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  1. if you click on a pet you have a preview option. in that tab where you see how pet look, on the right side youll also have the path to upgraded version. if you click on any of the two upgrades, theyll be shown. so you can preview all 3 stages/looks of a pet.
  2. When Koldrak dies too fast this happens: also, the 2nd bug with Koldrak, when dps is fast, but not fast enough, he dies but still pulls all players into tap mode.
  3. How will this affect people who will open boxes on the same day?
  4. there you farm tokens with which you can buy a box with mats.
  5. you can afk farm mats in ebon realm... if youre too low for primeweald.
  6. you should never buy tradeable mats for upgrades. farm them...
  7. what gold? its 10s per upgrade...
  8. why? if you started today you need to get min 232 event tokens per day to finish it, which is more than doable.... meanwhile, we get 5 extra vials, ty nsoft.
  9. Since update a week ago, partys look like this: You cannot see anymore what class one is, until you click inspect...
  10. and in soul boxes till box9 already 6 vials which you need for true comic, but still one more box for soul go. really nc, did you forget that you removed vials for this path since lasst cta event? kek kek kek....
  11. From awk hongmoon up to ultimate st5, the pet is draining something... And then also from unleashed ultimate up to alpha st5.
  12. come on now... people have been abusing the system for so long, from f8 to weeklies, getting in chars with purple or half missing gear.
  13. gilded gems are there for a reason, so you dont have to spend powder to get them. if youre upgrading hongmoon ones, after gilded, it becomes pretty expensive. also, gems are the last thing you should be focusing on if you have other stuff to upgrade. get gilded gems, then gilded/square obsidian, garnet.
  14. ctrl and click on the badge, so its shown in chat. now click on manage the badge, one of the tabs will show which two purple badges are needed to make it. in case the badge has stages on it, you have to click the badge name when you are previewing it and then inspect the badge with no stages, that will have 2 tabs.
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