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  1. I wouldn't trust them. It will be another 'oopsie, my bad'.
  2. After they nerfed the gold chests there isn't any reason to buy the keys.
  3. Probably should start testing stuff before you upload it to the live servers.
  4. Now do something with the game since this forum only effects about 50 people.
  5. I'm guessing your pc is potato since you didn't bother telling us what you have. Next up, use search. These performance threads number in the hundreds at this point.
  6. It took them 10 years to get MxM to market, so you do the math on how long a UE4 update is going to take. Frontiers was such a failure (read: embarrassment) I doubt you will ever see UE4 come to BnS.
  7. The video I watched the Des was barely sustaining 10fps on boss1.
  8. Switch the dungeons back to 90% reduced hp permanently. No further changes needed.
  9. Oh thank the Gods, another <10fps raid for mediocre rewards.
  10. It is indeed a permanent area, however the math for the daily limits is wildly off.
  11. Wait until you do the math and realize it's not possible to get the 3 fusion stones a day. Best case is 30h to get all 3 per day.
  12. They don't seem to learn at all. Drop the total for 25 and increase the channels to infinity.
  13. That's a known issue, which they have no interest in fixing.
  14. You really need to work on your reading comprehension skills.
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