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  1. Mewling read my thread, and you'll understand as to why I made this to begin with.
  2. What about shift work? I would imagine that a diff shift might take over..
  3. NA Yura characters: Noctanious INoctaviousI
  4. I tried my older alts without moonlit soul and was able to enter the game, probably it's the moonlit soul.
  5. Mine is also at stage 4, but I can't log in.
  6. NA-Yura server main character Noctanious alt character INoctaviousI
  7. All my alts gets this error, including my main warlock.
  8. There is a system error after entering character selection screen, I get this message (SystemErr - (300 : Server Authentication Failure).
  9. Just wondering when is this update suppose to be done for NA players.
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