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  1. just because ppl would still fishing to exchange for armory pearl after event and then get new stuffs in dragon express? thats bullshit
  2. they should take out ARENA REMNANT AND ET REMNANT too then, it doesnt make sense only armory pearl is out from dragon express
  3. hello, im surprised that you guys from ncsoft took it off armory pearl from dragon express. FOR WHAT REASON? you guys know how long it takes to get all those pearls (ONLY 5 A DAY) spending/wasting so many hours fishing and then you guys take it off????????? whats wrong with you, ncsoft? i got all keys from all boxes but im missing stage10 key because i need 15 ARMORY PEARL. Today i would get 5 more but guess what... ITS NOT THERE. PLEASE PUT IT BACK, THERES NO REASON TO TAKE IT OFF. IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE. fix it!
  4. 70% HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "OH NO, I LOST MY IA STAGE6 WEAPON, I'LL QUIT NOW" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA CRY MORE, useless topic complaining about revert weapon, they should do this before and finally they did it!
  5. NCSOFT got tickets months ago, i said MONTHS AGO, about that npc.... and ncsoft did NOTHING. N O T H I N G. And now, You guys wanna punishing people for exploit. Nice job ncsoft (ironic).
  6. youre right, its only using necrostrike skill :(
  7. same, over 30 runs in HM DST and no merchant
  8. revert ALL silverteel weapon - stage 6, that's simple and FAIR. We know NCsoft made a mistake and want to fix it, so please do it correctly reverting upgraded weapons.
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