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  1. he just wants to sound like a know it all and demand more out of ncsoft than they are giving..... this soulboost is already generous enough as it is. People need to sit down zip it and be grateful. We get another one in July and it will have more great stuff. Ncsoft most likely intends to put on soulboost twice a year lasting 6 months each one. And it will slowly progress new/returning players/alts.
  2. I'm not making excuses legit no one got silversteel 9 from soulboost. I've been doing soulboost on alts and none of them got silversteel 9 from soulboost. And this is before the supposed changes you are insisting they made. If you got any extra tablets in your received box that was cause of some error with soulboost. So just because they gave extra x2 tablets in received box doesn;t mean soulboost was meant to go to silversteel 9. You might wanna check the soulboost article because it legit said everything you get from soulboost. This is what soulboost gives.
  3. Actually soulboost isn;t intended to go to silversteel 9 it's only meant to go to silversteel 6. Next soulboost in july will go to silversteel 9 with tablets free. They gotta make soulboost good but not too good.... you know what i mean. Just be patient and wait for next soulboost. They are just following the soulboost rewards that Kr gives them.
  4. Dear Greenstorm, I write to you on behalf of myself and many others in the community who are saddened, that this is now the 4th event with no cosmetics in the dragon express loot table. I bring forth a suggestion to you that I really think you should talk to the devs/KR about because this one isn;t even hard and is all players friendly. I suggest recycling old event cosmetics every event that does not have a planned new cosmetic intended for the loot table or throw in Admiral Outfit Selection/Admiral Adornment Selection boxes to the loot table. I have characters still missing older ev
  5. Finally someone else who thinks we should have a cost adjustment to SF9. My main still isn;t SF9 because I don;t raid and I can only rely on Weekly challenge/Stronghold/Daily dash for twisted hearts. Many are like me who rely on those 3 sources to try and get twisted hearts as they don't raid. I think they should also consider more events with raid catalyst selection boxes. Like the previous event that allowed you to get 10 free twisted hearts per character, we need this in a lot more events. I'd rather have loot like that then gem hammers or fortune potions etc. Give us loot that actually hel
  6. i sent a ticket and all support replied back with was "we got your ticket get to you soon" which is very discouraging because my alt really needs those points a lot.....
  7. all i can say to both of you is take pictures with the date in the corner of your computer screen as proof to show support incase you have to fight for your points. that's what i did.
  8. Anyone elses soulboost meter broken? I discovered this after I ran a full weekly challenge, what would have been my 3/3 for all weekly challenge dungeons on my alt today and didn't get the points for it. Completed but got no points. Please if you're having the same issue please post here and let Greenstorm know I'm not alone and that you're having this too so they can giddy up and fix it. This if not fixed asap will harm a lot of people still doing soulboost in the last few weeks on alts or new players starting.
  9. Greenstorm I just ran weeklies on my alt and I got no points at all cause the soulboost meter it broken. I have all 4 tabs unlocked on my alt and kit was her 3/3 for all weekly challenge dungeons. Is there any plan to fix this? because this is gonna harm a lot of people doing soulboost. Says completed but I got no points added to my meter. I am really upset because I need those points to further my alts soulboost.
  10. Dear Greenstorm, I remember when daily special sometimes had outfits such as voyager, fight fire with fire and other 700ncoin/hmc and below outfits on fridays once a week. And it was a nice little surprise cause you never knew which outfit it was gonna be and it really made people look forward to fridays. If this was to make a return I'm sure lots of people would really love it. Please if you would consider this it would be both a great way for ncsoft to make money and for players to get some fun inexpensive cosmetics every week in between the usual cosmetics rotation. Thanks for your time Gre
  11. same thing happened to me on eu so i sent a ticket to support and i urge you all to do the same
  12. Hello Greenstorm I want to make this issue known to you and the team before you get people who land on this spot and complain everywhere. The x5 spot on EU daily dash for the trove keys is bugged. I landed on it today and it only gave me 1 key instead of the 5 it's supposed to. I confirmed with a friend on NA who landed on this spot and he confirms it's working as intended on NA and they are getting the x5 keys on that spot. So can you please look into this for EU as soon as you can because I know if anyone is lucky enough to land on this spot they are gonna feel really upset if they don't get
  13. That does sound pretty ungrateful. Free pet and free flashback and some other little things.... Idk sounds pretty good to me. Let's not forget chromatic threads to tailor outfits became full swipe item after the x5 square was removed from daily dash. So yeah any time they wanna gimme a bundle with free chromatic threads I'm there. Do try and remember they don't have to give us anything free so always appreciate the stuff they do give free. And maybe you can't use the flashback outfit but it doesn't mean a new player getting into the game or returning player couldn't use it. These bundles I fee
  14. Hello Green storm, First let me say you're doing a great job around here. Second to bring attention to a set we can no longer get because the Wonder Merchant was removed from dungeons last year. The Officer Friendly Achievement was a pretty fun one to get and the hairstyle and outfit fun to wear. I was wondering if you could talk to the team and get it added to the achievement merchant Kiyeon or another merchant maybe in mushins tower for people to get. I as well as many players would gladly pay fabric fee to get the set. The items in the set say acquired from Wonder M
  15. I am unsure if people checked but I found out that there are differences in the bundles per region. Below is NA's version of bundle number 5 with a whole shimmering scale. And here we have EU's version with a pet pack. And here is what the article lists the loot should be in the bundle. May I ask why EU got a pet pack and NA didn't. This is really uncool and they need to compensate NA that pet pack. One region shouldn't get loot another region is not getting. NA and EU are supposed to get the same f10 offerings and the same conpensations unless EU or NA has
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