to save 120× or so for wings or for more than one of ANYTHING in that Dragon Express tab, except for the Pet Pods. As dumb as that new upgrade material is, this event actually makes that a good deal for those leaves. My first spin on the Hogs head Hamlet wheel got me the Revelry set box, so I had no more reason to spin that wheel, except for getting those sets for alts, which I later got 3× more of. At least with how I organized my alts and my main, I was able to craft 18~24 of certain mats to have 18+ chances at the items in that RNG box, per day. Originally, I used 18 boxes a day and sold the extra mats (From 10th alt), but as prices dropped, I'd buy the missing mats I needed to make either 24× or 30× per day. So for the crafting part of the event, though ridiculously time-gated and reliant on having Lv11+ alts to craft mats for you, plus mailing fees, it's pretty fair, imho. It's just that 1 NCoin box that yields no Maple Leaves that I don't care for. -And with SO many extras of "Tempting Fate", or whatever that outfit is called, I sent one to each and every alt, being ten characters in all, and salvaged all the others. I'd prefer if I could get the pink dress ("Carnation"?) As many times to send to alts, but no... My inventory gets clogged up with the semi-okay-looking resin instead, and it's the one that isn't tradeable. Lol
  6. Still asking

    Given the map that you found this in, I was wondering if it was an asset, full or partial, used for the huge whirlpool in Shattered Masts. In SM, that huge gap that you have to fly over to get to the Cobalt/Scarlet boss fight - in that part, you'll see a whirlpool in the distance, on your left, if you're approaching the boss room. This is the same area in the story, between the Nightshade Harbor and East Whatchamacallit Supply Chain and Shattered Masts. I figured it shows in this older map as a placeholder or something, either for a future event or one that was planned and then abandoned at some point. A LOT of the older areas on the world map are just unused, abandoned real estate now. Unless you're doing quests there for the first time, those areas have little to no traffic most times of the day. I mean, when's the last time any endgame/existing players have had to go kill Lycan, The Mighty or whatever...? I wish they'd give new, practical reasons for revisiting older areas, dungeons, etc.. Otherwise, our game files could stand to become a LOT smaller, if we didn't keep them in future updates.
  7. The legends were true

    Where did you get such a bundle from "a few months ago" that had "Secret Agent" in it? Was it from some promotional thing not found in-game, because I have seen no such thing in the Hongmoon Store. I genuinely want to know because I hate farming for this outfit, and I revisit it every once in a blue moon, as I sometimes do with the Spirit Veil and Infinite Challenge. I got tired of how annoying it was to farm the other three items the OP mentioned, so when I saw those in a past trove, I made sure to get them there. lol Bandit Queen was the one I farmed the most, since NA launch, but never got it to drop, so I just bought it from the achievement vendor once it became available for purchase. I think I had LESS trouble with RNG, farming for certain rare drops in vanilla Everquest and Final Fantasy XI Online. BNS is just ridiculous.
  8. Male Fashion Issues

    Sorry for not knowing if there's a way to take a "partial quote" here, but the part I wanted to reference is the very bottom, where the TWO cosmetic items for the head/hair have the same exact graphic. Last Summer, I made a post about how these two items were identical, graphically, and it never got addressed. It's this way on the male Gon too, and I'm wanting to say it's this way on male Lyn. Anyway, I agree with you on a lot of these outfits looking pretty silly, but that's also why I, like so may other people, have a bigger collection with female character cosmetics than I do for male characters. These designs aren't always better on females, though, mind you. Like with "Dreamcutter", an older outfit, it looks awesome on Gon males, and kind of gives them a "Castlevania" feel to them. On a female character, I love all the details and colors on it, but I HATE the slutty "underboob" part of the half-shirt monstrosity she's forced to wear. If it wasn't for the dumb underboob part of the outfit, it would've been one of my favorite outfits in the game, to this day. Now, I don't bother to wear it, because even with my Gon female's boob slider AT the ZERO mark, her chest looks so much more gigantic with that outfit on, and there's no way someone wearing that much material would just want their parts being in constant danger of popping out in the heat of battle, or just normal, everyday movement, in general. On Gon males, I think "Rough Customer" looks awesome. I like some of the silk or "Hawaiian" shirts in this game on male Gons, but it's such a tasteless outfit for a female Gon to wear. The rose tattoo on the leg would've been tolerable, but I hate all the other tattoos because it looks trashy to me. (These are just MY opinions on these outfits, so don't get bent out of shape if you don't like MY opinions and have opposing opinions of your own. People on here are so touchy that you can't ask the way to Jadestone Village without someone biting your head off like you're some Nazi, threatening to throw a grenade into a box of cute kittens.)
  9. Preset(Baby Grill)

    There's no such thing as an "unnecessary opinion". It's to be had, whether or not you're even conscious of having one of your own. It is not always necessary to EXPRESS an opinion, however, but as you can do so of your own free will, as you have a right to, everyone else can, as well. Oh, but you just expressed your own too, didn't you? Don't be a hypocrite after chastising someone else for doing what you just did, Mr. Double Standard.
  10. Preset(Baby Grill)

