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  1. Listen here it's called knowing what is essential to keep and what needs to be tossed.... also they have a solution dragon trade pouches to expand your inventory. Aka swipe for ncoin to buy pouches. IDK why people always complain about storage issues when it's on the ownace of the the player to manage their inventory better and to buy dragon trade pouches to expand inventory and vault space. nc soft will not give away free space at any point in time.... best you can do is wait for a free week of prem unlock the full prem storage spots and dump all you don't use on a daily basis in there and pu
  2. which essentially means you believed they updated trove.... which they didn't aka fall for scam
  3. you clearly don't know cause you thought trove got new stuff and got buffed..... you fell for their scam
  4. it really isn't I've had several friends trove and all they saw a lot of was the christmas outfit and gold boxes..... this trove is nothing special don't be fooled
  5. it was not updated..... they are trying to make people believe that so they spend more.... clue in
  6. dude this is to scam people into buying more trove keys cause they want you to think they buffed it after people already spent.... don't fall victim to the scam
  7. Hello @Hime, I know this problem doesn't just effect me but how it's handled in game really upsets me. I occasionally crash from koldrak and I can load back up my game fast enough to get back into dragon before epic challenge is closed. However.... the timer and the icon for epic challenge [koldrak] goes away for your character if you crash out of your instance and it counts as you ran it. I really wish this could be changed because Ex. What if you're unfortunately running the last epic challenge time of the night and this happens. Then you're stuck without a dragon credit for the day for the
  8. Some videos I made of my bns characters. https://streamable.com/bizzpt https://streamable.com/i9teq6 https://streamable.com/r0r3s8 https://streamable.com/jiewob Hope you guys enjoy them.
  9. I second this. Honestly live in moon refuge a week and get you a solid set of triangles and those will last you a long time. There's nothing you need from mandate that you can't get in Cold Storage. CS has feathers too folks and needs no orb to enter. There's lots of other dailies like Koldrak and floor 7 and other lower dungeons like SSM/DD/HH. You can easily get 5 dailies from the lowers without even touching HM. So them removing orbs and fragments during this event is not bad.
  10. @HimeI noticed that the rare element pouches in mushins tower merchant are limited to 5 pouches per week and they give 2-3 elements per pouch. For a lot of new players trying to craft things like transformation stones and emp stones and other things to make upgrades this is hard for them. That's simply not enough rare elements in a week to do a lot of needed crafting. There really shouldn't be a limit on rare elements because someone getting a ton of rare elements easily shouldn't be an issue. I really think the limit on those should be removed so new players can have easier access to them and
  11. Oh my gosh yes. I too wanted to see All Nighter come back and I agree a revamp would be really nice. I hope they consider it.
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