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  1. Hey good folks. I was wondering how far one can no progress in the story as a solo player without doing Dailies and Dungeons. I left about a year ago, and they had a really really crappy chapter about babies the main character was rescuing. was there anything new and more fun since story-wise (with the Imperial family and Junghado) and do they have any gear I can pick up during the story to run through it?
  2. I am sure you will be right as rain in an hour. :) I do find it incredibly amusing, and see absolutely nothing wrong with not playing Eowyn shampoo commercial all the time. "but I am no man!" swooshhhhhh....
  3. Did you receive a satisfying replies to your query? I am actually in a guild that is called Amazons, and was originally designed to have only female toons. I have my two best boys in it. When someone called me on it in SSP once, on my male Lyn, questioning (I am certain) my (purported) male virility and machismos, I had to dig deep and retort with: I know! I am one lucky son of a b***ch. That was the most gender-confused, multi-level of virtual vs real exchange in a MMO I've ever had. Also, playing a male Lyn, I dunno why, but I am really tempted to start ma
  4. I am a female (call me a girl if you wish, I'll be flattered). I've read the description of this game, and went for the BEST class EVAR, the DESTROYER! A male one. Because if I have to look at a butt... you know the drill. But two days after, me being level 18, they say: Here is a Warlock Challenge! Gotta be under level 10, and level in 3 weeks, and you'll get goodies. So, I go back to the information stuff on the game, and find out three things. Warlock is AWESOME, but stuff for Warlocks cost a fortune. Summoners are the easiest class to level fast with. Summoners can
  5. Basically you need 240 orbs from the cold storage. 120 to unlock the Dragoncall and 120 for half of the other HM skill. cold storage mercifully is easy to do, it is short and have zero environmental traps or mobs. i've just obtained the dragon call. Basically, I've tried to hoard the colour orbs for cold storage to make sure I can do the second boss as often as possible, and bid on every frozen orb. On a good day I'd get 7 frozen orbs. I bid up to 1 gold per orb, and people normally do not bid over 30 silver. The amount of gold you get for the run covers it. Took me les
  6. Heh, more Low-level Old-news Chic. Ran Blackram Narrows a few times yesterday to get the ax on a level 21, and was the only one willing to pay 50 coppers for this (and earned a "rich players win" comment, heh):
  7. When you try to adjust the waistline so it doesn't look like she is missing two lower ribs, the character creator starts growing a belly outwards instead of adjusting the skeleton. Basically, you have to hit the point when you have a waist that does not belong on a wasp and before your character looks like she is expecting. Another thing to do is to pump up the arms, as well as work on the legs. They are very hard to make look like someone who can actually fight.
  8. The one on the right, because I like the dark hair more.
  9. So did I, but Wiki lists Yun. At a guess she'd have a standard character sheet in game with her race. Well, at least that's how all old games from Bio/obsi were coded for the Npcs.
  10. Juwol seems to be listed as Yun, even though she looks more like a Gon. i was also thinking that a perception that Yuns do not have males of the species can come from something as simple as the Yuns not growing facial hair (as traditionally ascribed to the tolkien-inspired elves). They would just look like Tom-boyish and flat-chested females to the manly men of the remaining species, particularly if they rarely venture outside the Yun homeland. Lyns' gender is not easy to tell at times either.
  11. Parthenogenesis or gynogenesis. Aka virginal conception or conception when stimulated by different species but without contribution of genetic material. Or the allmighty chi.
  12. Yep, we just don't know what it is going to be, just that it is not currently present in the game or something like that.
  13. I believe he is a Jin, and he is as much a brother to Jin Seo Yun as he is to the PC, i.e. it belongs to the same brotherhood, rather than blood ties?
  14. I do, by the reasons explained in the first post. It's a double restriction on a class, as opposite to a single one as in every other race. With a class being exclusive to Yun you cannot chose gender in addition to not being able to pick a race.
  15. No, because the reason is different. In dwarv's case it's because males and females look similar to the other races. I suppose dwarven boobs are small. In this case it will be because of either a cultural aspect (reclusive) or because of genetic mutation or because of the journey to the lands unknown for a while and then a return or what have you. The thing is, a mysterious race that doesn't really share the lore much can breed all sorts of rumors. Our own perfectly human Medieval ancestors told tall tales about the other people and far away lands.
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