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  1. Unreal Engine 4

    It took them 10 years to get MxM to market, so you do the math on how long a UE4 update is going to take. Frontiers was such a failure (read: embarrassment) I doubt you will ever see UE4 come to BnS.
  2. Black Snake (new raid) Kr 1st boss clear

    The video I watched the Des was barely sustaining 10fps on boss1.
  3. Suggestions for 5th Anniversary

    Switch the dungeons back to 90% reduced hp permanently. No further changes needed.
  4. Black Snake (new raid) Kr 1st boss clear

    Oh thank the Gods, another <10fps raid for mediocre rewards.
  5. Calculation for Primeweald

    It is indeed a permanent area, however the math for the daily limits is wildly off.
  6. Calculation for Primeweald

    Wait until you do the math and realize it's not possible to get the 3 fusion stones a day. Best case is 30h to get all 3 per day.
  7. More Channels

    They don't seem to learn at all. Drop the total for 25 and increase the channels to infinity.

    That's a known issue, which they have no interest in fixing.
  9. Slacking players in F8 party

    LoL. Reporting literally does nothing.
  10. Cooldown Timers on Halloween Haunt Items

    You really need to work on your reading comprehension skills.
  11. Why? Because their opinion differs from yours? Everything said is 100% spot on. The full year and we have zero news on UE4 or the proposed performance updates.
  12. Feedback on Dungeons 32.09.20 Patch

    KR has 3 modes too.
  13. Extend the Call to Arms Event

    Finished it, on two accounts, a week ago. You have plenty of time.
  14. BnS to get GeForce Now

    Games Update anyone tested this? How much additional lag does it have?
  15. Why? Because new content costs money to create, meanwhile just adding zero's to old bosses hp and reshuffling loot tables is relatively cheap.