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  1. Its not out yet wl 3d spec but its due to coming right after summoner 3d spec which is next maint. As to exaclty when wl 3d spec comes, dont really know but try asking in today's stream....althou doubt it they will answer. Anyway wl 3d spec will be next to come after summoner.
  2. Is the Fortune's Favor brand new thingy gonna replace Trove cause i see the same pattern, same prices on coins/bundles etc.....just wanted a conformation from NCwest team. Thank You.
  3. Yeah they did that just few moments ago. They (nc) gave us their usual yearly promise and.....cya next year to renew the promise.
  4. Sweetheart lvl's mean nothing there, if you fail mechanic=wipe nonetheless.The first boss granite titan and last boss xanos have party wipe mechanics, second boss agony is freebie have no wipe mechanics. You dont even need to do the spears if you don't wanna.Soo friendly advice learn for yourself either with friends or guides youtube and find/stick with ppl that know the mechanics cause lvl won't save you there.
  5. Dude you dont seem to get it, just like Rieze said it will fix absolutely NOTHING! As it has been proven by many streamers (before they quited) Bns makes roughly 1% profit to them (think it was Levi's stream not sure). You think they will even notice it when they shut the game down? not in the slightest. Nc has proven many times over THEY SIMPLY DON'T CARE whether we spend or not, bnswest is self sufficent if it doesnt make its own cost-profit Big Daddy kr wont even blink to shut their western branch down.Also the big joke called UE4 ahahahaha ppls still falling for that bait they fed us 2yea
  6. Yeah i saw Kisso's stream too...barely pulling 10-15 fps and his pc is insane, not to mention they live close to the server and have more optimized servers
  7. Likewise m8, like many of us you also have to come to a realisation Nc CANNOT do anything WILL NOT do anything as we have witnessed for over 4 years. Soo dont waste your breath, gday to ya.
  8. I would go with option 1 tbh, does'nt matter what we want or like. They just keep blantly putting things we never wanted /shunned in the past. Its very simple daddy kr gives the order and we just get copy/paste of kr bns regardless of western playerbase being completly different mindset/mentality than kr.
  9. Do you even understand what you'r saying *permanatly ban the exploiters* they would have to ban 99.9% of their LEFTOVER playerbase......cause of what i saw in bambo village EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANMA is doing the bug thingie, 26 channels lmao.
  10. Do you truly beleive, are you one of those *oh its about fair/its the right thing to do* players that NC$oft is going to deliver any form of punishment to their big spenders regardles of what they do? No they wont, they'll do what they been doing for soo long we'v been having speedhacks/n animation hacks for years now.....pretend they didnt see anything.
  11. Appearantly you didnt understood or read my post, i was not specifically targeting any player however i was targeting that mentality of ppl thinking *hey i do my dailys+ weelies and i want the FTP game to be fair*. FTP game where credit card pratically rules....ppl wanting/expecting fairness.
  12. ahahaha, you ppl are delusional /giggle. Lets assume that that person is using such thing ok.........do you really beleive for 1 sec that NC$soft is going to do anything whatsoever to harm one of their precious super mega whales, i mean have you seen his gear, that gear is not by grind or playing like you and me doing dailys/weeklies, no darling that gear is by the mighty power of the credit card. Especially in a player bleeding abandoned game you'r expecting NC$ to ban one of their highest paying costumers? HAHAHAHAHAHA....cool story bro / Elegiggle. *I am doing 5 daily challenges a day and r
  13. waitwut....we'r actually getting the ancient weapon system here too? BWAAhahaha hello lightyears ahead credit card warriors, LMAO.
  14. Not sure if any1 should either laugh at this or......just laugh at this, are you kidding us? So from basically 130-150g dailys your telling us *hey guys come and get 7 X5g= 35g from dailys.LMAO /giggle. Meanwhile no weapon reduction cost no other gear peices reduction cost in sight. Funny how easy it is to *BAM* drop gold rewards from dung by over 70% while gear upgrades remain the same expensive with godly unreachable expensive materials *cough 650g+ pts cough*. Where is the motivation to even bother log in and run hm dung....for 5 *FIVE* shiiitty gold or perhaps a KAZINO ROULETTE CHANCE
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