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  1. 1 want my 1440 HM coins.

    It was a miscommunication between them and the dev's
  2. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    I'll start using AC when tanks go back to using threat.
  3. Probably the same genius that thought it would be good to have Gunners hooks reset after most bosses, which literally none of us want or asked for.
  4. New Daily Dash

    ...and the NCW apology tour for 2019 continues. I swear you guys have apologized so much you have form letters you post for this trash.
  5. Hidden patch notes

    You must be new here, this is expected behavior from them.
  6. Gunner Hooks

    So, are we doing reworking these to the player disadvantage? I don't think any Gunner wants them resetting after boss kills.
  7. How do Yun exist?

    The races are an absolute joke in this game. There is zero backstory on the races so basically they are wearable skins for you male/female/child toon to wear.
  8. trove 350 open key is bad... is very bad.

    When I saw they sank so low to put meat dumplings in this Trove I was done with it.
  9. You were allowed to login and beta test it for them so that's your compensation.
  10. 'We got you fam!' -NCW management to players 'Increase drop rates of those stones from .01% to .02%' -NCW management to dev's.
  11. Archer RMB

    NCW typically releases op classes and then nerfs then after a few months, this time they went out of cycle and did it a lot sooner. Enjoy your new rotation!
  12. I didnt like my badge anyway

    I'm sure it was some miscommunication on someone's part.
  13. I didnt like my badge anyway

    Keep up the beta testing boi's they'll fix someday.
  14. ET 3rd boss costume droprate?

    We have seen 2 Gala's in 13 weeks.
  15. Korea's TT Nerfs from 25/9/2019

    ET was pretty easy, I was very surprised how fast we got through it.