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  1. 5m exp charms can stay, they are nice, but material requirement should change... I do agree that this game was going not so good market direction entire time, just last few patches are completely destroying in a really steep way. 5m exp charm transmute requirements, silverfrost quest gold decrease, Sundered Nexus chest removal. And it just keeps on going. Every patch since 5m exp charm it goes worse and worse and not that a little bit, but drastically. And they do see forums, that is for sure, but they just keep on doing their own thing. I mean, I love this game, it's unique but i
  2. I mean... I don't even know what to say. This game is about to become expensive even for p2w players. At this point I am getting quite sure NCsoft now just trying to milk the game before shutting it down. 0 responses regarding messed up prices due to bad patches, no changes, nothing. Players complain, prices becomes more and more ridiculous and nothing happens...
  3. There can be something done: make daily quest just to kill last boss and problem solved. And it is not just DT or masts, it's every single dungeon. You join after they kill one boss - you won't complete the quest. And 10 times kill achievement is nothing... You will be done with it in no time and then there will be no use to join existing party, especially if you are limited on gameplay time due to well, real life.
  4. Agreed. Still it is stupid and having high grade weapon only doesn't make party good or result in higher overall party DPS. Someone might have Raven weapons from trove but legendary accessories, elemental accessories, bad SS. Also some classes shines not in DPS but in utility they bring, like party buffs, shields, heals, resurrections (well atm it's SF only that can do so) etc. It is one thing to have "Raven/Aransu only" parties and completely different thing to have properly set up and correctly (even if lower stages) geared up players. What most people fail to see that cu
  5. 700 tokens is far too easy for swordsmans hat + they are account bound so it is not that fair. Naksun hat can be exchanged at NPC already in Mushins Tower
  6. Tbh I also would like this game to die as well and would love to see NCSoft go bankrupt at some point. I don't know how they are dealing with their other games, but the way they treat players is ridiculous. I spent here over 800 euros and not always got what I wanted (mainly outfits is 100% you get what you pay for) while on other game (can't say name or mod will remove post) I spent 125 eu and got EXACTLY what I wanted and felt more rewarding than spending 6x more on this game which is ridiculous. Most importantly, I never see staff replying to these topics, it shows how they don
  7. You see, thing is, as I said before, I have my self infinite challenge, swordsman hat, obsidian serpent outfit and black veil (these 2 are also hard and painful to get), got red mask from farming and it just shows nothing. Why? because it's RNG. No one knows how many runs I did for those outfits, how much patience it cost me, heck I was farming Obsidian serpent with black veil and Infinite challenge back in lvl 45 cap on BM who has pretty much weakest PvE class at that moment while now its farming few buttons and dead. Furthermore, while one farms his behind off, other gets in 1-2 runs. Like o
  8. Well he lost a bit of money xD
  9. By players spending money that's how. They never reply to these topics, they just try to milk as much as they can and if they decide it's worth it, they will try to fix things right before game dies. Or let it die. If they ain't gonna fix things on Aprils 11th things will go super bad, especially when Trove will be gone there will be even less materials obtained per day so prices will go even higher.
  10. Oh hey look another "I already have this so go and enjoy this pain as well" person. How you guys simply do not understand the concept of MMORPG and outdated continent. In decently published MMORPG old continent stuff should be easier to get than was before. You know how hard it was back in the day to get True Scorpio weapon + true boss accs? Then later on Baleful/Seraph? You had to grind A LOT to get them. Now Baleful/Seraph is 5 Naryu Silver. So what? It was inevitable that it would happen as with the time it got outdated. And I am outfit farmer my self, I am proud of Infinite
  11. Yeaaaa boi, it worked! Really wanted shadow guard, thank you!!
  12. Almost same in EU. It went from 60 go 180g and they are being actively sold. If NCSoft would make higher gold costs but less material cost it would be great. But hey, lets make exp charm crafting that needs evolved stones, ms, pet pods etc. Who cares about economy right?
  13. Newsflash: from chests and quests, Naksun etc. you get crystals. Been saving up materials for a while and I have about 600 ms crystals and about 100 ms, quite a ratio isn't it?
  14. Because there is no more EC HM, hm and NM was merged to NM only
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