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  1. H0 2nd boss

    2 = stun 1 F = KD
  2. Mao glove

    and the neck is still costing 25 alfa tokens 🌑
  3. Ancient honing oil fails

    I too had about 50-55% success rate with 20+ pet pack before, didn't try making any after the patch yet.
  4. SSP Battle Time Boss

    you don't farm evos in ssp. you farm them in msp when weekend bonus is on.
  5. Level 36

    because you no longer have to purchase ncoin to send stuff to others. so chinese farmers have small wall to climb.
  6. With the option enabled, i can still hear the whisper sound if i get a whisper from a person that is blocked because of the setting. If i remove the option, i see the whisper.
  7. Weekly Reward not collectable

    Yes. It also fixed those which didnt count before, ie had 2 completed and 0/3, but now 2/3.
  8. Weekly Reward not collectable

    its fixed, on EU
  9. weeklies are fixed. but if you already completed the quests, they dont count.
  10. Weekly reward bugged

    is fixed now
  11. Cold Storage - Cant use Orb of Ascension

    in hm it works fine.
  12. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    i just tried to do them with my gunner, like always take the quests before doing them. after keeper, 0/3, did templar too, still 0/3. did weeklies on my fm before patch today and it went ok, but now...
  13. Warlock bugs since awakening

    with tiger bracelet works mortal coil. fix this pls.
  14. itll go like this: For accessories that are level 9 or under, you can salvage them to acquire the corresponding new accessory. from the patch notes
  15. since i came back, 1 week or so ago, i havent seen a daily for any of those inis. and so its really hard on some days to do daily with new char. please consider new players / new chars for dailys.
  16. Requirement for accesory switch

    going from 9 to 10 doesnt cost 1k... if you farmed poharan at least one bit you could've made some profit...
  17. stage 6 will stay stage 6, only difference is you cannot switch the spec until you upgrade it to stage 10 or higher.
  18. user opened 300 Grand Phantasmic Boxes and got... total of 2 different legendary items from which both were chests...
  19. DD and HH requirements change!!!!

    dawn1 = seraph 11. why did you upgrade from s10 when its cheaper to go s12 and then dawn3... also, how come you didnt try your luck with fleeting weapons?
  20. im leveling a gunner and found a chest where it said "no warden wpn inside"