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  1. I feel ya, Pika. I have never liked it in ANY video game where I just HAD to have a "cast bar" for opening something or interacting with something. If it's a letter, a container in my inventory, or those dumb experience charms that you might get 10 or more of the green, really low level kind that take like three uses for you to even see your exp move at Hongmoon Level 11. It's like on an offline video game, when you see that it's advertised as having like "40 hours" of playtime, if you do not do sidequests or other extra-curricular activities - the opening of containers itself or interacting door knobs that take like 3 seconds each to open make it seem like at least 10 hours go to that useless "time-gated" content. The Daily Dash could ALL be done at once without a cooldown, and ultimately, you'd still only have three (Or six in the case of the Daily Dash we recently had for a while.) a day to "gamble" with. Setting them one hour apart or 20 minutes apart are both unnecessary, in my opinion. For that matter, this is one of the few games where I have ever seen such ridiculous crafting times. It takes TWENTY real life hours to find a "Sweet Potato" in-game, and the same goes for a "Sequoia Sap". It takes five hours to make the respective components for each tradeskills "crafting outfit". Want to make the outfits or the adornments themselves...? Those take 24 real life hours. --And the whole "buy one per day" event token, whether it's for free or for one NCoin/HMcoin is pretty silly too. If it's for cosmetic items, which is usually what my main goal entails with all BNS events, I don't want to wait for two more weeks in order to save up just enough tokens for the outfit and any adornments. If they have to make money off of an event, I'd rather they let me buy resets to the dungeon(s) that would drop the event tokens instead of making me wait to get more from time-consuming daily challenges, barely doable "weekly challenges", and the weekly quest that... takes a WEEK to be able to do again. When they event gives us less than a month to get the tokens we need, they need to have better, speedier means for acquiring these dumb things. --But yes, the little bags we open at the end of a dungeon, and all of those ridiculous chests, and then packing away all the stuff we want to keep in our inventory, and selling all the useless junk like the basic "drink" item with the ridiculously long cooldown (I ALWAYS use "Fortune Potion"), and low level soul shields that I don't care to salvage, because salvaging has a cast bar, as well, AND you have to type "Salvage", with a capital letter 'S', then hit enter to watch the cast bar do its thing. It's a slow, tedious process, and you spend more time managing your inventory because of these needlessly slow processes. Just let us open containers, chests, bags, etc. instantaneously. Get rid of the crazy crafting times. A door knob/handle does NOT take three or six seconds to interact with in the real world... --And regaining your chi... When you get "K.O.'d", and you have the chance to CRAWL away from an enemy's aggro range - THAT amount of slowness with the crawling is probably THE most irritating thing in this game for me, other than the silly amount of CC'ing allowed in PVP. Don't give me a 30-60 second timer or whatever to gather my chi to get back into the fight if I have to take LONGER just to slowly crawl to safety, especially if I can only do it once. It's bad enough that when you die, that this is almost a waste of time when MOST bosses have aoes that will hit you soon after, even if you did not have to crawl any distance, with party members distracting the boss, making it look the other way. At the very least, while I'm in crawling mode, make it so I can't be HIT by aoes, so I can get back into the fight. This game is not "comeback" friendly at all, and it makes no sense. In PVP, once you get into someone's constant CC'ing combos, you might as well just sit back and enjoy the show as they combo you to death like an old school "Killer Instinct" game, because even if you escape ONE move of theirs, they will always have more CC than you have escapes for. I could go on and on, but this is just some of the stuff in BNS that makes the game severely less fun for me. I only do PVE, I don't like certain basic mechanics that could be done away with as QOL adjustments, and PVP just isn't fair for people who play classes with constant CC'ing. That's just me, though. For anyone who wants to "white knight" for the company or the game, you're entitled to like what you like as I am entitled to dislike what I dislike. So in advance, let's agree to disagree without having to trade hateful remarks. Thanks for reading.^^;
  2. If everyone would stop jumping to conclusions and just look for more info. I had similar concerns, but here's what to do: 1) Look at your letters section to find the quest for the "Fortune Falls" dungeon in F8. 2) Talk to the NPC that the letter specified in the Northern part of Jadestone Village. 3) Get a group for the event dungeon in F8 - it's at the top of the list. 4) Beat up everything until you get the giganura boss to show up. 5) During his attack rotation, at some point, his CC bars (The white bars underneath his health bar) will turn BLACK/EMPTY. THIS is when everyone needs to CC him before he does an aoe knockback on the PT. Then DPS him down. I recommend EVERYONE use stun - so far as I've seen, this works best and people were complaining about people using daze. KD didn't seem to help much either. 6) At the end of the fight, if you accepted the letter quest, which is THE daily quest, you'll get 8 of the event currency. They can be used as a consumable item for a buff of some sort OR you could save them to buy certain items from the Dragon Express' far-right tab, like the new swimsuit and two adornments. The swimsuit is just a palette swap of the one that has the special dance emote. 7) Get everyone to spec stuns for the last boss fight or you won't beat it in time because he has a LOT of defense if you don't use the CC with his mechs.
