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  1. Another whale exclusive event only

    Honestly am speechless,who comes up with these things srsly? Like for real they learned nothing from epic failure valentine event having ppl murder one another so they put another one just like it.As if we dont have enough 6v6 or should i say 1shoot fiesta bg but *hey* lets put it in *event* too. Great AWESOME one more event exclusive to *megalodon* whales. Do you honestly think that normal players are gonna be able to farm mobs/boxes/keys for more then 20 sec before some randoms ub3r geared whale passes by and one shoots them? And here is the part where you say *oh but you can party up* hahaha kewl joke as if thats gonna make any difference, your entire party will be butchered/killed. Furthermore DONT FORGET each time you die you have to pay 10g to reenter soo YAAAY happy hapy spending xD. My point is they are FORCING you to pvp in a EVENT dungeon. And lastly what is the point of toggling of pvp IF YOU STILL CAN BE KILLED BY OTHERS? lmfao.
  2. 4th anniversary pack

    lol srsly you ask that question? ofc is gonna be the unupgradeable one. Do you honestly truly beleive it will be the hongmoon gem? hahahaha hilarious.....eksde
  3. No one Rezzing

    4) ah they'r my favorite,is it me or this thing happens only lately with archer class. Honestly i dont remember having this issue with gunners back when gunner class came.Anyway back on topic, i feel ya bro cant remember how many times i had archer in grp who ofc NEVER uses AC even after we asked him/her 4-5 times during and after the 1st boss also asking for ress after they died. I just move along to next boss and leave him/her there. Just like you funny enough this person that COMPLETLY ignored us before suddenly becomes all chatty why you started 2nd boss and not waited. I mean why would we wait for some1 who doesnt use his/her class buff to benefit whole party and just goes and straight out ignores every1, why would we wait for some1 who's been dead since boss hit 80% hp, on top of that not only do these kinda of players not contribute to the party by properly using their class buff etc by the cherry on the cake is they typical/classic start swearing/cursing you calling you names trashtalking bout you mothers/sister etc. Do yourself a favor and just move along these peeps dont deserve ress/not worth your braincell.
  4. Big disappointment

    Like they said it b4 whe we had the hongsil draw thingie that the whole free keys was TEMPORARY, which means next time they bring it around ( YES THEY WILL BRING IT BELEIVE IT) there will be no more free key. Maybe they will do it like trove only premium members will get 1 free daily key but the rest nada zilch or open dat wallet. So enjoy what free gold you made.
  5. Frozen Ark Boss 3

    Yup what the tittle says,least they'r trying clear it.https://www.twitch.tv/ggaengtaro
  6. When are we finally getting "Easymode"

    oh dear are you kidding me, more nerfs to the dung....for real? Atm all and i do mean ALL dung from starstone mines to cathedra cliffs are completly braindead dps LITERALLY ZERO MECHANICS. Bosses have no instakill mechanics anymore anyone can go to any of dung and just clear it in ez mode (assuming you have some spec of decent dps) thats it. No mechanics no worrying *omg i messed up this or that grp gonna wipe* NOTHING at all.
  7. tbh be happy that they actually did changed dung as they r now (as they should of been from beggining of archer patch). Considering Nc's past with their previous games where they simply ignore community and put w/e they want regardless, and you are here feeling entilted of an compensation? hahaha kewl joke.
  8. trove 350 open key is bad... is very bad.

    Althou there will be many wihte knights coming here saying *oh but trove is rng blaBLABLA*, YES TROVE IS RNG however most 3 star crits in this one we complete trash totally not belonging in 3 star crit.
  9. Any UI Improvements on its way?

    true,sad but true.
  10. Game dying

    As much as i like the idea of new (classic) server i do feel the need to remind you however this is nc. Sure they'll keep the new server p2w free for a while (i give a 2 months tops) then the small rng boxes start to make their appearance, followed later by medium ones up untill the moment they bring the big nukes. Before you realise it your/our *new* server will be polluted beyond saving point, same as main. New server will do nothing but give a little breeze/refresh hope........untill it comes slipping down the road same as main.
  11. if thats true then it would be waay too OP...even alts can ez clear it.
  12. Well no just no,taking away the only source/reason for the few pvpers we have left in here NO TY. As is being mentioned before ms and ss come from weeklys aswell. Dont be greedy asking for all to be acquired via pve. Pvpers need some reason/way to make some profit too.Finally no am not pvper neither white night lel, just common sense.
  13. When you hover mouse over the pouch should say/have the icon of 2 different diamonds 1 ap and 1 defense meaning its NOT fixed what it will give rather *chance* of getting either.