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  1. Funny that i still see the same costumes below in F10. No changes with UE4. No free costume as Reward like RUS. And the costume section in F5 is still broken. Even after 1 year + UE4 nothing fixed. Will it ever happen or do they keep it as running-gag forever? Oh, but we have now a 50$ costume in F10. 👍 I know, whales don't care. Peanats for them. But 50$ is a lot for a small cosmetic piece. Just to compare: Last time i bought Ghost of Tsushima + The last of Us 2 together for 40$.
  2. Last time they changed the difficulty it was a lie. Introduced a easy-mode. It turned out, the new easy-mode was actually the normal-mode. Former normal-mode got harder. This time, easy-mode mostly without mechs, but much more boss hp. Annoying and not doable with low gear. Very bad is, we are getting the KR Changes, but not the items/gear to play them. They did the same with the failing-weapon-upgrade. Always said: KR has much more and better items, cheaper, better drop, but also a failing system. US/EU has less items, cost more, low droprate, but no failing. We
  3. "soon" means never. Or its coming back with Unreal 5. I trust the community to create a google sheet more than ncsofts promise.
  4. Today i tried first time ST. I think it was easy. "recommended HM 25" is wrong for it. There was a mech at first boss. I got a mark, all other frozen. Then only i could attack. Not sure what it was, but all got unfrozen and we finished it. No one died with both bosses. Tomorrow i will try the first time BC. It's also easy to open all 12 chests from CtA. You need only play 2 of those "easy" dungeons everyday. When you start tomorrow: 400 x 11 = 4400 11.9. - 5.10: 25 days ( 176 remnant/day ) (10 min.) Sandstorm Temple (ST): 50 ( ? min.) Br
  5. Haven't seen the Stream. Are we getting anything for free in US/EU? I saw an older reddit post. RUS gets a lot. 6 costumes, pet, changing-coupons, ... Are we getting the same? We could Pre-Register for things through the website in the past. Not this time? Or we got free codes. Or something was send to us as ingame-mail. Or for 0 coins in the shop. So, are we getting something? Right now, i see only "pay-to-get it" buttons. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en-us/shop/revival
  6. You were just lucky. I do the same. Collect the chests until the end and open all in a row. You know what i got the last 3 times? - Zero costumes. Also, got only 2 purple color items from all chests this time. Fantastic, right? by the way The drop rate from the new costume chest is also sh... 20 chests, 5 different costumes. 3/4 useless double, triple, ... And of course, 0 of the new costumes. Only 5 old ones. The drop rate in the game was never this low like nowadays. Have the feeling, each month, while sitting in their group to talk, one says: "time
  7. They can just make a second version of each chest excluding the one rare special costume for which people paid money to get it. All other costumes are old and not special. New upcoming chests like usual. First in V1 with/for Designer Threats. 6 month later as V2. Make a Chest - sample "Rosethorn V2" Remove the Rosethorn items from it. Change salvage to non salvage on the remaining costumes inside. Then give it to that fishing merchant and trade pearls for it. Since opening the chest is still rng, who knows how long you have to fish to get a certain costume. Bu
  8. You are right. Not a single word were mentioned that certain items are locked until the end. And you need pay real money to unlock all. It's not possible without paying. Image someone buying some coins with thought "Yes, it's rng. very low chance to win like usual but still possible to get it". Then he found out, he need buy much more coins because the items that should be included aren't included. Saying you can get all but actually can't is not only a lie, it's fraud. I'm not sure, but I think you can even hire a lawyer and sue ncsoft, if they don't fix the rng-
  9. 5 years and the only thing we get is a cake hat. No decoration, no event (only the usual "do dailies"; again without an event dungeon), no event or birthday costume (a copy give out from that free winner outfit is a really bad move) Last year was the most horrible year in BnS history. Nerfing everything and counter with shameless raising the milking flag, events without costumes (up to the point where you actually need pay real money to get your "free" event reward), afk farm zones and cooldown at chest opening to fake the user online statistics and a lot more things th
  10. Event Duration: November 18 - December 16 ( 27 days / first day, long maintenance, not counting) No PVP but 4x longer afk farming with 4 regions and 4 different emblems. Sample for the costume Costume + Headgear cost 12.000 emblems. Daily Quest: 200 emblems x 27 days = 5400 emblems Left to farm: 6600 emblems Droprate depend on gear. Higher gear -> faster kills -> more drops I have 40-50 drops in 1 hour. (2100ap) 6600 emblems : 40-50 emblems/h = 165h-132h to farm in total 165h-132h : 27 days = 6,1h-4,9h farming a day So, i need
  11. Just tried to login to trade event tokens before the maintenance and the server is down already. Looking on the page and forum and found the message. This is realy a joke. Playing the event the last week as well to get tokens. And 1-2 days before the end of it you telling us the new maintenance time and vials, pet packs, stone chests will be removed asap. So, for what did i play the event in the last week? It was all useless. Why didn't you say it last week? First event week the cooldown error, last event week all for nothing. On top of this the next joke: T
  12. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/april-store-update/ vs https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/cosmic-horizon-store-update/ Great Prices Key Bundles almost doubled. 2800 to 5200. Costumes from 800-1200 to 1700-1900 (2 of them "cheaper". only 1200 & 1350, hurray) with unnecessary price-increasing Chromatic Threads. Starter Pack now 399, not 299. I saved some hmcoins to buy the keys. I'm not fishing pearls for houres. With those prices not possible anymore. So, i just stop at stage 3. Not buying one of the overpriced costumes either.
  13. I see a "Multi-faceted Pet Gem Chest" and a "Shining Pet Gem Chest". What is the difference between those two? Can't find any info on the page.
  14. Zini


    If someone is wondering why its starting at 23rd Sept. -> Trove is coming. Means no daily dash. They won't allow a f2p player to get hmcoins anymore. The very low chance hitting the blue field was still to high for them. So, nerfed to zero. They did it last time. And now again. I'm sure, they will keep it up like this. Collecting event currency for "free" premium is bad too. Use it for this and you can't get other event items anymore. In good old times we had a code. Premium + costume + separate event items.
  15. My experience after farming for 2 1/2 days Day 1 = 12h = ~450 Brazen Stones. Day 2 = 12h = ~450 Brazen Stones. Day 3 = 8h = 310 Brazen Stones. Needed 5-10sec to kill 1 mob. Whales around me with 1 hit kills were 10x faster. Farming in the middle of the map not possible. Lags like hell and shutdowns. Parked far at the edge of the map and killed the mobs leftover by whales. Got killed many times by trolls, screenfreeze + mob combos. Game crashed often as well. But most Player, Whales too, didn't attack. Bought the 2 chests. While farming 2 more
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