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  1. Need a little help

    Could someone please tell me which Soul Badge purchased with Solar Energies is best for a Flame Force Master ? Thank You
  2. Help

    Which Soul Badge is best for a flame Force Master using Soul Energy to buy it ?
  3. How many times has this happened to you ? You are a newer/low AP char doing the daily challenge and you join a group for Cold Storage or Heaven's Mandate ( one of the 3 quests for the challenge ) , and your comp isn't a $5000 gaming comp so you have a loading screen. You enter the Dungeon to find then the group or someone didn't bother to wait a few secs for you and the Boss is Dead. Now you are locked out of that instance and no longer can complete the daily challenge.
  4. Elysian Orbs

    Please increase the drop rate of these from Silverfrost Dungeons , they are so needed for crafting and for upgrading but it's rare for one to drop. We get lots of crystals and sacred orbs but it's so rare for a Elysian Orb to drop. And what is with converting the orbs into Crystals when it would be better to convert the crystals into Orbs ?
  5. Soul Badge for Flame Gunner

    Thank you for the info/help
  6. Using Solar Energies which soul badge should a flame gunner buy ?
  7. Current event feedback Aura/Plog

    I Agree, WTG NCsoft. There is just one problem/exploit that iv noticed. At the nets and polls in Jadestone peeps can pretend to be AFK standing beside the nets/polls wearing the fishing outfit and " STEAL YOUR LOOT " . When you fish and don't collect your loot fast enough the person pretending to be AFK can Grab the Loot. My GF and I had our loot go Poof a couple of times. We wondered what happened then figured out there was someone by the net/poll each time. When you fish the Net/poll turns green allowing the person next to it to Grab your Loot if they are Fast enough. My GF and I tried it with each other and managed to do so
  8. Soul Badge

    I was wondering which soul badge would be best to buy for a Wind Summoner using Solar Energies from the 6 options ?
  9. Has Someone Done the Math on The Pet?

    These events would be more helpful if they weren't all or nothing. It is great that NCsoft wants to help peeps out but for those that are casual players that have a life outside of B&S and don't play everyday do to work, family etc and can't farm all the needed items it's just no help at all. It would be so much better if you could evolve your item as best you can playing as often you are able and not have to worry about getting it to a certain lvl and if you don't all the time spent is wasted.
  10. Titan Nebula Stone

    Thank you for the Info and I was referring to to the frozen vipercap event
  11. Titan Nebula Stone

    It seem that we now need a Titan Nebula Stone to evolve a weapon from Stage 3 to 4 but the tool tip doesn't say where/how to obtain one. Do you obtain it from the daily challenge or does it drop from a certain instance. It seems to have come from an event we had in the past but how/where do we obtain one now ? Would add Picture if I knew how
  12. Heaven's Mandate

    How many times has this happened to you. You join a group for Heaven's Mandate only to find that no one has a White Orb. So you reluctantly use your orb that you have take the time to farm from Cold Storage. Since you used your Orb the unwritten law is that the Loot is supposed to be yours but then someone in the group Bids on Everything that has dropped. You and the other players tell them to stop bidding that it is your Loot since you used your orb but that person doesn't stop bidding on the drops. The last 10 times that I used my orb 9 of those times this has happened. Either the use of Orbs needs to be removed from Heaven's Mandate or the loot is automatically given to the person that used their orb.
  13. Weapon Evolvement Path

    Thank you for the information
  14. Currently me staff on my Summoner is Serpah Stage 9 and the next evolve gives to options. Should I go to Serpah Stage 10 or to Baleful Stage 9 which has the same stats as Serpah Stage 9 but also the tool tip for the evolving our gear doesn't show a path for Baleful so which path would be best to take ( less cost and mats ) ?
  15. Daily Challenge and Void Fragments

    AHH Thank you for the Info, I should have thought of that * Faceepalm *