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  1. Known Issue: Higher Level Raid Bosses

    You might want to slow your roll there, buddy. First of all, you don't speak for all of us, and I'm not going to quit the game and lose all of my progress, thus far, over something like this, which will get fixed when it gets fixed. Sure, it ducks to get disconnected every now and then, but they'll fix it. Compensation, though...? --No offense, but even though I know they'll compensate us for such "downtime", you really shouldn't make it sound like it's your right to demand freebies when things don't always go as planned when they roll out new content or updates. Do YOU do YOUR job perfectly, without a single error...? When BNS employees come to you for your service or product in your workplace, can they hold you to the exact same level of standards you seem to hold them to...? During this whole hurricane mess in Texas, would it do any good to demand compensation from heavenly powers, because the floods caused you downtime from the stuff you could get in this game some OTHER time...? You're being ridiculous and unreasonable, and if I were BNS staff, I'd actively ignore your demands - I'd already be LESS likely to heed your tantrum of entitlement to begin with. Come up with a witty response if you like, but I won't check back here for it.
  2. server mt now?

    I see the OP posted about an hour ago, but I JUST got DC'd a while ago, at around 6:20pm EST. When I tried to log in again, it said it was under maintenance on Yura. So this sounds odd if the OP's post was about an hour ago and this is just now happening to me.
  3. Hey, why did you call me OP instead of my name? Your post and my original post only have ONE post between them. lol Yeah, I was a little excited when I saw that the Gunslinger Satchel was already in my rewards box, but the "TWO USELESS CHAR SLOT VOUCHERS" (lol) really did suck. XD That 1 Million exp, I first I thought it was the "compensation" for deleting my "Merry Potters" progress, and would've felt more like an insult for all the money and work I put into it. lol Until the patch is done, however, I'm struggling to find something else to play amongst my thousands of games, that I actually FEEL like playing for now. If only "Hyper Universe" came out here, uncensored, and with ALL of the characters and skins in it right now, I'd feel most like playing that right now.^^;
  4. I hopped onto BNS sometime between 23:00-23:30 EST to do my remaining Daily Dash spins and take care of a few other things like PVP and unfinished DC, etc.. I saw that my reward box still had stuff in it, so I went in to claim it all, the way I usually do - spam the enter key while right clicking everything in it. One thing has been constant in that box for over a year now, being that I have an extra character slot "ticket" in there that I can neither claim, nor delete, nor sell, nor discard, because it's an item that can only be redeemed at the character select screen AND because I already have the CURRENT maximum NINE character slots. Anyway, that's a separate issue that I've been messaging support for with NO solution offered at all, so far. The issue now is this: When I was spamming through my usual "ritual" of claiming stuff in the reward box by spamming enter key with right click, I BRIEFLY got a glimpse of the "Gunslinger's Satchel". THAT was a surprise, since it will be nearly five hours from this post that maintenance STARTS, and another EIGHT hours until it's done - so I wasn't expecting to see that just yet. Here's what happened, though: I DID get my ten (10x) Hongmoon Exp Charms. I DID get a 2nd extra character slot voucher, that I still cannot redeem, since maintenance hasn't occurred yet. ***I DID NOT get my "Dead Reckoning Outfit", NOR my "Dead Reckoning Hat", though.*** My rewards box icon at the bottom-right of the screen SHOWS that I have four (4) items to claim in it, but inside the box, ONLY the two extra character slots icons show up. That said, I ask this: Are the two cosmetic items just "hidden" in that box until maintenance is over, and is ready to simply "plug them in", and they'll show up then? --Or is the reward box bugged, and I somehow applied a "already claimed" flag on two items I still don't have...? I'll know for sure after maintenance, I suppose, but I wanted to post this here, just in case anyone else has this issue and has similar concerns. I hope everyone, including myself, who has registered for this Gunslinger's Satchel" gets all of their goodies today.^^;
  5. Oh, I get it. Don't misunderstand. Hehe I wasn't trying to give you a hard time over it. I didn't even read on those details. I just lightly skimmed a past post of yours and saw the screenshot you posted of the stuff you were sending and the cost for mailing it. With the new trove coming up, you'll probably find it a lot cheaper to just redeem all the trove stuff on your gunner when it comes out and just send OTHER things to your other characters, as needed. Most of my jewels and elements come from the trove anyway and I usually ONLY buy them from dragon express when I just need a few more to get to the next stage of an item. Playing alts even semi-seriously is so expensive in this alt-unfriendly game that I barely touch any characters beyond my main FM and alt WL. All my WL originally was supposed to be was a female Jin to wear female Jin-versions of outfits that looks better on them than they do on my female Gon. I have a Yun and a female Lyn for the same purposes, but I kind of want to play a summoner someday (Lyn), but don't really care to play a BM (Yun) very much. If this game was more alt-friendly, like with a shared wardrobe, shared vault, and ALL items being tradeable between characters, I would be more inclined to play with them. I'm only considered a "whale" with cosmetic items - not with mats and nearly limitless resources, time, AND energy to play each class. I have enough fun with my FM and WL, but I have to leave time for other video games too. Hehe Again, I do agree that mailing fees should be done away with. It makes little sense to spend money to mail stuff to yourself or other "selves" just because the game is designed to make money off of us, even if it is dumping in-game gold on an NPC, instead of the game team's pockets, to mail stuff, etc.. -All because they refuse to give us a shared vault or shared wardrobe. On ANOTHER note, I wish BNS would do like Diablo 3 and make all "coin" and "token" items, as well as crafting materials go into their own inventory tab where everything automatically goes there, stacks up, and you don't have to constantly "manage" it. All this nonsense, having to click a hundred boxes at the end of a dungeon run is so time-consuming, and especially when you have to watch the "opening chest" progress bar run for 5 or so seconds each. I don't remember how many seconds that the bar runs for, but that's beside the point. I should be able to click it and it instantly opens. -And once I do, like how Naryu Coins, experience charms, and keys automatically go into their respective stacks, these items should all automatically go to their own tabs, where applicable. If it's a log of wood or a metal ore or some ball of yarn - ALL of this junk should go to an unlimited stack in a materials tab, etc.. Having to move all this junk around, between my inventory window, to one vault tab or the other. It's all dumb. Like WHY do soul shield pieces, accessories, and jewels only go into the vault tab that has LESS room than the OTHER tab, even after you bought every single vault tab possible...? We can't even buy more space in the first tab, because those rows aren't even buy able at all for some dumb reason. Why do we have keys for opening chests that don't stack with "Hongmoon" keys when they open the same things? The unsealing charms are dumb that way too. If I want to unsealing a bunch of things in a hurry, I can't just right click the item then hit the enter key for the confirmation pop-up. I STILL need to click on which kind of key I want to use before I can hit enter to confirm and execute. As you can see, I have a lot of qualms with how things are done in this sloppily programmed game. Quality of life improvements would keep more players from moving on to to the next big mmorpg if they'd just pay attention and adjust things to make the inventory management and menu diving LESS time-consuming. Key presses make for faster navigation than having to click on a million different things like I'm playing Fallout 1 or 2, or some Baulder's Gate game. It's such an antiquated mentality, that we have to be forced to click on so many things instead of streamlining the processes we deal with on a daily basis. TLDR: BNS is one of the most annoying, time-consuming mmorpg I've played in years, and not because my time is spent MORE on advancing and progressing my character, but because of all of the time sinks and time-gated content.
  6. I recently saw a post where you were a little displeased with having to spend over 1,000G to mail over 1,000 items, between legendary elements and jewels. I can understand how that CAN be unsightly, but then again, I've never HAD over 1,000 of either of those items to send between alts. For that matter, I only spend big on my main, so if there are some expensive items like this on any of my characyers, they'll already be on the characters I intend to use them on. Like when it comes to stuff that I can claim out of the "Rewards Box", I'll redeem them on the character that's going to use them. If you are actually mailing this stuff to an alternative because you need to make room, I see two possible problems: 1) You probably have an inventory clogged with a LOT of useless stuff and need to sell/discard some things, or... 2) You're a big enough whale to have so many of these expensive, hard to get (By F2P means) items, but for some reason, won't "whale" some money for a premium membership, which will at least free up inventory slots if you're carrying around a bunch of outfits and adornments. If there's a 3rd problem and not either of these, I can only surmise that you are legitimately low on inventory space because you're holding onto a lot of crating materials and "tokens" of different types, along with the usual junk everyone else carries around. -But I DO agree that there shouldn't be a mailing fee anymore, along with those stupid stamps that we have to buy SO many of, just to send cosmetic items between characters. Six of them costs too much, for ONE outfit, when you're doing an event for an outfit multiple times and sending them to alts, along with three stamps for each adornment you send. If it's a three-piece set like the last event's swimsuit, you have to buy 12 stamps for each set, to send one outfit, one hat, and one belt thingy. Anyway, I agree they should get rid of the mailing fees or at least their ridiculous rates. Similarly, they shouldn't be so crazy with fees in the marketplace when you're trying to post items for sale. The precent age fee is proportion ate to how much you're trying to sell something for.
  7. "Today's Specials" - REQUESTS THREAD

