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  1. The rng boxes that were released today have a bug which prevents them from being purchased more than once per day with Hongmoon Coins (instead of 20). ETA on fix?
  2. Astromancer exclusive skin

    No you don't. Because they're giving away free lvl 60 and character slot
  3. Astromancer exclusive skin

    I assume you'll be able to send it over with outfit delivery stamps
  4. So at least Blood Oath has been "teased" in September store update, yet still no sign of it (again). Same with Summer Love, sneak-peeked *last month* and it's still nowhere to be seen. They aren't in trove either. What gives?
  5. Where is Summer Love???

    Don't bet on either of these, the same happened to Blood Oath. Used as a banner for 3rd spec sin. But never legitimately released (it was available for a day or two for rng box currency like we have now but only *after* the boxes were over)
  6. Nice (not) meme

    That would be fine but.... The amount of mats/rewards we *need* is massive, the amount we actually get regularly is nihil compared to that. "Events" are/were the only thing even slightly closing that gap. And now they're gone too.
  7. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    Friend, what are you on about? BnS has one of the simplest Pve content out there, you can learn the entire fights 100-0 because everything is on a rotation or health percentage. Bosses will never do anything out of order that can't be predicted. Easy mode dungeons especially need even less than that.
  8. So thanks to a reddit thread and after double checking myself in-game Blood Oath has been added to the list of PREVIOUS outfif rng box.... which we can't get anymore.... therefore we can't get the outfit either. It's frustrating that I've been waiting for this one since it's F3 release in December only to get blocked like this? @Cyan Any explanation please? Can we have this outfit available already?
  9. Just seems like they want people to be logged in for longer for statistics or whatever results they need to show to their main branch
  10. Umm, sorry what? The F2 you're showing is a sin, and rank 1 is a summoner?
  11. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    Don't know what's p2w about it. It's available for hongmoon coins too, which I still have 20k leftover from season rewards
  12. "Lost it" would imply they had it in the first place
  13. Frontier Server on EU! WE WANT IT!

    Who is we? For one, it's already confirmed we're not going to get it, and it would be a bad idea to split the playerbase even further
  14. Returning Blade Dancer question

    Lightning is superior for dungeons and raids, decent in PvP. Wind is superior for PvP, but also quite buggy. Lightning uses Warsong (Songbird+Sagewood) and Dynasty/Groundbreaker badges, Wind uses Paragon (Resurgence+Liberty) and Aransu/Thornbreaker badges