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  1. Sealing Question

    The Sealing button is greyed out on them and when trying to mail all of the items are greyed out also
  2. Sealing Question

    Could someone please tell me at what level can you seal your Soul, Heart and Pet ? I am retiring a couple of chars and would like to seal these items for my Archer. I have a Awakened Ascending Soul, Awakened Hongmoon Heart - Stage 5 and a Awakened Loyal Hongmoon Pet, so I am wondering how much more upgrading is needed to seal them.
  3. Mystic Badge Trader

    ( Facepalm ) Thank you so much, not sure how we missed that.
  4. Mystic Badge Trader

    My GF and I just bought a Medallion off of the Merchant of Wonders for a Aransu Mystic Badge which needs to be given to the Mystic Badge Trader but where is He/She ??? The Medallion doesn't say where he/she is and googling didn't help so could someone please inform us as to where the Mystic Badge Trader is ? Thank You
  5. Problem with Quests

    I believe you may have hit the quest limit so you need to complete a few quests before you can take more quests.
  6. Complainers

    LOL I just had a LvL 15BM complain about not using SB fast enough, I used it right off the start in HM but Umm there is something known as a Cool Down Period. Some People ( Facepalm )
  7. Complainers

    Have you noticed of late that when you do a F8 Dungeon more then likely you will get someone that is a complainer ? Lately it seems like there is always one in each group, someone just has to complain because the Warden or Warlock didn't use there SB right off the start or the Gunner didn't hit their buff at exactly the right time that the person thought they should have ? And also Low AP chars in a High LvL dungeon who complain because the group didn't take down the boss fast enough for them when they shouldn't be in the group with just 1000ish AP when everyone else has high 1300 or 1400+ ? What is with some people in this game ?
  8. Since last Friday B&S has been unusually laggy and crashes when changing chars or returning to play after going afk for a bit. I have ran a file scan and my AV and spy programs and found nothing. I didn't change any game settings or update/download anything on my comp that could be interfering with the game. The game also takes longer to load in and to load a loading screen. So I am at a lost as to why B&S is running so poorly right now when in the past I had very few problems with the game. Is anyone else having the same problems all of a sudden or does anyone have an idea as to what is going on with the game ?
  9. Yeah a lot of peeps want high geared and high AP players but that said iv have been kicked form some groups when I had better gear and more AP then the group leader. Some players are just Jerks.
  10. Warden Question

    Thank You so much for your reply/help
  11. Warden Question

    Could someone Please tell me how/where I can obtain the Ancestral Soul Badge and Aransu Mystic Badge or their starting badges ? My Warden is speced Madness and iv noticed most Madness speced Wardens using these badges but when I whisper to them about it they are always AFK. If someone could Please inform me where/how to obtain these badges I will be really Grateful.
  12. Moon Refuge

    Now that the severs have been combined could you Please add more Channels to the Moon Refuge ? Things have gotten a little laggy and crowded and it would be nice to have more channels like the Basin has.
  13. Could someone please help me with the mystic and soul badges for a Madness Speced Warden ? What would be the best starting badges to get and where can I attain them ? Thank you for the help
  14. How to Get to Moon Refuge?

    Okay putting in a ticket helped. I now have the quest " Taking Refuge ", will have to check my email and see what the problem was.
  15. How to Get to Moon Refuge?

    Okay but what I am saying is that I don't have a Quest in my Quest Letters for the Moon Refuge on any of my chars. BTW do you remember the name of the Quest ? I am not sure if it's because of a Bug or what.