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  1. lewd\ nudes profile pics

    Well sir.... The game is rated 17+. Not sure what 15 and 13 year-olds are doing here other than playing at their own "risk". Though I do agree the trend is quite repulsive.
  2. A few outfits

    Dark emissary+ wings was trove only Dark distinction too, but it was pretty common drop Special Forces and Breezy Rider you could get with tokens from an rng box Crystal mosaic was in f10 first, then a code reward from tournament stream, then f10 again not too long ago. Another outfit-only rng box should be happening soonish, and given how long it's been, dark distinction, breezy rider and special forces just might be there
  3. I'm all for changes that discourage playing an army of alt slaves to get exponentially more profit over those who prefer playing 1 character
  4. This is simply not true. Especially with new enlightened jewels and elemets, demand for moonstones and elysians spiked up for everyone not at endgame tier gear (which is most players). Transformation stones crafting cost and upgrade quantity required also increased, which also uses all tradeable mats. Which consequently also increased prices for oils and pet pods because they require the same.
  5. I didnt like my badge anyway

    That's because they changed rmb ID's because people used a cheat addon that removes 2nd and 3rd rmb for insane dps increase. They just forgot to change the skill ID for badge. Wouldn't have happened if there were no cheaters
  6. Would like Wilting Flower to come back in some form..... it hasn't been available since the MxM thingy
  7. Another Oof to this patch

    That's not since this patch. That's previous one or the one before
  8. All bosses have the exact same HP as before. Mechanics are all the same (from hard mode and wiping). You haven't done anything at all this maintenance. Please do an emergency maintenance and do one of the following: #1 Bring back old dungeon reward values, because currently dungeons are clearly harder than they were #2 Keep the nerfed rewards, but ACTUALLY reduce dungeon difficulty too ( this is the 2nd time you've lied about reduced stats and difficutly ) #3 Bring back old normal mode
  9. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Completely out of season April fool's joke
  10. Well, if that was the reason you quit *despite* the fact that you could've reskinned it anytime, I think you will find plenty more reasons to quit. Are you looking to play the game again for a pretty sword or for a population, because you're contradicting yourself. Game currently has a decreasing population due to a major screw-up in dungeon difficulties (among other things). But you'll only really find out if it's worth coming back when you play it yourself
  11. The game is a load of garbage

    What is restrictive about Throne of Oblivion?
  12. They are meant to be. Because not-coincidentally they contain every single outfit that was unique to past events. It's so player who weren't there or didn't get them, can get them now
  13. Extended

    Stay in school kids
  14. This patch might be the last straw

    Yea, my bad. I see the issue now. The issue is you treat this as some kind of job. It's not. No one is forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. You can keep up just fine with 1 character, being f2p. I'm able to, you should as well.
  15. This patch might be the last straw

    What's the issue with increased number of dc quests? Finally additional incentive to play more. No one is forcing you to play a bunch of alts. I'm keeping up just fine with 1 character. Judging from RU streams and info (and we get same stuff as RU 99.9% of the time), Easy mode is going to be basically the same as normal mode rewards-wise. You get *more* for *less* effort. And you can still get legendary drops in easy mode. Lastly, you don't need over half the new upgrades that get released to clear anything. You won't need pet gems to clear ET or WC hm. You don't need Omega pet either. Every high tier endgame content is perfectly clearable with f2p gear. Play at your own pace, maybe?