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  1. koldrak lair lag

    Its been like this since it was released, they can't fix it.
  2. Good Job

    @op you really need to lower your expectations, incorrect patch notes are fairly common.
  3. This. ET was/is a joke and IA is what an end-game should be; hard af.
  4. Blade&Soul for English and Brazilians.

    Same answer that has been since launch: NO
  5. Mao glove

    It really needs to be available for tokens since its now last tier.
  6. It seems they are still trying to force PvP garbage on us.
  7. Laggy Lag

    You fail to understand how server management works, as usual. If the management team had anticipated more traffic they would have purchased more bandwidth for the event. This doesn't account for the increased frame rate lag that a lot of us are experiencing.
  8. Transfer character to a different account

    I asked about merging accounts and was told they don't have the tools to do it.
  9. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    The feedback was whales were upset about having to farm non-AFK so they wanted an AFK event to make it easier for them to farm these players. NCSoft listened and now we have this mess.
  10. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    Unless your in a whale clan, then good luck.
  11. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    This right here.
  12. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    So true.
  13. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    Why did you add auto-hunting to a PvP zone? If you want us to beta test it then add it to a non-PvP zone.
  14. Question about AFK

    It doesn't crash as much as the fishing just stops working randomly. They can't fix it, so we're stuck with it.
  15. This guy was posting this same stuff the other day, I can only assume he got banned the first time. You can run any SS set you want in BG, so get over it.
  16. I am close to 200 runs of hm/cs now, no MoW. He has been spawning in other zones, which is actually worse.
  17. What you don't seem to understand, and never have from what I gather, is these issues are not being addressed. I am seeing the same nonsense from these clowns as 18-24 months ago, they are just not learning/listening. This guy sums up what has been going on for the better part of two years: [removed due to language violation]
  18. Release on steam suggestions?

    They made it very clear they have intention of releasing this on Steam or any other platform. Don't ask about more servers for other countries either; the answer is NO.
  19. Are Side Quests (Blue Quests) mandatory?

    You can do them for a little extra coin/xp/rep. Some of them are kind of fun.
  20. Why is Macroing frowned upon?

    It's not that they don't care. they do in fact care about profits. So banning spenders would hurt profits.
  21. Scams in Daily Hongmoon Store

    She generally makes statements that align 100% with NCW. Just get used to it and ignore 90% of her comments.
  22. Scams in Daily Hongmoon Store

    It is a rip off since the pouches are RNG.
  23. Why is Macroing frowned upon?

    At this point this game is so low population unless you are being ridiculous you won't get banned for anything.
  24. Hate to burst your bubble, but all the patches/updates we have were allegedly tested and we still ended up with disastrous results. I don't have any hope they can deliver something that isn't a mess worse than Storm of Arrows ever was.
  25. UE4 is just the mobile game ported.

    You would be foolish to hope they can fix this stuff. The reason I say this is keep in mind that all the trash patches/updates they have uploaded(here's looking at you Storm of Arrows) were allegedly tested and you saw how they turned out.