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  1. @Nari Thank you for all the things you do Kundese owes you much and so then do all the clans that came from us , with out you we would have never gotten this far . So Thank you and Blessings <3
  2. For the Oldest Member of Kundese Clan and a great friend , Stue used to be that cool FM in the icy basin to the north that showed me how to run that area and get some fun items and good XPs . He was in the Clan long before i was and for what little i can do to show my appropriation for all he has done for others and this clan i did this profile for his Gunner \o/ Blessings and Happiness <3
  3. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    We will miss you . Blessings and Happiness <3 _ Rev.Huey (Shen) Kundese Community
  4. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Blessings and happiness my best wishes are with you and i am sorry to see you guys go it wont be the same without you . You helped build loyalty and friendships just with your positive attitudes in whatever media you chat'ed on or streamed . Thank you ~Rev.Shen <3
  5. iv been working on some fun ideas for Profile pics that look like old book covers hope you enjoy :) <3
  6. PvP gear

    Year 2018 - we can't even legitly do real war / open world PvP anymore simply because of a "shuddering " issue that is set up like a grid that freezes you for 1 or 2 seconds . the problem has killed pvp . it is not my hardware i used to play on higher settings and this problem did not exist in game when i started . As for current gear you need a game that wont shudder to farm it
  7. but that Chi Master /Soul Fighter / Cleric Rez can do 1 thing very well when you miss click it on the new setup... get us killed
  8. Of Male Yuns, New Class, and New Race as for male Yun idk if its a good idea at all you seem to not get the concept that Yun are all female elven race like a Dryad and we do need a race specific class its quite possible that Bard type class would fit the race best . As for a male Yun i made one up for you . Presenting "Justin Bever"
  9. A well designed party that can pick up the boss with KDs or some CC is generally how my clan is doing NS . many gear types are used depending on what the party needs . its odd because the disks people need to evo weapons several levels lower than raven dont always have the stats to do the cave as fast as needed .