  3. I had no idea that they were going to change the crafting system further. I thought it was just the nasty item change, being how we had to sell our SMALL Dragon Certificates for mere copper, even if we had a LOT of them, only to find that we can only get like 3 a day to make ONE of those 5-hour crafting components per day, IF you're like me and only do the daily quests' dungeons. I imagine you can get more form other sources that might be farm-able, but I just do the DCs to get them out of the way, and then log off to play other games, unless I actually feel like running dungeons for outfit drops, etc.. hehe The grind is slow, but after a little more than two weeks, I have almost enough "Arcane Silk" to make the "Acquired Taste" outfit. I gotta make a little more for the hat too, though. At least I already made my "Merry Potters" outfit and hat. Soon, I'll be able to drop one crafting profession so I can work on another... Not looking forward to this, though... I REALLY want to at least get the hair adornment from the achievement. Thankfully, we don't have to make that or the outfit - just buy them with HQ fabric, etc.. The road is long.^^;
  4. I was going to submit this as a bug report, but this isn't as much a bug as it is probably an oversight. I am hoping this will at least create awareness to this issue I had noticed in-game. On a male Jin, the "Beachcomber Headpiece", which is a head adornment/hat, has the SAME exact graphic as the "Tropical Night Shades", which is also a head adornment/hat. On a male Gon, the same holds true for the same two items, being that they share the same exact graphic. I collect cosmetics in most mmorpgs I play, as well as accessories, so that I can mix them up and customize my own look. When something I'm wearing is currently being worn by so many other people, I like to change my outfit and accessories combinations to look more unique, when in a crowd of other people who are wearing similar things. Sometimes, just for fun, if I see someone standing around, afk, I like to put on the same exact cosmetic items they're wearing and stand next to them, just to see if they'll notice that someone is mimicking/copying them. hehe Anyway, while pondering which of the returning swimsuit items I wanted on some of my alts, that I already owned on my main, I noticed that the Jin and Gon males got the short end of the stick when it came to these two accessories. It's not that they look bad, but it looks like we missed out on at least ONE head adornment graphic, when two of them look exactly the same. On the Gon male, instead of a "feauxhawk", he might have an afro or even the multi-colored afro wig. Similarly for the Jin male, one of them could have a feauxhawk for him. I'm not sure if either item had an omission when it translated to our region out of censorship or anything, but it looks like it was probably just an oversight. I'll include this diagram to illustrate this, so you can see for yourself. To the BNS team: I just wanted to create awareness on this issue, so forgive me if this isn't posted in the correct/proper place in these forums. I just wanted it to be known, and I hope one of the items gets changed at some point. Thanks for checking up on this.^^
  5. I'm still new to running DT, but sometimes I feel I struggle in NM more than HM, when it comes to the last boss' mechanics. A lot of things I have read and a lot of advice that people have given me seem to conflict at times, so I'm still not certain how everything works. -But I'm usually one of the highest if not THE highest AP player there, as a force master with 950ap without a raven weapon, etc.. With the server instability stuff affecting everyone, I'll get hit by a lag spike and/or rubberband while fighting a boss in NF, and get called an "idiot" when I miss the stun CC on the boss with