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  1. Returning player

    Hello all, I did not play this game for half year. I leaved because it was terrible how they dealed with players. For me, it was better to go and play another game, which acting with players under much better conditions. Also even now when I play something else and I'm going to be able to play BnS again I will never trust ncsoft again, same as I will never spend a lot of money in their game, I sometimes try to play just for fun. So please, is it better now or not? From what I readed now on forum it seems to be the same, maybe even worst and I do not know how can this game still work. Maybe they planing stop it like MxM (only for EU/NA) ? Any advice? Thanks and sorry for mistakes in language :))
  2. Obsidian gem

    Hello, Please give oportunity to buy obsidian ( black ) gem for helion core(TR) and draken core (IF) and 100 runs achievment. Players can buy accessory from dungeons but no gems, which is pretty unfair, yes I know gems are really rare but please when it is only on luck it is unfair because now is it only about luck (gem could be more expensive than accessory).
  3. Make the VT mats tradable

    Well be glad NCSOFT does not want our money. They only say: Hey let people pay to whale players which invested into game. Ruin allway how make aransu except of carry run for great number of gold for donating people. Stay calm with current price of anything, there will be no new people in game, and with no way how to go VT and make better gear this game die soon on our EU/NA
  4. Expensive Gems

    Hi, I am only one who think gems are too much expensive. For one new gem ( I think name is: Tri-star) will be price so high. You need buy: 3x hexagonal = 3*4= 12 powders 3x heptagonal = 12+16=> 28*3= 84 powders 3x octagonal = 84+64 => 148*3 = 444powders 1x Tri-star = 444+85 = 529powders Price one powder is +/- 30g on market => 15 870per one new gem Price for all slots is 95 220g I don't know but I think 95k golds for gems is a little stupid price from NCSOFT
  5. Open World in BnS?

    I just want ask if in this game will be any open world pvp or progress days like for example in NCSOFT AION where are forts fight etc. How is it now this game only forcing players doing dungeons again and again and there is none else none daily etc like in other games. It is really boring doing dungeons twice per day but do it more time because this game don't offer another stuff to do or how make golds or how upgrade your items? SSP and Celestial are possible to do but they are under rewarded and only for top geared players and still this contents are like others in this game only killing mobs again and again (none daily etc). So will be any good change or they will only introduce new dungeons but none more.
  6. Well I have same opinion like for example Fin... true problem isn't difficulty of VT but problem when many players don't have hours to looking for raids then wipe like noobs because from 12 ppl offten are at least 2 idio** then leave and find another raid. And doing this over and over. Problem is players need any different option how to get end gear for examply any kind of tokens or so. This game need to be also for players which want go only 1-2h per day any dungs and not wiping 4h in raid for none. I think main reason why raids are in game doesn't just push players to do it but enjoy the game. So yes any alternative way how to obtain same loot like in raids is great idea because no all players want make raid...doesn't matter if only because it's not fun for they or they don't have time for it. And NCSOFT need think about it.
  7. Radiant Energy Antique Exchange Compensation

    OMG wtf even 15g is to much when most time was radiant energy last two week for 10-13g so price 12 or 13g is most fair. It is sad because to many people just bought it for 10g and now selling for 15g? WOW Just look on average market price in last week and do it according to this price!!!!!
  8. New Gem system

    Hi please I want ask on this new system because it looks like really stupid. Hexa gem will be cost 4 powder. You use 3 squade gems + 1 powder to take pentagonal gem which have cost 1 powder so you spend 3squade to take only back 1 powder which you paid? Result -3 squade gems for none. Second you use 3 pentagonal gems (3powder, 1 per each) + 4 powder transmute cost to take hexagonal which have cost 4 powder so you will pay 7 powder to take 4 powder? Result -3 powder Really it is such troll system? http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/rage-of-the-hive-queen-systems/
  9. Refund items

    Well sad ncsoft acting like this after they was forced to make server merge. You guys could have another experience but many players which I knew just left game because of this ncsoft behavior.
  10. Highest PvE dps class in game

    Yeah happi told true...I think is it SF > BD > FM > WL > DES > KFM/BM/SIN > SUM. SIN have only good burst for first 10s then is it lower then mid tier.
  11. Evolved Stone Availability

    BTW cost of evolved stone on for example China is 12-13 silver here on EU 12-13g...idk why they leeching so much here.
  12. Evolved Stone Availability

    What to say, this is pointless, no one care what people wrote here.
  13. Irontech Forge Upcoming Fixes

    Well I think there could be 2 options. 1. give Celestial bosses drop 1 evolved stone per boss and make longer respawn for bosses like 2h 2. give drop chance into daily treasures rewards or daily challange P.S. I opened 88 plog sanctum treasure and i got 0 evolved stone, so chance for evolved stone is small.
  14. Will i ever catch up? Is it worth it?

    Well you dont have even lowest chance to take max gear...low gear is more possible and better to take but on other hand best gear is impossible to take...for example soul will cost you more then 80k golds right now. But baleful / seraph for playing with low players and good fun is easer to get then before. And of course you can't play 6v6. So answer on your question is NO. BnS is good game and even without top gear is it one of best mmo. I think EU have worst condition for playing from all regions but it's for another thema.
  15. 12manraid date?

    You know I am from old school and all time we had 12 & 24 man instance only in 12 man lower drop rate or in blade and soul instead drop 3 soul shield there could be only 2 and only 70% for drop accessory, so you can choose if you want go 24man or just 12man. I believe this could be best solution for all...but this game FU** on their players so much, they realy don't care.