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  1. Another question. In my inventory, how do I recognice those boxes which someone send me and those which I can send to get reward?
  2. Do psyches in weapon disappear at some point during upgrading weapon or do they stay there until change to different type of psyche? Probably the same question is about psyches in soul, heart atc., overall in things which you only evolve to get better equipment.
  3. Is there any way how to get rid of slacking player in party? During this event I have already seen several players who just stand on place and do nothing.
  4. As Force Master and Astromancer I use ss to get behind one of those monkeys so that I am on green part of platform. In that way you can easily avoid red attack and all monkeys suddenly get in front of you. Only thing that remains is to block in right time. You just need to know how far do you ss, so you don't ss into water. Probably you only need to get on the green edge of platform, but I just want to be sure that every monkey is as much in front of me as possible :D
  5. Well, I think that you can find wings in trove more than once, so why not weapons? Some weapons didn't appear for very long time. For example it seems like special training weapon was available only once almost two years ago and I believe that quite a lot of players didn't play so long ago. However this comment probably doesn't belong to discussion about store :))
  6. Thank you. I hope that training lynblade will be available again, it looks really good. But it seems like all of those weapons are very rare anyway.
  7. Does anyone know which illusion weapons do that aura with things floating around you (for example DragonBrand Illusion Weapon)? Or how can I recognice all of them?
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