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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

  2. Bns flaws

    1-3: once you realize you are a really bad babysitter (eg. you lose the kids you were left in charge of, the get kidnapped, and later worse, etc.) the story becomes a joke. 4. Raid loot system is fine, you should have to wait to get drops like every other MMO. 5. Dungeon mechs are fine: you want no mechs do NM, you want mechs do HM. 6. I stopped doing PvP (see below) so I don't care 7 and 8: SF rez can be reset by Gunner AC and like many long cast skills it can, and is, interrupted. You didn't even mention: locked in combat bug F2 going down every other patch mail system being a mess horrendous inventory management invisible people in F8 the laughable PvP system That is the short list.
  3. When is the next trove?

  4. It will be in September, along with Trove, just like Gunner and Warden. Archer will be OP af for the first two Troves, and then will get nerfed.
  5. Gilded Triangular Diamond Pouch, worth to buy?

    It's way more expensive to craft it yourself.
  6. Content from RNG boxes for Belgian players.

    This came about because NCW refused to release the percentages so their only other option was to cutoff Belgium players. Realistically I can't imagine this effects very many players.
  7. I did notice some graphical lag when using it with Fire Gunner during raids, my Summoner didn't have the same issue.
  8. Get them TT resets from Trove!
  9. Preview the Items & Systems Changes Coming December 5

    Which means it will require double, or quadruple, the amount of fragments.
  10. I'm expecting the event to remain largely unchanged with the exception of the loot not being worth the effort. The two best events for mats, ToM 2 and T-Day event last year, they must have seen it screwed them out of cash so they ruined them. Look at this current event; they made it overly complex which literally nobody asked for.
  11. Absolute high ping.

    Unless those games are on the same server I think you see the issue. The game has garbage ping, compared to other games, so you either deal with it or quit. There's literally dozens of posts about this issue. FWIW UE4 won't fix your ping issues.
  12. You can do them next weekend while you max your profession.
  13. Absolute high ping.

    That has nothing to do with how the packets are routed to the game server.
  14. Those last 5 mins, the crafted soup last 60 mins. The choice seems obvious.
  15. It literally takes 8-10 mins to run ToM which can be done on low level alts, Hongsil's can't.