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  1. We can merge all of the following since they show every 1-2 weeks: SA/BR servers The game is dead Nerf <insert class here> p2w PvP is dead
  2. Archer??

    None of that is going to happen, if that's what you happen to be waiting for you should quit now. UE4 should alleviate some bugs and introduce others that don't currently exist.
  3. Dynamic IPs

    ISP's generally charge extra for static IP's. I would suggest you configure a static IP facing the internal network, your router will take whatever IP hits the external side and send it to your internal address.
  4. You have known this games PvP is pretty bad, however you continue to complain every week about. I recommend you go find a game that is strictly PvP.
  5. Nice drop rate of anything useful from event pouch

    I read it so I had to make sure you understood the rates have been <1% for 18 or so months. A couple of the events gave out to much stuff (eg. ToM2, the first harvest box event, etc.) so they had to make sure that didn't happen again.
  6. Nice drop rate of anything useful from event pouch

    Let me break it down so you can understand how everyone of these RNG type boxes works: anything nice (eg. PTS, oils, pet pods, etc.) that has a percentage symbol next to it has less than 1% drop rate. There was a post where some of the boxes had the rates, instead of the %, next to them and the rates were roughly <1%. Look on the sub-Reddit for this game; every time one of these RNG/Trove type of events happens someone buys crazy amounts of the boxes and opens them (see above rates). I have opened enough boxes/Trove keys to know that above 100% true. Trove is a bit of a different animal in that it seems the closer to the end of the event the worse the rates get; the rates seem to drop off a cliff after the first week.
  7. Reasons why Warden is OP

    They all do it, Sins being the worst since they continuously run back and forth over you so you can't target them.
  8. Legends Reborn Event Items Displaying as Expired

    Like I said it happens frequently; events get extended and the items show as expired. They haven't figured out how to correct it when the event gets extended.
  9. Legends Reborn Event Items Displaying as Expired

    It happens frequently; items show expired when they are not. They haven't figured out how to not have this keep happening, so expect it to happen again in 3-4 months on some other event.
  10. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    Ty NCWest for your input.
  11. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    I second this, its asinine that the necklace costs that many tokens.
  12. Victory Token Why unable to trade?

    The reasoning is rather simple, you get to keep beta testing that trash dumpster called ToI.
  13. Russian Patch comparison

    In September along with Archer and Trove.

    Gaming population with reference to this game. Try and keep your statements within the context of what we are talking about. Had the op bothered to search they would have seen this question been answered many times. I'll see you again in 2-3 weeks when this very same question will be asked by a different low post count person.

    There has been dozens of threads about this. To put it simply; you are a small market country with very few players so you don't merit a server of your own.