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  1. thats not respect, because standard is usually a 1:1 ratio in dollar to cash shop currency in most games. meaning $20 gives you 2000 of x currency or more. LoL for example you get 2600 points + a 200 bonus. most of their bundels are 2600, skins 1300, and legendary skins 1800. so basically you only have to buy once to get most items you want from the cash shop there and its actually more than fair of a deal. as far as MMOs go, tera also has good deals on their cash shop currency. if you spend $20 you get 2000 + a 10% bonus so 2200. you are getting a 1:1 ratio PLUS a bonus. now lets
  2. I never understood why this game doesnt give bonus cash shop currency for buying bulk of said currency like literally 99.99% of other games do. 1600 Ncoin for $20 seems like a giant rip off. but whats worse is that even the higher bundles of $100 do not give bonuses. Hell you dont even get a bone thrown to you for the $250 package. What is the reason for this?
  3. is there any other way to get this weapon? i tried Queing for IF last night 3 times and all 3 times i waited so long that the que timed out... if this is the only way to get the weapon i literally cant progress....
  4. They said pre launche that they will NEVER censor anything in this game, that everything the K version has we will have completely uncensored. the liars.
  5. im pretty sure most outfits become untradable once you equip them... if you plan to sell them dont wear them
  6. why didnt u pay $5 for 10 min time then? i was resorted to it after que times were reaching 1k min spikes...
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