    "Blue Sunglasses", please.^^

    I have each slot taken up by one of each class, making nine in all. I have a voucher that's been sitting in my "Rewards Box" for about a year now, and because it says my maximum number of slots is reached, I cannot redeem that voucher. In everyone else's case, I know that it would be fair to give them a free voucher if they aren't already using their slots, but even if they give me another free voucher, I'll still have the one I bought (From a bundle, a long time ago...), and it won't be redeemable. It cannot be deleted or sold either, so I'm stuck with it. I wish I could at least send it to someone else as a gift, just to get rid of it.
  9. cool event on CN server.

    I was under the impression that CN's version of BNS is different from everyone else's because it's run by a different company, being "Tencent", and that they can pretty much do whatever they want with the overall game without having to worry about other regions' content, etc.. It sounds to me like some "modded" version of the game that's like playing an mmorpg on a privately run server. Kind of like how some people can still play vanilla Everquest without any of the updates and expansions, etc.. So with that said, I'm seeing little point in comparing what we play to a "Gameshark'd" BNS paradise where they are SO much more generous with their events than we have it. Their GMs could probably just max out everyone's stats and money as long as they pay real money or get a subscription for all of that. Hehe Of course, I'm exaggerating, but their version is SO different from the NA, EU, and JPN clients, that it almost looks like a different game altogether.
  10. I lightly skimmed a few of the tabs' lists, and notice one thing: NO "Dragon Certificates" are being used, but in their place, some other materials are needed in pretty big quantities per craftable item. I hope they aren't a pain in the butt to get, in those amounts, and I hope they don't take too much time to gather what's needed for each item I want to craft. So WHY did the BNS team get rid of "Small Dragon Certificate", to make "non-small" versions of them, did NOT simply convert them or allow for us to have a 1:1 exchange/trade for them, if they're going to get rid of them altogether for this new, upcoming system to work? I'm wondering if the current "non-small" versions of this item are merely a placeholder UNTIL the new system is plugged into the live servers. In THAT case, they could've just left the original ones alone. I STILL never got an official answer as to WHY they changed these items and didn't just convert our old ones into the new ones. This makes it so any of the ones I had originally stockpiled "for a rainy day" went to waste, and now, I'm pretty much re-farming them, but for their NEW/current versions instead, to make items that already take 5 hours a piece to craft. There is NO reason why the crafting content in this game should be so severely time-gated. In games like FFXI, back in the day, certain named mobs (aka "Notorious Monsters") were on a 24-hour or even a 48-hour spawn cycle, which means every 24 or 48 hours, respectively, you had that ONE chance in that long wait, to claim and kill one of those mobs for their loot. I didn't like it, and I SAY I 'understand", but I see no logical reasoning behind the time-gating of such content. In this game, crafting a Silverfrost Pickaxe takes an entire day, being 24 hours of real time. Some items take 5 hours, while a few others take 20 hours. -But why...? There's NO reason they could tell us that would satisfy me as being "understandable", and I would never be convinced that it makese sense at all. It's like how it takes 4 or 5 seconds to pick up a bottle of wine off of a table to give to some NPC, so you can get him to tell you how to get into the Ebondrake Lair, via the Vault. Four seconds to pick some bottle of wine off of a table...? It's like taking 8-10 seconds to turn a doorknob to open a door so you can watch a loading screen, or how you can take a Dragon Pulse to get somewhere faster than if you RAN on foot or flew there, but you're forced to watch a cutscene of your character somehow kicking off of AIR, after launching up into the sky, so they can propel themselves forward, across some huge map - but YOU aren't allowed to type anything in chat while you wait for the silly cutscene, and you can't manage your inventory windows or anything productive/constructive, to make use of the downtime. In real life, I don't think I've ever taken 10 seconds to turn a doorknob, but that's just me.^^;
