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  1. Thank you for the info Some of my chars that had done it in the past had the quest under J ( quest letter ) but I suppose that's the game for you
  2. For some unknown reason my Gunner and Summoner didn't receive this Quest in their Quest Letters. Does anyone else have an alt that didn't receive the quest ? Every other char/class that I have received the quest
  3. When will NCsoft remove the clothing and pets from the exploit/bug with the Clothing Merchant in the Bamboo Village from the Marketplace ? The items that players bought because of the exploit/bug has been sitting in the marketplace for ages now and are not able to be bought and should therefore be removed at long last so players looking to purchase a outfit or pet don't have to go though page after page of these items that can't be bought to find ones that can be.
  4. Is anyone still doing them ? Lately it takes forever to form a group in F8 if you can form one at all. Iv been spending 5+ mins trying to form a group and I am lucky to get 1-2 players to join in that time and most often at least 1 of them leaves the group because it is just taking too long to form. I am not saying it's impossible to form a group, sometimes you get lucky but it's just takes forever as of late.
  5. What makes things even harder is the Lag and Freezes in some Zones making it impossible to farm 200 mobs for the quest. Unless they add more channels to help reduce Lag it's impossible for a lot of players to get anything out of this Event. At the moment I am unable to farm 2 zones because the Game Freezes on me and the 2 other zones I can farm but due to lag or pulling a 2nd/3rd mob with the lag and dying it takes most of the day to kill the 200 mobs
  6. I have been thinking. I have been playing MMORPGs for about 20 Years now and B&S is the WORST Optimized game that iv EVER Played. Every game going back too Dark Ages of Camelot which came out in 2001 I don't ever remember Lagging, Crashing or Freezing. in DAoC we had HUGE PvP Battles with 200+ peeps and 0 lag. Every game after that I don't remember lagging, freezing or crashing. Even playing Aion a NCsoft game I don't remember ever having these problems. Only after I started playing B&S I was introduced to Lag, freezing up and crashing.
  7. Thanks for the Update Hime but please add more even if the Cap isn't Reached for peoples enjoyment of this Event Having 2 or 3 Perm Channels would be a Huge Help for everyone trying to do Primeweald
  8. LOL Don't Worry about it, imo a 2nd post and having more people reading about this problem the better and Hopefully NCsoft will take notice and do something about this next Wednesday
  9. 1st Spec and Astro Iv only froze while trying to farm. Iv Found that I have to Find the Perfect Spot to farm so the Game Doesn't Freeze, some of the zones I have NP but others is a Nightmare. But then coming back to the area I had problems in at a later time I then have no Freezes and little lag. I haven't tried another char yet ( wanting to get the last pet gem for my Astro ) but I am wanting/hoping to do Primeweald with my Gunner ( 2nd Main )
  10. I did a Post about the same problem I rarely lag even doing 12 person raids but in Primeweald I have too find just the Perfect Spot too farm mobs in each of the 4 areas so I don't Freeze up. Iv Spent more time Freezing up, having too Kill the Game, logging back in and rezzing then returning too Primeweald and trying to find a area to farm then I have Farming. This Problem isn't in all of the Zones, some zones I have little to no Lag/Freezes but others are a Nightmare but then coming back to a zone where I froze all the time at a later time in the day I am Fine
  11. Why the Hell is there just one Channel for The Primeweald ??? The Areas are Packed with Players and because of that the Game has been Freezing on me All Night. I have a Decent Comp and rarely have I had Lag in this game but in the Primeweald the game has been constantly Freezing up which means I have too Kill the game, log back in, rezz because I died due the freeze, port back into Primeweald, find a place too farm that isn't totally Packed only to shortly afterwards Freeze up again due too more players coming to farm. Iv spent more time because of this then I have farming. Why isn'
  12. Could someone Please tell me how to convert a reg group into a raid ? I know you need to 1st get a 6 player party and then convert but I can't figure out how to do that. I looked at the icons on top of the group but didn't see a Convert to Raid Message so I am stumped.
  13. Please make the Keys for the Call of Arms in F10 Giftable when they go on sale. I want too gift some to my GF since I believe she will run out of time before the end of the event and not be able to obtain all the keys she needs.
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