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  1. as i wrote in another topic, this weekend over half a million soulstones were sold, thats 5 times more than previous weekend. and ppl spent over 2.5million gold on them compared to 160k from week before. thats a huge gold sink.
  2. "Fairness"

    over 500k soulstones were sold over the weekend or over 2.5million gold spent on them over 17k pet pods were sold under 100g over the weekend... or near 1.5million gold spent those are just numbers from f5, many were sold in chat too weekend before: ~100k soulstones for ~160k gold ~650 pet pods for ~ 140k gold looking it like this, this weekend was huge gold sink on f5, just what nsoft wanted.
  3. "Fairness"

    reset plx =(
  4. who makes profit here: those who are using the bug and farm the pets, outfits those who farm ss and sell them at way higher price than before ppl buying waaay cheaper pet pods, before 200g+, now 85g ppl buying waaaaaay cheaper outfits, before 10k+, now 600g, or before 2-4k, and now 10g people selling tradable mats: ie trans stones
  5. Soulstone Prices

  6. Since 3 days ago, when they only nerfed ia6 wpn, i havent seen a single merchant of wonders. During the week before, ive seen at least 1-2 per day. But none in cs/hm.
  7. Merchant not spawning in HM/CS?

    yeah, its odd. i also do cs every day with 4 chars and at least one merchant per day or every other day before the patch. now, none.
  8. instead ia nerf, nerf tb raid path. still needing 30 roses per upgrade
  9. Crashing in Nyraka

    what is odd that the nsoft afk farm can farm whole day without crashing...
  10. Polishing cloth for pearls limit

    In preview: Polishing Cloth Angler's Pearl 2000 Limit 10 per character/day In patch notes: Polishing Cloth Angler's Pearl 2000 1 per character / day In acutal game: Polishing Cloth Angler's Pearl 2000 Limit 10 per character edit; aha, i see that you already noticed that "per day" is missing
  11. Crashing in Nyraka

    Ive entered Nyraka 4 times (3 times yesterday evening, once today), and ive crashed every time after few minutes in there. I have about 20-35fps, depending in which direction of the map i look. After killing few monsters, game hangs, isnt respoding.
  12. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    each time you complete a quest, you get a new quest... so when youll complete quest nr11, youll get a quest for nr12, and when you complete that, youll have both done. so far: nr1 = cs nr2 = cs nr3 = 2 out of ssm, dd, hh or st nr4 = cs nr5 = the daily quest in moon refuge nr6 = bring 8 solar energies to peach girl in basin nr7 = kill a boss in basin nr8 = 2 out of ssm, hh, dd or st nr9 = daily quest in toi nr10 = kill a boss in basin nr11 = 2 out of ssm, hh, dd or st nr12 = do tsm or rt
  13. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    for tt accs, you need 13 charms to get from unrefined to tt1 to tt3 perm.
  14. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    please consider reducing gold from weekly raids (BT, VT), instead getting 57+90+90g, we should get 15+30+0g for the hard effort.
  15. H0 2nd boss

    2 = stun 1 F = KD