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  1. Meeeeeh

    Cm issue

    @Hime can’t you make sure they fix cm? The quest for fusion stones are gone.
  2. According to the event in news for the game it counts. But if you look under news and event, they says: Forzen gift box and “speical holiday gift box” count when they make the overall live thing, they Seem to have written “happy” instead of special, which most likely is a type mistake, since i havent seen a happy box yet.
  3. Oh and about just Selling, as If u read patch notes, Selling those not count! u need to mail it or gift it though f10
  4. No u dont... is simple: u Got reward if the box isent gifted or mailed to someone Else before u get hold of it. therefore the Dave Way to make are u gift/mail “boxes which arent countrd for someone Else yet” is by buying Them in f10 or buy your own Daily 5 (where u Can get 2 boxes)
  5. If these boxes which is in f5, already Got mailed or gifted to another person, then they Will not count. therefore ad Hime Said earlier. You should not use f5, since they most likely wont count to your number of Shared gifted. (They only count once!)
  6. Hime already kinda answer this earlier here. yes it Will count. Once a box is gifted through f10 or send in mail to someone, then that box is counted as a gift. if u choose to sell it or mail it to another person nothing happens. So once a box is gifted it lost is sharing love event value and u Can do whatever u want with it
  7. @Hime You still sure that we get all the rewards listet? so if i Got 130+ i get: Hongmoon Gilded Pentagonal Gem Selection Chest + Gilded Square Gem Chest, Pet Pack, 5 Sacred Vial + Wonder Radiance Stone Chest, Wonder Ascension Stone Chest + ... (and so on) means i get all rewards which are listet.
  8. We cant But frozen chest for hmc, as u Said we would be able to @Hime
  9. Thanks a lot for Quick responds @Hime It helped a lot! I Got last Quick question: 7. Can we send all 5 boxes together? ( and it Will then still count as 5?) or do we need to send a box at a time for it to count for 5? just to make sure we dont lose the count while sharing boxes with others
  10. @Hime There is a lot of unclear things in patch notes about these events. 1. snowballs we Can make it into boxes two is limit each day, is that account or charather limit? 2. sharing love event: do we get all rewards that we pass though, or only one example if i did 52, do i get all rewards up to 50 and 50, or do i only get the reward for doing 50? 3. when do we get these rewards?? (Sharing love event)
  11. @Hime that’s not good enough! u support tell us to complain here - where u ignore everyone pretty much! so @Hime we want a fair compensation. Which at least includes 1x oil, 2x pet pods, 7 total purple chest of unity stones! thats minimum the fair compensation. And minimum bc we will then lose our second letter H still. Which ur ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ rng box never gets, because the chances u gave in these boxes for letters are super low. anyway @Hime you still have to do better! And you know that. We all also do know that is bs excuses ncsoft came out with. W
  12. Love you focus on all that. but what is annoying is all u need to do to get an awakend unity box again, is one set of weeklies.... which is prob the reason why they was like oh wops we gave them too much tokens, so let’s make sure we “fix” this.... So they should compensate with 5 old event hauls or an awk. Unity box to everyone! not cool bns! Not cool
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