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  1. Hey good folks. I was wondering how far one can no progress in the story as a solo player without doing Dailies and Dungeons. I left about a year ago, and they had a really really crappy chapter about babies the main character was rescuing. was there anything new and more fun since story-wise (with the Imperial family and Junghado) and do they have any gear I can pick up during the story to run through it?
  2. I quit BnS because: I did not find people to play with I could not get most of the HM skills I needed far more time per day to keep up than I had Content became too difficult Server merger made SSP very different on my server, and I did not like how it became I could not play solo stuff while waiting in a x-server queue, so sitting in a queue staring at the timer countdown was very boring I don't like playing the same thing every day
  3. I try to check myself and not to bash BnS. Objectively, it is not a bad game, and I did have fun playing it from time to time. I did not gear up in BnS or unlocked most of the HM skills. I know that I can still find parts of BnS that I can play and enjoy in a limited way. Emotionally though, as weird as it sounds, it's hard for me not to resent BnS because it feels, well, bossy. And while I loved it, it did not love me back. It's anthropomorphic, but, well, there it is.
  4. "All Blade, and no Soul" "A fantastic engine - just lacks a car to put it in, and a destination to take you on a trip of a lifetime."
  5. Not quite, because after merger the factions remain even, and you can switch. For most iksanun, blue or red, SSP became out of reach, due to how Poharan plays it, in a very parasitic and unsustainable way. They swarm each channel, capture and abandon, afk by the dozen, or they do the middle-field overpopulated tactic that prevents credits for lower-geared people. Basically, we've been invaded and put out of business, not red vs blue, but a hostile takeover by poharan. That server merger was basically why I quit playing, because that was that for SSP. And nope, I did no
  6. Cold Storage is way better! Since this is BnS though, are they... erm... an RNG drop? It is great they are doing it though, really a nice idea.
  7. And, just like that, the fleeting desire is gone. Points to BnS though. it's extremely consistent and has an identity. Thanks for for saving me a log-in, my friend. ?
  8. But you always need at least 2 spare points for the premium skills to be shown as available.
  9. Yeah, I have all the unlocks bought, characters carefully distributed on two servers to not exceed the 16-char limit, and my guild is still active, so, yeah, I can log back in. But I am just done, tbh. Same with BnS - I know that objectively it's getting better, but I am just, well, done. My favorites in SWTOR were Op and Sorc heals and VG/PT/Mrc/Mando DPS. So, Gunner or Spirit Shaper in Rev. Though the most I miss is my Op heals. Not even sure why, because sorc was ruling supreme, but I guess, just insane fun, rolls and stealth. :) Well, okay, he just turned out as a
  10. That's cool. I might log in to just try the WWV then. Have never tried it, but I think I should be good to sneak in for one game to see how it is when everyone will be doing the same.
  11. It was a silly joke because I was in a silly mood.
  12. ToE Daily quest gives 2 ss. You need to unlocks the Daily by doing a small quest when you return to Cinderlands.
  13. I am sure you will be right as rain in an hour. :) I do find it incredibly amusing, and see absolutely nothing wrong with not playing Eowyn shampoo commercial all the time. "but I am no man!" swooshhhhhh....
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