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  1. Patch preview stream?

    The RU streams are more accurate than the NA stream.
  2. Patch preview stream?

    RU stream is done so we already know what's being done.
  3. Premium Transformation Stone "Crystal" question

    They added the crystal versions of mats so you would have to buy the inventory expansion items. Same goes for 8+ raid buffs we have now.
  4. There's mods to move it off 4.
  5. I like how you have no way of determining where things came from so you just wholesale rip stuff from people's accounts and hope they don't notice.
  6. That has been happening for a very long time. I paid roughly $50 for that Grand Phoenix, then later it was in an event for free.
  7. Silver steel Accessories

    Why would you think we wouldn't?
  8. Item Removal from Moontide Outfit Exploit

    That isn't even happening until later today. Nice try at making excuses for them,
  9. Game is in an unplayable state

    'Always has been'. Either use 32 bit, and strip out all of the 3rd spec FM crap, or suffer.
  10. new whale event

    That's even worse. Now whales will kill people for the only purpose of being douches.
  11. Negative QoL Changes: Intentional or Not?

    Instead of one raid buff we now have 8 and we don't even have the IA specific buffs. Was this intended to make people buy inventory slots? Even worse is the buffs don't last when you switch between different parts of the zone. tl;dr overly expensive buffs that don't last and literally nobody asked for in addition to nerfing daily gold, which nobody asked. The same for all the different resets we have. Really? Create ONE reset, that uses different amounts depending on whats being reset Adding more garbage effects in the form of FM 3rd spec, which has now crippled 32 bit unless you remove .upk's Awesome job on this!
  12. koldrak lair lag

    Its been like this since it was released, they can't fix it.
  13. Good Job

    @op you really need to lower your expectations, incorrect patch notes are fairly common.
  14. This. ET was/is a joke and IA is what an end-game should be; hard af.