the fire walls. Oh, and this guy was a HM Lv12 with almost 700ap, but not quite there, who kept making mistakes on the last boss. I'm usually the last one standing, and have often used my rez charms to rez the PT, when I feel it's worth the "investment". -And by that, I'm not in a hurry to use MY item and put it on that long cooldown for a PT with afkers, and people who constantly insult others over dumb, petty things. People make mistakes, and things happen. When it's not the player's fault that the game or server isn't stable enough for you to time a CC, you really shouldn't insult anyone over it. It CAN be frustrating, wiping on bosses, and it sucks when people give up so easily and leave the PT after ONE wipe. I'm usually there to do my DC or try to get that outfit from there, so I'm motivated enough to stay and see things through. I don't stay, however, when things get super toxic or if our DPS is too low to beat a boss before it enrages. It also sucks being the tank, just because your dps gets more of the boss's attention than the tank who just insulted you for missing a CC, even AFTER you've given them lots of time to get initial aggro and hold it before you start hitting hard. In general, people can be jerks in games like these, and when the cultural diversity spans a few continents of various peoples, you're bound to run into people who have lesser levels of respect and manners than you're probably used to.
  6. I've been wondering for a long time, why we never got the/these underwear/lingerie items. I didn't know we were still so censored in this region, as well. I hope they reverse this sometime down the road.
  7. I honestly didn't mind those details on the original skin, but I DID find the adornment (The Lei) that came with it to be a bit of an eyesore. The Lei worked against the swimsuit because it covered up too much. I don't like ultra slutty swimsuits and lingerie, and I hate animal prints, but the Lei was so tacky, because of the way it covered up the chest on my character in an awkward way. It looked like a bunch of cheap-y yellow stickers were stuck together and then put around my character's neck. Whenever I have a set of cosmetics, I usually like mixing different combinations of stuff with other outfits and sets, but that adornment can ONLY be worn with its own outfit and it's such a boring piece of junk, imho. I would want it to cover up a different swimsuit that was LESS pretty than the one it comes with. On a related note, I wish I could use that special dance emote with other outfits. To me, that would be an AWESOME step forward in how BNS allows for customization in this game. Other than being able to use ANY adornment with ANY outfit. I hate how the Phoenix set only allows the special visual effect IF you have all three items equipped. Maybe I don't want to wear wings, which hide the back on the outfit. Maybe I want to wear a different hairstyle. For that matter, why not just let us TOGGLE the visual effect on the costume, and/or let us use it on other outfits? You never know when you're just in the mood to wear that silly pig costume with the green moose head, with a Plog Pal on your back, so you can make your opponents nervous in PVP. lol
  8. Most outfits usually cost around $20~25 anyway, and we'll get 5 outfits and 3 hair adornments. It actually isn't a bad deal at all, even if three outfits are older ones that most of us already own, as well as one hairstyle we already own. In my case, that means I still get at least 2 new outfits and 2 hair adornments that I happen to like for the price of one. In all, it actually IS a good deal. -And the other milestone items will be sold in HM Store with future esports events, in pairs, they say. Not merely in the next coming weeks. The Yunma Fei one will also be buyable, for people who didn't buy the box.
