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  1. So i went to the support since they didnt reset the leaderboards for den of ancients and it still lists the old times from pre nerf. So ppl that now manage to kill it wont receive anything while ppl that cannot do it anymore but could before since it was easy will reap the benefits. And GM Taywong which probably didnt even bother properly reading my ticket told me to make suggestion here in forum instead of forwarding it to someone that can actually help. Could any Forum Mod or something maybe forward this issue to someone from the GM team that cares so this can be fixed? Thought after bamboo exploit support would take tickets like this more seriously.
  2. they also deleted outfits that were made custom with chromatic threads and didnt refund the threads used. Wrote a ticket but the support linked me this forum page instead of actually helping
  3. And they wonder why their playerbase is on a steady decline lmao
  4. Dude livestreaming encouraging 300+ people to abuse a bug which the forum mods asked please not to abuse should be perma banned. I dont care about the people that did it but the sharing and encouraging and telling them they cant ban us anyway. He should be permabanned just the send memo u cant do whatever u want in this game
  5. Nero was livestreaming abusing the bug , saying ncwest has no power. was opening 400+ boxes and only got a 7 day ban. A vacation for abusing the game in the worst way possible thats nice. But 2021 alot of awesome new mmos will come out so better jump ship , ncwest is beyond corrupt
  6. Art Contest Idea

    Well id like to propose a idea that instead of always outfit and weapon art contests how about contests for new base hairs or even lyn ear&tails since the old ones are quite outdated and we could quite use new ones. Doubt ncsoft will agree / allow any of this tho but would be a fun nice idea.
  7. would be awesome if they were custom
  8. So if u want a certain outfit or a weapon skin just how long does it take to get it back into the store?. We have like 5-6 outfits per month while we have like 200+ possible. Not to mention halloween / summer and holiday always come with their respective time so even less chance. Is it not possible to increase the rotation speed or put more outfits out during each? Same for Illusion Weapons ive been wanting to get Fox Fire for ages but its never back.
  9. Nyraka Hunting Zone Channels

    So reduce the maximum number treshold , problem solved?
  10. So in the preview for the box the gons are wearing the outfit in white. Ingame its blue and non customisable whats up with that? Was it planned to be custom or not?
  11. Patch notes for today’s patch?

    they also nerfed the droprate in nyaraka and the appeareance rate of merchant of wonders =D
  12. Regionlocked Outfit Question

    oh i didnt even know that so i hope we do get everything especially the jp stuff
  13. Will we ever be getting the Outfits from Design Contests / Anniversary from other regions? I mean more variety in general would be nice. Would be best if every server has all the outfits. Examples: Birds Eclipse: Japan Anniversary Outfit: Japan Design Contest Winner:
  14. how to reduce high ping :(

    You can get banned for using WTFast its the support stated that often enough ago.