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  1. the feed was all u needed unless you were breakthroughing to the next tier. you just slammed it into the weapon. now you need like 5 or 6 different mats just to get +2 on a thorn breaker weapon...
  2. Feeding exp was simpler. it definitely wasnt. I remember being able to que for F8 and find a full party lobby within 1-2 mins. There were also events and mechanics designed specifically to encourage high level high gear players to go into older low level dungeons like blackram to carry new players. Sure those dungeons do not matter anymore as everyone just rushes to 60, but it creates a problem now where all the dungeons have 1bil-2.8bil HP bosses, require HM 5, and have ridiculous mechanics just on easy mode. for example I dont know what the hell they did to sandstorm t
  3. I know my "feedback" will 99% most likely go on deaf ears around here but ima say it anyway because i think it needs to be said. I log into this game atleast once a year just to make whatever new class or Call to arms event that goes on. the last time i logged in this game was for the astromancer patch and that call to arms event. However i never finished the event and i usually never do. Its going to be the same this time around most likely. The reason i keep coming back is because i truly enjoy the game, however what makes me only play for a limited time to just quit again is how confusing a
  4. oh ya, i read that wrong. I have alot of diffrent old chars. Im off and on with this game, i did last call to arms event for astromancer which has skybreak and celestial stuff, but my summoner is on dawnforge still, my gunner is on baleful, and my warlock is still stuck on gear from when level 45 or 50 was max level. I will use the call to arms on my gunner, but i still dont know what ima do about my warlock. ill just keep her gear as ancient momentos until the next call to arms event i guess.
  5. a free call to arms bundle aside from the current event thats going on?
  6. ok thanks, one more question, what do i do with my old gear that i can salvage or sell? do i just delete them?
  7. Im trying to check weapon paths so i can sort out my chars, but for some reason i cant find it. How do i see my weapons previous and future progression states/paths and how much upgrade material it would cost? if they removed that feature, WHY?
  8. thats not respect, because standard is usually a 1:1 ratio in dollar to cash shop currency in most games. meaning $20 gives you 2000 of x currency or more. LoL for example you get 2600 points + a 200 bonus. most of their bundels are 2600, skins 1300, and legendary skins 1800. so basically you only have to buy once to get most items you want from the cash shop there and its actually more than fair of a deal. as far as MMOs go, tera also has good deals on their cash shop currency. if you spend $20 you get 2000 + a 10% bonus so 2200. you are getting a 1:1 ratio PLUS a bonus. now lets
  9. I never understood why this game doesnt give bonus cash shop currency for buying bulk of said currency like literally 99.99% of other games do. 1600 Ncoin for $20 seems like a giant rip off. but whats worse is that even the higher bundles of $100 do not give bonuses. Hell you dont even get a bone thrown to you for the $250 package. What is the reason for this?
  10. is there any other way to get this weapon? i tried Queing for IF last night 3 times and all 3 times i waited so long that the que timed out... if this is the only way to get the weapon i literally cant progress....
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