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  1. 3rd Spec Release order?

    3rd spec SF = Battalion.
  3. @Nari Thank you for all the things you do Kundese owes you much and so then do all the clans that came from us , with out you we would have never gotten this far . So Thank you and Blessings <3
  4. For the Oldest Member of Kundese Clan and a great friend , Stue used to be that cool FM in the icy basin to the north that showed me how to run that area and get some fun items and good XPs . He was in the Clan long before i was and for what little i can do to show my appropriation for all he has done for others and this clan i did this profile for his Gunner \o/ Blessings and Happiness <3
  5. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    We will miss you . Blessings and Happiness <3 _ Rev.Huey (Shen) Kundese Community
  6. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Blessings and happiness my best wishes are with you and i am sorry to see you guys go it wont be the same without you . You helped build loyalty and friendships just with your positive attitudes in whatever media you chat'ed on or streamed . Thank you ~Rev.Shen <3