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  1. What I hate most is the length of time it now takes to do a daily dungeon. Doing the dailies for just 1 char eats up your time so you are unable to do the dailies with your alts. On Easy I don't find the boss really any harder it just takes forever to kill
  2. Does easy mode lower the Bosses HP for the other dungeons like House of Idols which is one of today's dailies ?
  3. Does easy mode mean the dungeons like BC, SST are not lvl 25 and lower level players can do them ? I see from Uskdra that the boss hp is lower for the different modes
  4. I really don't see how new or low lvl chars are able to do three dailies now I could only do two and the only option for a third is The Dragons Lair which is only up every 3h and if it's not up when you are playing and you are unable to play at the time it's up then you be screwed
  5. Go to options " o " and then select interface At the bottom of the window you should see UI Scale ( it's a slider ) Slide the dot to the right and then hit confirm
  6. It's because the technomancer outfit is unable to be tailored. For an outfit to be able to be tailored it has a symbol of a shirt in it's left top corner. Not all of the outfits from the F10 store are able to be tailored only ones with the shirt symbol in the left top corner are.
  7. From a Video on YouTube that I seen doing the Story gives us a weapon, soul, heart, pet, talisman, shields and jewelry plus a new outfit. Not sure of the exact stats since the Video is in Korean but everything looked to be fairly good quality. Check the Video at 55:30 to see the outfit and items.
  8. I think the Problem is that there is a bug in the system. For the last 2-3 months every time there was an update this would happen. We would go from 2 channels back to just 1, players would complain and on the next maintenance it would be fixed. But my guess is NCsoft has become LAZY and just can't be bothered to fully fix the problem.
  9. Yeah the lag gets really bad after the 5th round. I will be doing okay then have a Huge Lag Spike and and find 90% of my HP gone or that I am Dead. I upgraded my comp a few moths back and since then have never had lag anywhere else but in this instance.
  10. Just wondering if anyone else is having a hard time obtaining a Ruby Gem from the Refuge, Ebon Realm or Primeweald ? It used to be the most received gem from farming these areas was the Ruby but now it's the hardest gem to obtain. I have so many Friends and Clan Members that are complaining that then just can't obtain a Ruby from these areas. I myself am having the same problem, the ruby is the last gem I need from the Ebon Realm for my new Summoner I made after they obtained the 3rd spec and so far after opening 26 chests I still haven't received one. Hime/NCsoft what has happened t
  11. Good Question I was wondering about that myself.
  12. Why is there just 1 channel yet again after an Update ?
  13. I have 1976 AP on my BD and my soul is over halfway finished from doing RST too SP and had no problems getting into groups
  14. Is Raid Discord the same as Raid chat ???
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