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  1. Extended

    Stay in school kids
  2. This patch might be the last straw

    Yea, my bad. I see the issue now. The issue is you treat this as some kind of job. It's not. No one is forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. You can keep up just fine with 1 character, being f2p. I'm able to, you should as well.
  3. This patch might be the last straw

    What's the issue with increased number of dc quests? Finally additional incentive to play more. No one is forcing you to play a bunch of alts. I'm keeping up just fine with 1 character. Judging from RU streams and info (and we get same stuff as RU 99.9% of the time), Easy mode is going to be basically the same as normal mode rewards-wise. You get *more* for *less* effort. And you can still get legendary drops in easy mode. Lastly, you don't need over half the new upgrades that get released to clear anything. You won't need pet gems to clear ET or WC hm. You don't need Omega pet either. Every high tier endgame content is perfectly clearable with f2p gear. Play at your own pace, maybe?
  4. Just disgusting @ new patch notes

    You haven't seen how the bracelet drop will work, but you're already complaining. You haven't seen how drop of awakened unity stones will work, but you're already complaining. Same for pet gems. It's always *crying cricket noises* with you people. Everything needs to be obtainable day 1, at no expense.
  5. Archer's release date speculations?

    Sept 17th 100%
  6. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    Flipping tables over something as insignificant as unity.... Nothing was sneaky. Rng boxes and new F10 items are kept secret until release 90% of the time. Badges? You had SEVERAL months to decide which spec you wanted to play. You knew exchange wasn't permanent. Wanted to play 2-3 specs at same time? Get 2 badges like everyone else. It's also risible to claim "unity was the one f2p thing without a way to whale it". More and more people forgot about trove and other rng boxes it seems. Unity boxes were there. The unity xp charm boosts by laughable 50k points..... How many would you have to buy to even make a dent on your usual progress? A LOT. Meaning It would be the last thing you spend money on, when you have nothing else to upgrade - because you would already be maxed, and unity would be even more meaningless.
  7. Mmmm no. I guess you forgot unity stones boxes were part of previous trove and other rng boxes
  8. If all you're doing is playing alts.... wait, for what? What do you do with your main? I'm keeping up just fine being f2p, having ET raid and doing nicely in arena and 6v6. If I wanted to catch up to absolute max geared people.... yea I guess I'd have to play lots of alts. Do I want to? No. Play at your own pace, otherwise you'll burn yourself out
  9. If you played casually unity-wise since the start, you'd be ~70-80ish unity now. Difference between that and 120 is not significant stat-wise. No one is forced to buy these boxes, I really don't see what's your issue with people buying them. If they buying them in EXTREME amounts that you described, chances are (very high) they're already megalodons that would heavily outperform you in pve or pvp all the same, even without that extra unity. Rather be happy they're funding the game so you don't have to.,
  10. 5 favorites for bns cosmetic contest?

    "Worldwide basis". It's not only NA and EU
  11. Shackled isle team review after testing

    For team summon you need to be on the same altitude. If your buddy is up in the trees and you on the ground, pull won't work even if within range. It's in item description
  12. When do things get fun?

    Game starts at lvl 60...
  13. Shackled isles chest rewards

    Per account Counting to 7.
  14. Weekly rewards

    They cleary posted a statement: Please make sure to keep yourself informed to avoid miscommunication!
  15. Summer Splash Outfit

    Yes it was