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  1. Is Raid Discord the same as Raid chat ???
  2. Does Anyone actually do this 12 person Instance ??? I am wanting to do it with my Summoner so she can evolve her weapon after the CTA last month but I have NEVER noticed anyone forming a group for this raid dungeon in clan/faction or party finder chat.
  3. Thank you NC for adding these areas to the game too give players a way too obtain gems/pet gems so players can increase their AP so they are able to enter higher lvl content/dungeons. But there is just One HUGE Problem with these zones and that is RNG. Now the Moon Refuge really isn't that bad since it gives you other items but trying to obtain all the gems can be a pain. The Ebon Realm and Primeweald on the other hand could make players want too Quit the game. It's Great that these 2 areas are Auto Farm but that said you must leave your comp on for weeks to obtain the gems because you c
  4. Where can we fine the 3 merchants Dragon Express Merchant Sakonda Dragon Express Elusive Merchant Hee Gisang Dragon Express Elusive Merchant Muhwa
  5. I remember it totally differently The removal of the Blue or Side Quests was a huge shock to the player base and more then a few complained about it and wanted them added back into the game.
  6. Yeppers some good ideas I like too add a use for Warrior Tokens again from Mushin's Tower. I have collected 1000s from doing The Final Training daily quest and they just keep adding up since there is nothing really to buy with them anymore.
  7. Thank you for the info Some of my chars that had done it in the past had the quest under J ( quest letter ) but I suppose that's the game for you
  8. For some unknown reason my Gunner and Summoner didn't receive this Quest in their Quest Letters. Does anyone else have an alt that didn't receive the quest ? Every other char/class that I have received the quest
  9. When will NCsoft remove the clothing and pets from the exploit/bug with the Clothing Merchant in the Bamboo Village from the Marketplace ? The items that players bought because of the exploit/bug has been sitting in the marketplace for ages now and are not able to be bought and should therefore be removed at long last so players looking to purchase a outfit or pet don't have to go though page after page of these items that can't be bought to find ones that can be.
  10. Is anyone still doing them ? Lately it takes forever to form a group in F8 if you can form one at all. Iv been spending 5+ mins trying to form a group and I am lucky to get 1-2 players to join in that time and most often at least 1 of them leaves the group because it is just taking too long to form. I am not saying it's impossible to form a group, sometimes you get lucky but it's just takes forever as of late.
  11. What makes things even harder is the Lag and Freezes in some Zones making it impossible to farm 200 mobs for the quest. Unless they add more channels to help reduce Lag it's impossible for a lot of players to get anything out of this Event. At the moment I am unable to farm 2 zones because the Game Freezes on me and the 2 other zones I can farm but due to lag or pulling a 2nd/3rd mob with the lag and dying it takes most of the day to kill the 200 mobs
  12. I have been thinking. I have been playing MMORPGs for about 20 Years now and B&S is the WORST Optimized game that iv EVER Played. Every game going back too Dark Ages of Camelot which came out in 2001 I don't ever remember Lagging, Crashing or Freezing. in DAoC we had HUGE PvP Battles with 200+ peeps and 0 lag. Every game after that I don't remember lagging, freezing or crashing. Even playing Aion a NCsoft game I don't remember ever having these problems. Only after I started playing B&S I was introduced to Lag, freezing up and crashing.
  13. Thanks for the Update Hime but please add more even if the Cap isn't Reached for peoples enjoyment of this Event Having 2 or 3 Perm Channels would be a Huge Help for everyone trying to do Primeweald
  14. LOL Don't Worry about it, imo a 2nd post and having more people reading about this problem the better and Hopefully NCsoft will take notice and do something about this next Wednesday
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