  11. Thank you, Wiri. This is much appreciated.^^
  12. It's replies like these that usually get ME into trouble with moderators, because they'll see me as trolling or whatever. Also, some people just go all out with spiteful, hateful kind of talk, and I wonder why they don't get banned. I'm not saying YOU deserve to be banned, for saying something like this, but I guess I just get the WORST luck when it comes to forum moderation. lol Anyway, to get back onto the topic here, would someone mind linking some info that shows HOW the new crafting system is supposed to work? For a long while, I was only under the impression that certain material costs were to be reduces, but didn't know an actual NEW system itself was in the works. I only care to know because I want to work on the "Crafty Collector" achievement for the outfit and adornment from making all of the craftable cosmetics between all of the tradeskills. If it's going to be easier, and/or faster to do with some new system in place, I'm ALL for it.^^ After being forced to SELL all of my "Small Dragon Certificates", and NOT have them replaced with the new versions of the SAME item, I had to sell around 125 of them for mere copper coins, that I had been saving in my inventory. NOW, I have to do daily quests/challenges just to get the THREE I need for making one of the materials that takes 5 hours to make. recently, I've decided to do dungeons that aren't in the DC for any given day, just so I can make a second of that material, 5 hours later. So basically, I can only make two of these per day, because I have to farm the mats to MAKE mats so that eventually, I can make the outfit and adornment for one tradeskill, DUMP that tradeskill to pick up a new one, and then do this months-long craft-a-thon all over again, but with other materials for other cosmetic items. One of the other regions had some event where the craftable outfits were acquired from either HM Store or some sort of RNG kind of thing, but I'm not sure if simply owning those outfits without crafting them actually helps go toward the achievement needed to make the "ultimate" outfit and adornment items, etc.. Anyway, if anyone has a nifty webpage I can peruse, please, link it here. Thanks much.^^
  13. "Today's Specials" - REQUESTS THREAD

    That hasn't been the case, so far, with the "Today's Specials", so there's no harm in making requests. If you think that's dumb, that's fine. -But for those of us who are getting second chances at least SOME of the stuff we'd like, it's more of a gain than any loss.
  14. "Today's Specials" - REQUESTS THREAD

    Well, most of the "business" themed outfits have already made 2-3 appearances EACH, and the Superfine outfits was more than two months ago. Trove or not, I don't think it's too early to release something like that when certain event outfits have already come back so soon, like the Yuma Fei set, which was just released with the Golden Lotus chest. Granted, they DID announce that certain items from those milestones that we didn't reach would appear at "upcoming esports events", and they started with the Yuma Fei set like they said they would. This coming event will be a tournament held in Cologne, which you can currently buy tickets for, and they'll have giveaways for the Carnival sets, as well as a reappearance of that 1940's-themed outfit from the Golden Lotus chest. So no, I don't think it's too soon, especially when that outfit I just mentioned is coming back so soon. I agree with the suggestion on "Red Glasses". The same goes for that dumb white horse head mask that was in past giveaways. I never got wind of it until it was long done and over with.
  15. "Today's Specials" - REQUESTS THREAD

    I would love for Superfan to come back too!^^ I opened over 300 rng boxes and only got one, on my main. I'd like it for alts too. ♡