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  1. Me and a few others have also had this. After a 40/40 we did not get a guaranteed crit. @HimePlease look into this
  2. @Hime Your post here states that the pack contains "Superior Daily Challenge Treasure Chest (x1)" We are actually receiving an old chest called "Classic Daily Challenge Treasure Chest (x1)" Can you fix this please. Alternatively give out a Burning Devotion Chest and everyone will be happy 🙂
  3. @Hime Thanks for the posting the event article. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/grim-tidings-events-preview/ It would seem we can only obtain 2 Snow Globes each day to exchange for boxes which then can be gifted to friends and stuff. Is this 2 purchase limit per character or per account as this is not mentioned in the article either? Apart from the HM store will there be any additional boxes handed out or any obtained via Login rewards? This is information that is usually left out on the patch notes and we only come to realise on patch day. Please can you let us know?
  4. Hi Hime and co. The 5 year anniversary for the game is coming up very soon. I think its time to do something that players will actually want and enjoy. Seeing as how you are slowly increasing the rewards for the events perhaps you should start your 5th off with a big bang instead by going all out. Not only will this be good for the players but also for the business. I am sure people would like to see some of the following things; 6x Super daily dash spins (30min per spin with increased rewards) 5th Year Anniversary pack awarding a level up boost + items
  5. Thanks, I see that things are moving promptly.
  6. @Hime @PhoenixMitra I dont get why my wife had to chase you guys 2-3 times in order to get a response in regards to tracking details about her prize. You contacted her a few days ago saying you will pass this on to her when you have the details. To me it sounds like the item still has not be posted out. i think it is just ridiculous that its taken so long. Yes we all may be working from home but there has been lots of movement. Offices are funtioning with a skeleton staff. There are facilities to post items out, If you cannot mail out the items because you cannot get in to the office,
  7. The way i explained is the proper intended way to do it. The way you see most raids doing is either semi cheese, or full cheese. This is because doing it the original is just an extra degree of difficulty that is added for no reaason. One that is easily bypassed with everyone passing through the wall. It should be fully doable the original way and unfortunately i guess your raid group will have to do it that way since there is nothing NCWEST can do and nothing NCSOFT will do to fix this in the near future. Wish you all the best. Good luck!
  8. You could try doing the mechanics without passing the wall. Have your people stand behind it, tip toeing slowly, KD the boss when its KD time, then go activate the pads, ignore the 2nd KD and have the rocks ready then hide behind the rock.
  9. @Hime @PhoenixMitra Will an email be going to all winners and not just this individual? My wife is still waiting for her prize from the same giveaway. Thanks,
  10. Hi, I know this process can be slow and even slower now due to the lockdown enforcemnet back in March. Is there an update on when these prizes will be handed out? You have failed to contact the winners and ignored their numerous emails to give them an estimate time of when they should be expecting this. With the departure of Justin I have a feeling these will never go out and that really is disappointing. Please could some action be taken, or a clear notification given to the winners that they will not be receiving anything. Thank you.
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