    Personally, I don't like the face, because it's not very versatile - she's kind of stuck with an old hag look in her eyes with a permanent frown/pout face, so she'll look weird during most of her idle animations and emotes. I don't even want to imagine her doing a dance emote with that face. Lol That's just me, though, and I feel that with enough of your own personal touch on someone else's preset, you have the potential to make it look way better, if you put a little time into it. The outfit on this one doesn't fit the personality that's immediately apparent in her face. It takes a more upbeat kind of personality to wear something like this in public, and the face makes her look like she's the exact polar opposite of the word.^^;
  11. I agree with this post. My first run of BT is when I first found out that there's actually a functioning "Master Loot" mechanic in BNS, other than the failure of a wannabe system that's existed in normal dungeons, that doesn't allow for it to be abused, but at the same time, won't work properly for situations when it would be needed. The raid version of this system needs to be re-worked so it can't be abused either and made so that it doesn't subject everyone to being cheated out of their loot and/or gold, due to human errors, such as incorrect math, dishonesty, and trolling, etc..
  12. As the title states, whenever I log in, the Daily Dash popup often delays like crazy. Sometimes, it seems like at least 5 minutes would pass before it decides to finally show up, or something else might somehow trigger it, like opening the crafting interface, which only worked a few times for me, at random. Other times, I'd have to wait about 10 minutes for it to show up. By hitting the ESC key to bring up the menu where "Daily Dash" is located, clicking on that option doesn't work when the Daily Dash is delayed. When it's NOT delayed, upon login, clicking it works just fine. Anyway, I'm not sure if there was a previous post on this matter, but I thought I'd add it here, just in case.
  13. Gamepad Support?

    I've always used controllers with BNS, but while it may feel kind of convenient to have most controls available in one controller's button setup, it CAN be awkward for certain classes' gameplay. I play an FM, and started out with a lazy ice build around NA launch. Later, when I saw how much more powerful a fire build was, and after discovering animation cancelling in BNS, I went with a fire build and never went back. Certain skills, along with an "interact" button can feel awkward, having to hold R1 while pressing R2 (or RB and RT), but once you get used to it, it's pretty fun. It might slow you down, playing a WL a little, but I've been able to manage somehow. Also, a XB360 pad has a cappy d-pad, so I started using a PS3 Dual Shock at some point. It's SO much better and easier to control. I tried a PS4 Dual Shock but the "Options" and "Share" button are a pain in the BUTT to hit in a pinch because of how they're tiny, vertical buttons. I also use DS4 or DS3 - whatever it's called, to use either PS controllers.
  14. That won't fix the problem, favorably, for everyone. I used to have the same problem as you, but also with older dungeons that used to be in the DC list. However, I'm using a better rig now and have the OTHER side of the problem, having to wait on ultra slow players and their eternal load screens. The thing is, while we DO have impatient jerks in the game, we also have afkers and bots, and with slow loaders, it's not always easy to determine who's just a lazy faker in CS, sitting at the entrance while everyone else clears the first boss, or if it's an actual slow loader. This is partly why people jump the gun and start attacking the boss. It IS also troublesome for faster loaders to wait for slow loaders when we're trying to do fast, multiple runs of any given dungeon. Also, the point in reducing how many DC objectives required to complete the DC from four to three is to make it LESS of a hassle and to make it a more expedient process. If you take out CS and H.Mandate, you'll render that a needless hassle all over again. A better solution, as most people have been stating for a long time now, is to fix the dumb lockout problem. On top of that, the whole "die in the flames" if someone else starts a boss fight, prematurely, is a DUMB feature and should never have been in the game to begin with. I used to lag behind everyone with my last PC, because while I was stuck on load screens, everyone else was already halfway to or AT the boss by the time I'd regain control of my character. I no longer have this problem with the new rig, but the party is STILL being held up by people who still need a rez and for the people kind enough to rez them.
  15. I miss last year's Halloween event

    I feel your pain. I got everything I wanted frpm last year's event pretty fast. I was probably one of the first people to get the witch outfit and hat, then the two pumpkin heads. I think the other outfit was a Hongmoon Store thing, but I forget. This year, I got a few OLD items that I was missing, like the wind and thunder god accessories and the other outfit I never got from their dungeon. This year was about buying a lot of CS resets, mainly for the two new outfits and their hair items. For those four items, I spammed CS about 70 times, of not more. The rng is so horrible in BNS. The gold box always got me 5~50g, and never 1K or even 100g. The 10 or so Transformation Stones for 70g was NOT worth it because I could only resell the lot at 90g. The rare element crits were cool, since I need those for the last two outfits and adornments that I need to make for the "Crafty Collector" achievement, but every time they showed up, it was when I needed something else even more. With RNG being such CRUD in this game, those boxes should drop a lot more plentifully at the end of dungeons or should at least yield more material PER box, so we don't have to wait on the next trove to have mats to work with, as opposed to running the same dungeons over and over for ONE box each, with only an RNG chance to get a rare elementioned or the like when we need 30 to make an outfit or other high level crafts that are tradeable.