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  1. Warlock Bugs

    yep you can test this even without help, just cast Sanctum, walk out, wait for Buff to disappear then walk back in, you have to wait for the next "timer" to get the buff. So basicly the warlock developer ( clearly someone who realy likes WL as a class... ) took old sanctums and reworked them so they arent constant anymore but a timed reappliment of the buff.... enjoy getting butchered by classes with abilitys that can interupt that timer.
  2. Warlock Bugs

    Yeah i just tested it with a KFM and FM, when they use their "Pull" abilitys even if we get sucked to the edge of our sanctum we dont get the buff, the problem seems to be the fact that the "buff" isnt applied soon as you enter.. it seems to applied evry 2-2.5 sec so its not a constant, so we get sucked out.. aired or FM4 field we miss the reapply buff timer and lose the protection, yay for great design, old pre awakening sanctum was a constant buff so long as you were inside you had it, current system isnt. I mean this is literally WL only defense mechanic, we dont have any mobility or proper CC´s and evryone already has toolkits to get us out of it, atleast minimum make sure its working properly. While sanctum is up we get a buff evry 2 seconds or so, you can test this, leave it after first 2 sec, wait 1 sec then reenter, you wont get a buff, you have to wait for the timer on the sanctum field to hit hte next buff applying ( aka it applies buff 5 times, at cast, 2 sec, 4 sec, 6sec, 8 sec and at 10 sec... Just try walking in and out of it, if your not "present" in the field at any of those intervals your ****.
  3. Warlock Bugs

    This happens frequently since after awakening they changed to field from being a constant to applying a buff repeatedly, plus with EU and NA desync issues onto of that re occuring buff it frequently gets disabled on the edges or if you just reentered it... its a headache in 6v6.
  4. Because they literally have no clue, NCwest is pointless, they have no idea what we are gonna get from Korea so they literally just keep spewing lies in our faces...
  5. Do you even care at this point?

    Dont openly lie too us, You collect nothing, you have control over nothing this patch just proves it, No one in NCwest has a clue what we are getting from Korea on a daily basis, we get late information day before patch wich is just you guys on stream literally lying too us.... literally telling us things that arent gonna happen.. and just slapping your whole playerbase
  6. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    i mean at this point gotta ask what the hell it is that NCwest even does? No one in your team seems to have a clue wtf we are getting from Korea, your patch notes SAID bosses would be easier and have less health, Now it turns out none of you had a clue and we are missing the NINJA buffs too MSP, You removing Orb fragments from daily etc etc, Like seriously what does BNS west even do?!? Instead of apoligizing for your CLEAR huge ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤up and literaly DRIVING people to quit the game is "It was intended" a week later!?!? How do you not see this is a huge slap in the face of the people who still give you money and still play this game even though you keep messing things up again and again and AGAIN!!
  7. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I mean this post alone is coming off like you have zero respect for your clientbase and think we are all idiots.... YOU GUYS are the ones who described this as dungeons becoming easier, YOU guys named it EASY, You guys removed Ascension Orb fragments from DC without including it, its painfully clear that you guys have NO CLUE about the content we are getting from Korea at all!
  8. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    literally going "this is intended" after the colossal miscommunication from last week and waiting another week to spew that bullshit exscuse youd have been better off telling us that you tested nothing, and were just saying what you clearly misunderstood from the korean developers, because either A) NCwest is utterly clueless and barely has any communication in the developement of the patches for NA/EU or B) same as A but you guys just want to lie to your community because of your royal ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤up.
  9. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    So more bullshit? Do the korean devs literaly tell NCwest anything!? YOUR TEAM on the preview said in clear words difficulty was gonna be EASIER not HARDER, and ontop of that you name it easy mode AND increase the difficulty from what it was and tell us its to practice for Hardmode WHEN YOU REMOVED HARDMODE FROM THEM! WHILE reducing gold gain flat while tacking ontop more and more requirements to get max soul and max pet, your current trove seems rigged to give less crit then older ones and now because you have literally been clueless for a week we finally today get "Oh guys this is intended!" Real nice way to show that NCwest is literaly clueless about the game your selling too us, I mean how many times has NCwest gone through restructuring because of this horrible communication?! Does no one in Korea speak english so they can explain what drivel you should be selling too us at the time? And ontop of that you told us you ( NCwest ) tested this patch, if you tested it you clearly would know its not easier and that its slightly harder then it was before....
  10. "Apply on me SSD required"

    Play pvp, weekly raid... HM dungeons, do Challenge Mode dungeons, try to get high scores in solo dungeon for HMcoins, content in MMO´s tends to always be shallow at endgame gears...
  11. Awakening Shadow Warlock Rotation.

    i realy wouldnt recommend changing to become a Warlock... both PvE wise and PvP they arent in the best spot, Shadow WL is in the top 4-5dmg dealing classes atm but ONLY if you have between 60-80 ingame ping, its very ping reliant and has severe downsides in mobility and the fact our Tab being a backdash can make some mechanics in the game very difficult for us to do. Warlock is the weakest class in PvP atm. if you want to be a Ranged class, Wind summoner and FM are more fun and dmg wise ahead, if you want to do SB and dont mind melee, then Warden is literaly superiour too WL in evry regard, DMG, Defense, Mobility and they can even tank if you want too.
  12. 3rd Spec Release order?

    first 4 classes in the game was BM, KFM, Destroyer and FM, in the korean beta, so no, they are most likely going off most played classes and placing warden last as the newest class, and since the last year they seem to have made it their mission of wreckign the WL class and making people quit, ( by removing abilities and basicly making the class worse to play in many regards with awakening when compared to a new class that literaly does evry single thing better then WL ) So WL is last.
  13. 3rd Spec Release order?

    The newly released producer letter confirms that Destroyer and Sin are next to get 3rd spec... still want to say its wrong? So basicly if your a Warlock you get to enjoy NCsoft further abusing your class by making last with Warden to get a 3rd spec. LOL they just edited the Producer letter to change it from being Destroyer and Sin next, too "Additional classes" can you imagine why they would do that? And they edited it back in.
  14. 3rd Spec Release order?

    Is this realy the release schedual for classes 3rd spec?? Because if Gunner is ahead of other classes like WL its super infuriating.
  15. Trove Warlock Weapon skin

    Ok as a warlock you will get kinda used to NCsoft treating your class as a afterthought, But the Dragon Shroud weapon skin in trove is just a slap in the face, the bangle on the sheath sticks out straight into the air on Warlocks Arm, Preview wont show the bangle so we cant tell, The Preview stream wont even show daggers/razors because they know they are crap.... This has been complained about so many times yet its NEVER fixed and now newest trove in 2019, they are giving us Daggers from before Warlock even existed so of course they arent Designed for us and im pissed off, i picked the skin as my 300 trove reward instead of the oils because it looked cool in the preview and now i got this ugly looking bangle sticking out of it wich means i cannot use it. This isnt okay, i mean even the newest weapons the Kimono and Pop art are designed for a Assasins back and not a Warlocks arm, so please either design the weapon for BOTH classes, or let us disable the sheath, Sin and WL are the ONLY classes in the game who have them, evryone elses weapons just hover on their back.