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  1. thats the result from last year bug, where we could farm outfits, but then nc fixed the bug, deleted many outfits, and bugged the f5. so now over a year, f5 outfit tab is still bugged. if you click on the week graph, you might see the actually price of the outfit yet, currently those are 1k+ gold.
  2. EL and IF have been unbuffed and drop tokens for hexas quite often. with my gunner i do an IF run in 4-5min.
  3. If i select the latest raid, i can see it, but its not ingame yet.
  4. with the gear you get from the event you can afk farm in primeweald and buy the scale box.
  5. what? core boxes removed, 300 tc runs if you dont have uzume stuff or no hard mode for you.
  6. if the the launcher says the game is under maintenance youre using the old ue3 launcher.
  7. after it reaches 1% it sometimes bugs, and when it does, it gains like 99% dmg reduction, so the remaining hp goes down very slowly.
  8. not really, before cta event there was similar event where jewels and mats were only 1 event coins, and nothing was wrong.
  9. if you click on a pet you have a preview option. in that tab where you see how pet look, on the right side youll also have the path to upgraded version. if you click on any of the two upgrades, theyll be shown. so you can preview all 3 stages/looks of a pet.
  10. When Koldrak dies too fast this happens: also, the 2nd bug with Koldrak, when dps is fast, but not fast enough, he dies but still pulls all players into tap mode.
  11. How will this affect people who will open boxes on the same day?
  12. there you farm tokens with which you can buy a box with mats.
  13. you can afk farm mats in ebon realm... if youre too low for primeweald.
  14. you should never buy tradeable mats for upgrades. farm them...
  15. what gold? its 10s per upgrade...
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