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  1. if thats true then it would be waay too OP...even alts can ez clear it.
  2. Well no just no,taking away the only source/reason for the few pvpers we have left in here NO TY. As is being mentioned before ms and ss come from weeklys aswell. Dont be greedy asking for all to be acquired via pve. Pvpers need some reason/way to make some profit too.Finally no am not pvper neither white night lel, just common sense.
  3. When you hover mouse over the pouch should say/have the icon of 2 different diamonds 1 ap and 1 defense meaning its NOT fixed what it will give rather *chance* of getting either.
  4. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    There are various ways to obtain brilliant keys such as radiant ring craft/dragon express/daily dash/event tab in dragon express,pick one.
  5. List of ideas to improve

    Imo koldrak should stay as is soo every1 has a fair chance of getting scales and maybe rng hexa garnet. Making it 6man would only add to the looong list of f8 :Koldrak 1.7k TT gear ONLY. :PEPEHANDS:
  6. Exactly, when kr had this event they were in ET gear. We on the other hand are a handful of player in TT gear and most not even maxed and they can barely clear it. Imagine the bt/aransu majority.Dont get me wrong am not saying they should'nt have brought the event here but adjust it/modify it to our gear-wise ability to clear it.
  7. Thanks

    One simple and widely accepted fix/change would be to *generously* reduce longgui stage 4 hp or double enrage timer. That way more then 5% of playerbase would actually be gear-wise (not skill/mechanic) able to clear this event.
  8. Thanks

    you can craft it each day from desolate mausoleum and longgui stage 1-3 mats
  9. Server Consolidation — May 1

    The true prob that every1 seem to forget is not rly about the spam fiesta from frenchies/german (some not all of them) in faction chat but the FACT that we all know well happens in every server merge. Its called super mega lagg fest,soo brace for it imo lol.
  10. Thanks

    Ok the 1h event wpn is NOT equivalent gc9 in fact is the skyforge/shadowforge one which is utter garbadge compare to true gc wpn.Anyways i tried it with 1h event wpn and suprise suprise event wpn 900k dps while my aransu9 1.1m.Seriously how did you come with this idea to hide/lock not 1 but 2 EVENT dungeons behind max endgame gear is beyond me. For those who got sick and tired of my caps in the word event,please to try to not forget what event is/means.Accessable/clearable by some effort/mechanic-wise bosses not maxed endgame gear or gtfo.
  11. Thanks

    Well i guess this is where we change the *right click namechange* exclusive into * certain gear requirement*. I mean we succesfully did that with p2w into p2*cough*progress. I see thatnks for clarifying that.
  12. Thanks

    Oh dear its still an EVENT dungeon,do you even understand the meaning of it? Not a normal dungeon thats understandable but an event one being exclusive to less then 5% of playerbase?
  13. Thanks

    you clearly didnt go f8 to perhaps attempt to understand what am even talking about? How about go there 1st and then come here and *educate* us.
  14. Thanks

    Thats right,I would like to sincerely thank Nc....west? for their effort in bringing us a new (EVENT) dungeon EXCLUSIVE for whales grand celestial+ aka locking over 70% of playerbase out of an EVENT dungeon.Congratulations crickets! I have now confirmed that you ppl have long forgotten what the very word of event means,accessable by all having fun while doing it. Not being locked out because *hey* you dont belong to that 1-2% of playerbase that have endgame gear.Oh well thanks for another whale exclusive EVENT dungeon that most of server wont do.