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  1. How to Get to Moon Refuge?

    Okay putting in a ticket helped. I now have the quest " Taking Refuge ", will have to check my email and see what the problem was.
  2. How to Get to Moon Refuge?

    Okay but what I am saying is that I don't have a Quest in my Quest Letters for the Moon Refuge on any of my chars. BTW do you remember the name of the Quest ? I am not sure if it's because of a Bug or what.
  3. How to Get to Moon Refuge?

    Can't be it since I have been questing in the Basin for quite awhile.
  4. How to Get to Moon Refuge?

    I don't see a quest for the Moon Refuge on any of my Chars. All are HM16+ My main is lvl60 and doesn't have it. Iv done the Temple of Succession and Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan. But I still don't see a Quest Letter for the Moon Refuge, what am I missing ?

    Yeah it's a stupid change, it was so much better that old way, 100cores and a couple of keys was easy to obtain and n ow it's just a total pain and very time consuming to get get it. NCsoft do everyone a favor and change it back.
  6. why in the world is this still a thing?

    The same thing with Heaven's Mandate, very annoying. Both dungeons needs the lockout removed
  7. When I 1st played B&S back in Beta testing the one thing that I really loved about the game was the Side Quest were tied into the story and added greatly to the enjoyment of leveling your char. Iv played so many MMOs where the side quest had little to nothing to do with the main story, all they were was something to give Exp, gold, and put in so you didn't hit max lvl in just a few hours of play. It was so refreshing when I found B&S where the side quest was for just exp or gold but added to the story and the enjoyment of lvling. IMO is was totally STUPID to remove the blue quests from the game and has ruined the overall story quality and it's enjoyment. For the few who wanted to rush to max lvl it was easy to see that they could be skipped but for those who wanted to be sucked into the story and enjoy lvling the blue quests added something to the game. Also as stated by a few other players if I was a new player to the game I would wonder why there are so many areas with NPCs and no quests and wonder what is up with that and wonder what is missing from the game.
  8. A New Player's Grievance

    It's so stupid IMO to have removed the Blue quests for the game. They added greatly to the main story and as was said by the person in the 1st post and for new players seeing all the NPCs just standing about will make them wonder and ask why are these NPCs here and when they find out give them less motive to play the game. For some just doing the main story might be the way to go for them but I believe that most people playing this game would like the option of doing the Blue quest so please return them to the game NCsoft in the next patch. For me and my GF doing the blue side quests was great fun and we did them on each of our alts.
  9. It's totally STUPID imo to have removed the Blue quests from the game, my GF and I loved the side story of them and it Greatly added to the main story line. They were fun to do, gave you a laugh or a cry and helped you to enjoy this game to it's FULLEST. I have no idea why NCsoft would have done this but as one person said to rush new players to lvl55 so they can get out their wallets faster. Removing the side Blue quests for me if I was a new player would make me quit the game because it's now less fun to play. Even if I am starting as I new player today I would quit from just doing the main story quests, the BLUE quests added greatly to the enjoyment of the game. It's such a BAD decision IMO to have removed them and NCsoft needs to bring them back as soon as possible ( Like in the Nest Patch ).
  10. There is a easy fix for this event, make more channels to reduce the lag and make it for every single boss all you need to do is 1pt of damage to complete the quest or just raise their hit points so anyone can do some damage even if they are lagging. Also get rid of having to do X-amount of damage on the main boss. I am happy to see/have an Halloween event but IMO and many other a little more thought was needed to be put into it.
  11. Blade And Ghoul Event Problems

    Yeah this event is Garbage, way to much Lag and with Whales the bosses die in just a few seconds giving you little chance of doing enough damage to complete the quest and get loot.
  12. Yeppers TOTAL GARBAGE, with the LAG of so many people and the boss being killed in just a few seconds and having to do X-amount of damage good luck unless you are a Whale or have a top of the line gaming comp.
  13. WTH NcSoft

    Who has noticed that they made the Destiny Ring and Oath Necklace from the dungeons and the Basin non evolve-able ? They did change that stats a little though and the Immortality Earring looks like it is now fully evolved now. Also the Divine Dragon Bracelet from Zaiwei is now harder to attain using 100 peaches, you now only can buy a Divine Beast Bracelet Chest using peaches then need to attain an Unrefined Divine Dragon Bracelet to attain the Divine Dragon Bracelet Chest. You can buy the chest if you attain a Divine Bracelet from the Naryu Sanctum but that would be hard for a new player with low AP to do. Here I thought they was trying to make it easier for new players to increase their AP and then they go and make changes that makes no sense and makes it harder
  14. Need a little help

    Could someone please tell me which Soul Badge purchased with Solar Energies is best for a Flame Force Master ? Thank You
  15. Help

    Which Soul Badge is best for a flame Force Master using Soul Energy to buy it ?