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  1. I think people forget that they can easily obtain the gear needed to do any of the dungeons at their current difficulty from Mushins Tower and Outlaw Island after they complete the story. Sure it can be tedious, but it really isn't difficult. From what I see, the current easy-mode dungeons drop gear a tier higher than Mushins Tower, so it seems clear that obtaining gear from Mushins Tower first was the intended way for new players to be able to do their daily dungeons in F8. On a side note, I would like to ask if they could add the ingame gear progression menu again, so we can see
  2. I just opened Stage 10 of the Armoury Box after today's maintenance and noticed that I only got given half of the required crystals needed to upgrade my weapon from Thornbreaker Stage 3 to Stage 4. I did however already have the needed crystals from doing the dailies each day, but since the event is supposed to give "all" of the necessary and required materials from stage to stage, I thought I would bring this up. I have added screenshots as proof so you can see what I'm talking about. (I did notice that there is a "True Cosmic Soul Material Chest C" which gives materials and sacred vials too,
  3. I have a Blade Dancer of my own, and yes I still use lightning spec with it. I also haven't noticed any dps decrease with it (I'm using War Song Soul Badge). However I will say that the dps scaling from the items with this class/spec compared to most other classes is rather low and underwhelming, but this has been like that for as long as I can remember.
  4. Yes, this is definitely the item causing the "XP Charm Cooldowns Bug", I was actually going to put up this same screenshot myself that I took this morning until I saw you had beaten me to it! I hope @Himecan pass this info along to whoever can fix this.
  5. Hiya, I put some more thought into it and after what a guy earlier said, it's starting to make sense. I believe he is right at one of the event charms used has caused this bug to occur on all of my XP charms on the same character I try to use them on. In this case, being my Kung Fu Master character. The item that I believe has caused this bug was named "Deluxe Special Hongmooon XP Charm" which provides 1m Hongmoon XP (same as normal Special Hongmoon XP Charms, but different name). I acquired this item last night while opening one of the Holiday Gift Boxes on this character with a Yellow K
  6. I have now tested that this 24hr shared cooldown applies to ALL of my XP charms including those that never had this cooldown before today's update, from all sources. The charms that I have had sitting in my "Received Items" box for a few weeks also now have this cooldown, which until today, they never had.
  7. Hello, I'm not sure if I'm the only player to notice, but some of my XP charms, including the ones acquired from daily challenges, have a 24hrs cooldown between each use... I really really hope this isn't intentional and that it's just some bug that gets fixed. I haven't tested whether it's a cooldown across all of my XP charms yet or if it even carries across all characters on the account like Unity Reputation charms do. But if this can get fixed soon to the way it was yesterday, would be appreciated thanks.
  8. That's similar to my suggestion I put on my thread: (Post #3 is my suggestion on how they could fix this mess while keeping everyone happy, both players and devs)
  9. Ok... so I've been thinking about what happened regarding the whole item removal thing yesterday and came up with this genius idea where everyone wins, both the playerbase new and old as well as ncsoft themselves. So first off, all of the items that were removed and deleted should be restored and given back to all of the players regardless of whether it was obtained illegitimately or not (excluding designer threads+outfit chests; those should stay deleted, as I will explain later what and how they should use these threads). Why? Let me explain... I believe that all of the "mo
  10. Hello all, It saddens me to have to say this, I truely did enjoy playing this game, even through the rough patches that made a lot of other people upset and not play the game anymore... but today was the straw that broke the camel's back... So today I was kind of looking forward to seeing what today's patch would bring, maybe start upgrading some of my other characters a bit more perhaps? But no... the first thing I was greeted with was almost everything I have on every character completely deleted and gone... Stuff that I have purchased from F10 included and things I have bou
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