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  1. iv been working on some fun ideas for Profile pics that look like old book covers hope you enjoy :) <3
  2. PvP gear

    Year 2018 - we can't even legitly do real war / open world PvP anymore simply because of a "shuddering " issue that is set up like a grid that freezes you for 1 or 2 seconds . the problem has killed pvp . it is not my hardware i used to play on higher settings and this problem did not exist in game when i started . As for current gear you need a game that wont shudder to farm it
  3. but that Chi Master /Soul Fighter / Cleric Rez can do 1 thing very well when you miss click it on the new setup... get us killed
  4. Of Male Yuns, New Class, and New Race as for male Yun idk if its a good idea at all you seem to not get the concept that Yun are all female elven race like a Dryad and we do need a race specific class its quite possible that Bard type class would fit the race best . As for a male Yun i made one up for you . Presenting "Justin Bever"
  5. A well designed party that can pick up the boss with KDs or some CC is generally how my clan is doing NS . many gear types are used depending on what the party needs . its odd because the disks people need to evo weapons several levels lower than raven dont always have the stats to do the cave as fast as needed .
  6. Regarding SF

    the fact that we will be forced to heal only in ranged stance will make the heal and espeshaly its buff useless to any melee SF adding 4 to 4,5 seconds to the casting time remember every key press adds ping to time .so to cast a heal when you are tanking a boss you would have to either SS back screwing up the party dps as the boss runs to you or tab+heal+tab back to melee basically leavening yourself open to the boss canceling your heal or any thing it wants to do to you , face tanking at point blank range . the def buff that we ned so badly in melee more than ranged will be lost in the time it takes to change stances back and forth . also healing in melee is what most good SFs do ,so giving us holing blast in that X key is kinda funny idk why its not going to heal me buff me or do anything significant that i can see if i am reading this correctly and if this is the class change . i have no idea why they are attempting to make SF into a ranged class . are we ment to just press tab all the time then heal with a melee happy buff we can mo longer take advantage of i personally think this will not last long it only adds to the AFK and chat class position we are in as it stands my other question is what will be added to the ifraim F key slot if we no longer have Holing blast ill re read this hope this link is helpful
  7. Crafting Autumn 2017

    well the new storyline gives the xps to get to hm8 and then some and also grants gear to farm the hm9 area needed for crafting . its different system and the mats we need i see are for gear aswell and that makes the upgrading hard on crafters one . also crafting salable items is harder as you need many mats the most difficult to obtain are rare elements .
  8. id like to start by saying i love the blade and soul and all my friends hear and the team has survived so many realy cruel and idiotic players so thank you for all the good things and of course the B&S TV is a premier element that brings the team and players together . crafting ... what did you do O: ? to make a lv30 calling bell you have to be lv50HM9+ to farm extreme instance levels forcing us to play in cross server with pugs that can be hrs of painful grinding . let me give you a hint from a Dungeon Master that ran a single pnp game for 35 years having multiple sub-GMs an up to 50 ppl at a time ,and over 1000 players . lv30 items require level 30 materials even epic items of that level would require items that are no more than a few levels over that (32 to 38) . im just saying maybe we can work on that for next year . Taking this away from open world was also a grave mistake , is essential to use all the content available to give familiarity and loyalty to the players crating a bond and a lasting foundation wherein the players pass on by word of mouth ( type ) that this is the best game to give them a reason to indoctrinate new players in this way . creating paradoxical , ridiculous or unworthy and Lore unfriendly systems makes the player feel lost and helpless or more so annoyed . My personal suggestion is to not sacrifice common sense just to herd players into areas that they may or may not even care to be in , that is called a GM railroad and as liner as the game is furthering the cattle trough ideology only promotes discontent when simple systems are made totally absurd . i am concerned that this will never be rectified as with so many modern game world systems , although maybe looking at crafting from a different vantage point will help . my advice is go to a historical colonial setting such that many state parks provide in the U.S. and talk to the crafters as well as the historians and find out haw actual gathering and crafting was and still is to create a kinder and more adiquit system for the future . i pray i have not offended anyone in this my somewhat educated opinion and belief in both the game , the team as well as the need for consolidation perhaps some later ideal compromise will come to light . Blessings , thank you ~ Shen <3
  9. -_- this sounds crazzy bad . 5 year old kids can do crafts in RL i cant see crafting only for high level players only , that sounds very off .
  10. [Suggestion] Get rid of AFK timer?

    true no pint atm for afk timer conserning queue ,maybe something a player should have a setting control to adjust :)
  11. ijs you have to approach when your at the target to get the thing to work @.@ i do see the pvp aplication for this btw as ppl move faster than most mobs