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  1. how to reduce high ping :(

    You can get banned for using WTFast its the support stated that often enough ago.
  2. Haircolor Help

    Well basically i was running a dungeon and suddenly we had someone in the party that had pink/white mixed hair. I tried asking but the player didnt seem to know english very well so im asking here. Also sidenote the player was not wearing any hat and she later changed into "Wreath" u get from little sojun in the story and it was also pink/white mixed. Any ideas how she did that? https://gyazo.com/9fc763b093c8c8db1f9a2662af3d9ce4
  3. Ich war in der dungeon lobby unterwegs und in unserer party hatten wir einen spieler mit pink/weißen haaren. Sie hatte keinen hut oder anderes an un wenn sie "Wreath" aus der story angezogen hatt die man von der kleinen sojun bekommt war dieses exact die gleiche farbkombo. Meine frage ist wie mischt man bitter 2 haarfarben? leider hatt der spieler kein english gesprochen daher konnte ich nicht fragen. irgendwer eine idee? https://gyazo.com/9fc763b093c8c8db1f9a2662af3d9ce4
  4. I Honestly think its about time we get new hairstyles and hopefully get more freedom in the character creation such as deciding on stuff like eyelash colors , you cant believe how many ppl ive met that complained you cant dye the eyelashes to match with the hair etc and alot of mmos allow that so why not , if u can make ur beard pink why not the eyelashes lol
  5. Lotus Outfit

    It Says the Yehara Mirage Stone Vendor should have it but he doesnt , why put the outfit in the wardrobe XD now everybody windstrides there just to check and find nothing D=
  6. Names

    Simply were running out of names to pick for our characters and there are tons of lvl 45 and even 1 that either quitted or didnt even bother with the game actually, just saving names back when it was out and never use em. Who else thinks they should atleast for the lvl 1 do a name wipe and hand them a free name changer in case they ever come back (which most likely wont happen). Whats ur opinion on this?
  7. Need Help Choosing Costume!

    this players choice sux anyways for females , id prefered stuff like white night , chime , white hot and most importantly , the midnight detective T___T
  8. As the title suggest ever since the server linking i tend to randomly dc and if i want to restart the game i have to get the security code again from mail and that just happened 4 times in the 2 hours since i got home and wanted to play. Sry to be so frank but could u stop making ur servers and the game more shitty with every dam n update than it already is? Anyone else expiriencing this? Tbh i fear after a whole day my mail will be packed with these security number links..... this isnt fun anymore
  9. Gamepedia Wiki Editing Contest

    well id say logged in on the form since the event is hosted by them not ncsoft , they simply tell nc who made the best edits etc and reach out to u via notification so u can tell them whats ur ign at the game.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Just got ma clan outfit
  11. I cried when Hajoon died

    whyd u cry? u knew him for less than a hour and in the beginning u dont even talk with him
  12. Costume design question

    the 2nd option simply means for each gender of every race the same outfit with no alterations , meaning ur outfit for jins would look same on both male and female , the slight alteration for gons would look same for male and female.. and so on
  13. Gamepedia Wiki Editing Contest

    My suggestion: Give the Bamboo outfit to anybody that contributed a good amount of work quality and quantity wise and the 5 top contributers you can hand the aquamarine aswell. Id say that way ppl would be A: More interested in participation B: More satisfied with the rewarding
  14. Do we get the rather awesome looking outfits the npcs wear in the infinity tower someday? example:
  15. New Hairstyles?

    well pretty self explaining i was wondering if we would get new hair / eyes or whatever for more unique chara creation. Im not familiar with korean updates etc but do they have anything like that ?