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  1. 500ms+ Ping inside instances tonight

    Likewise m8, like many of us you also have to come to a realisation Nc CANNOT do anything WILL NOT do anything as we have witnessed for over 4 years. Soo dont waste your breath, gday to ya.
  2. About the New Mythical Weapon Enchantment System

    I would go with option 1 tbh, does'nt matter what we want or like. They just keep blantly putting things we never wanted /shunned in the past. Its very simple daddy kr gives the order and we just get copy/paste of kr bns regardless of western playerbase being completly different mindset/mentality than kr.
  3. Do you even understand what you'r saying *permanatly ban the exploiters* they would have to ban 99.9% of their LEFTOVER playerbase......cause of what i saw in bambo village EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANMA is doing the bug thingie, 26 channels lmao.

    Do you truly beleive, are you one of those *oh its about fair/its the right thing to do* players that NC$oft is going to deliver any form of punishment to their big spenders regardles of what they do? No they wont, they'll do what they been doing for soo long we'v been having speedhacks/n animation hacks for years now.....pretend they didnt see anything.

    Appearantly you didnt understood or read my post, i was not specifically targeting any player however i was targeting that mentality of ppl thinking *hey i do my dailys+ weelies and i want the FTP game to be fair*. FTP game where credit card pratically rules....ppl wanting/expecting fairness.

    ahahaha, you ppl are delusional /giggle. Lets assume that that person is using such thing ok.........do you really beleive for 1 sec that NC$soft is going to do anything whatsoever to harm one of their precious super mega whales, i mean have you seen his gear, that gear is not by grind or playing like you and me doing dailys/weeklies, no darling that gear is by the mighty power of the credit card. Especially in a player bleeding abandoned game you'r expecting NC$ to ban one of their highest paying costumers? HAHAHAHAHAHA....cool story bro / Elegiggle. *I am doing 5 daily challenges a day and running weeklies 11 times a week, it just feels so freaking unfair and I'm really upset* awww im sry were you under the impression that your playing a *fair game*. How many times over MUST NC$soft prove it to you ppl that THEY DONT GIVE A FLYING CRICKET also like gaby0309 said they would most likely have no frikin clue what that is about ....even less what to do with it. Bottom line stop asking for bans in a FTP GAME which literally translates to credit card clownfiesta. I get it your one of those leftover players who still beleive that their skillz in game matter *lmao* ....uhmmm sweety THE ONLY SKILL that NC$soft cares about is how fast and how much can you swipe, Have a nice day.
  7. Enough is Enough

    waitwut....we'r actually getting the ancient weapon system here too? BWAAhahaha hello lightyears ahead credit card warriors, LMAO.
  8. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Not sure if any1 should either laugh at this or......just laugh at this, are you kidding us? So from basically 130-150g dailys your telling us *hey guys come and get 7 X5g= 35g from dailys.LMAO /giggle. Meanwhile no weapon reduction cost no other gear peices reduction cost in sight. Funny how easy it is to *BAM* drop gold rewards from dung by over 70% while gear upgrades remain the same expensive with godly unreachable expensive materials *cough 650g+ pts cough*. Where is the motivation to even bother log in and run hm dung....for 5 *FIVE* shiiitty gold or perhaps a KAZINO ROULETTE CHANCE of the gold chest? which btw is bid/shared by 5 other pt members. Never in my 25 years playing MMO's have i seen such a completly out of touch publisher-comunity relationship. Its like you (NC) are deliberatly trying soo hard to kick your *leftover* playerbase in the *cough* FORCING us to leave. NO darling it is no threat, it is a statement/fact.
  9. Unbeleiable, ahahaha i mean srsly. Did'nt you ppl learn anything from *your* epic mega failure caller HR previously? Clans camping spawn areas killing anyone who entered MONOPOLIZING the entire event. After so many complaints and rage from your playerbase about HR.......this is what you do? Yet ANOTHER EVENT GATED BEHIND FORCED PVP!!If you think that multi channel is your so called precious solution to it....think again. Same exact thing will happen with HR, meaning the same clans/ppl that camped MONOPOLIZED hr will simply copy/paste here. Soo lets raise our glasses to yet another glorious FORCED PVP GATED EVENT by our beloved NC.
  10. Returning player with some questions

    ue4 is a carrot on a stick we'r still chasing sadly. hopefully that chase will be over soon.
  11. nah next patch will be all about getting those gilded pentas starting tomorrow, soo better hold those credit cards high and swipe it hard boiz. NOT p2w NOT AT ALL!! hahahahaha
  12. Another whale exclusive event only

    Honestly am speechless,who comes up with these things srsly? Like for real they learned nothing from epic failure valentine event having ppl murder one another so they put another one just like it.As if we dont have enough 6v6 or should i say 1shoot fiesta bg but *hey* lets put it in *event* too. Great AWESOME one more event exclusive to *megalodon* whales. Do you honestly think that normal players are gonna be able to farm mobs/boxes/keys for more then 20 sec before some randoms ub3r geared whale passes by and one shoots them? And here is the part where you say *oh but you can party up* hahaha kewl joke as if thats gonna make any difference, your entire party will be butchered/killed. Furthermore DONT FORGET each time you die you have to pay 10g to reenter soo YAAAY happy hapy spending xD. My point is they are FORCING you to pvp in a EVENT dungeon. And lastly what is the point of toggling of pvp IF YOU STILL CAN BE KILLED BY OTHERS? lmfao.
  13. 4th anniversary pack

    lol srsly you ask that question? ofc is gonna be the unupgradeable one. Do you honestly truly beleive it will be the hongmoon gem? hahahaha hilarious.....eksde
  14. No one Rezzing

    4) ah they'r my favorite,is it me or this thing happens only lately with archer class. Honestly i dont remember having this issue with gunners back when gunner class came.Anyway back on topic, i feel ya bro cant remember how many times i had archer in grp who ofc NEVER uses AC even after we asked him/her 4-5 times during and after the 1st boss also asking for ress after they died. I just move along to next boss and leave him/her there. Just like you funny enough this person that COMPLETLY ignored us before suddenly becomes all chatty why you started 2nd boss and not waited. I mean why would we wait for some1 who doesnt use his/her class buff to benefit whole party and just goes and straight out ignores every1, why would we wait for some1 who's been dead since boss hit 80% hp, on top of that not only do these kinda of players not contribute to the party by properly using their class buff etc by the cherry on the cake is they typical/classic start swearing/cursing you calling you names trashtalking bout you mothers/sister etc. Do yourself a favor and just move along these peeps dont deserve ress/not worth your braincell.
  15. Big disappointment

    Like they said it b4 whe we had the hongsil draw thingie that the whole free keys was TEMPORARY, which means next time they bring it around ( YES THEY WILL BRING IT BELEIVE IT) there will be no more free key. Maybe they will do it like trove only premium members will get 1 free daily key but the rest nada zilch or open dat wallet. So enjoy what free gold you made.