  9. It took me a second to think which one this is a palette swap of, and it's the white and gold one (Gon Female) that has the dance. I'm glad they FINALLY gave Gon a blue swimsuit that looks right on them. The school swimwear looks like an adult is wearing a kid's swimsuit. Lol Female Gon is tough to dress up as "pretty", when almost everything they have in the wardrobe is designed to be "sexy" - whenever I wear most swimsuits, I often catch people ogling me. T_T; However, while I don't mind the Yehara swimsuit, I wish Gon got the Zulia swimsuit instead.^^;
  10. It seems to be the case, being esports events. They might not be as big, but who knows...
  11. Nice. Thanks for the link. I'll consider the issue closed then.^^
  12. For people who helped to fund this past event and got us to 83%, I understand that we're getting the outfit, but it didn't specify whether or not we were also getting the hair that goes with it. I appreciate having that unlocked for us, of course, but I am hoping that includes the hair adornment because it'd be a bummer to see it sold separately in the HM Store, since we got that red and black Poharan hairstyle with the jacket outfit on that milestone marker. Anyway, that's all I wanted to ask, and I hope we can get an official answer here in this post, or somewhere, where it'll be easy for everyone to see (Instead of buried in the 32nd page of someone else's forum post.). Thanks in advance, if you can get back to us on this.^^;
  13. Yeah, I just read that. To anyone who wants to know, we did NOT reach the Yunma Fei outfit milestone, BUT they're giving it to us anyway. Details here:
  14. If they extended the event deadline, it would just look like an excuse to bleed more money out of the community, and most people would probably see it that way. Personally, I don't care how THEY recover from the bad PR, if they do at all, but I seriously doubt it'll make any difference to their bottom line, financially. Any bad PR surrounding this event isn't big enough to make a dent into their cost of doing business, and the game will stay alive until the next best/better thing comes out to draw us and everyone else away from BNS to play some new game later. The idea is to get our money WHILE they still can. Extending the deadline of this event wouldn't hurt them, so it'd be relatively risk-free to do. However, if they truly care to keep us, the customers, for a long term relationship, it would help their interests to end this event on a positive note. Sure, getting these older/extra outfits to put on alts (unless you don't already have them and actually care about them) is a plus, but not meeting the next few milestones at all will end this event ona negative note, unless they decide to give us those outfits at a considerably lower-than-usual price if they put them into the HM Store later. I know a lot of people think these will end up in the next trove or two, and it MIGHT happen. In the case of set items, maybe ONE item will be in the trove and the other, like an adornment, will be buyable from the Hm Store. In the event that they just put them all into the HM Store at some point, I think it would be in their best interests to allow us to buy them at a VERY low price. By "very low", I don't mean make them 800 NCoin like the older outfits that had to sit in the HM Store for about a year as something you could have a whole year to decide whether or not to buy and add to your collection. I mean they should sell those outfits at the price that you'd buy one of the adornments/accessories, being around 400 NCoin, or 499 NCoin, or whatever. To me, I feel this would actually be fair for them AND for us, and not feel like a one-sided cash grab. It would allow them to still release these items without being called con artists over this whole milestone fiasco, because they'd be reasonable with the prices, and because the prices would be that low, we'd most likely be happy, nay, grateful for it. If they sold them at the prices they NORMALLY would charge, though, I would feel severely offended by it. Sure, some of us would still buy them because we'd want them badly enough, but we'd still feel like we just got pooped on by a company that felt like they just swindled us, unchecked, until we got the FBI involved to investigate such shady dealings.^^; That's not a threat, by the way - just a hypothetical idea, and I'm kind of thinking out loud. lol <3
  15. With it being manually updated, we'd PROBABLY meet a $900K milestone, and they'd hold the slider back, falsely "reporting" to us that were nowhere near the $375 mark, thinking we'd spend more, as a community, if we thought we were still short. Sure, this is a bit far-fetched, but this thing COULD have been set up to be automated, to show us TRUE, real-time numbers. We don't have an incorruptible community representative in place, who can verify for us that the numbers they report are true, and beyond contest. So yeah, as long as something like this is made to be manually updated, I have little to no reason to trust these numbers at all. No company is above fraudulent practices, and no official statement they could give us on this matter can reassure us that these things aren't happening. So really, it's only up to any given individuals here, what they have faith in and what they believe in, as truth. Kinda sucks, huh...?^^;