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  1. Game barely runs

    Stop blaming the player when a lot of us are having the same issue.
  2. Autofishing failed then stopped

    It started this week with the mess they uploaded on Weds.
  3. Returning player with a question

    There's only two servers now so you will notice a drastic difference from when you played.
  4. Returning player with a question

    Currently the game is worse, in every metric you could measure a game in, than 4 years ago.
  5. good event

    A better analogy is the untested mess that was the Storm of Arrows update.
  6. Stream VS Patch notes

    We have a CM that will tell you just this when she gets on.
  7. New gems, ouch!?

    So if I have max gems now what will I end up with? Will I be able to make new max gems quickly?
  8. How do the Yun reproduce?

    NCS had a pretty good opportunity to give all the races their own starting cities, and backstories, and decided on not doing it.
  9. 624 gold to make a 5 million XP charm?? This is INSANE

    You won't get any sympathy here, op, this is a pro NCW forum.
  10. Can you fix your client already.

    You guys have known about these issues for years and we may see fixes in '20? The only fix I have any hope you can pull off is the net coding issues, which like most of the issues have been in the game for years.
  11. Talisman Cost Adjustment and Crafting Changes Coming

    So, how much of that google sheet is getting ninja edited after the update goes live?
  12. A Quick Update From Nico

    Ya, um no. The majority of the issues are related to poor net code, which UE4 won't fix, and horrendous management practices by NCsoft and NCWest. So, yes UE4 will make the game look pretty, however it won't fix the management issues. The game has been on a rocket sled ride downhill for at least 6 months (see Storm of Arrows update) and this letter is more evidence they have no intention of changing that.
  13. Mao's Gloves

    The grind is meant to keep you logging in longer so it looks like the servers are being used more than they really are.
  14. A Quick Update From Nico

    You must have forgotten how poorly tested the Storm of Arrows update was and the fact we had to beta test it for them.
  15. The could fix these rumors, however I think they enjoy watching people suffer for months and then 3 days before release have a stream.