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  1. Nope, as far as I know, only destro, bd, wl and bm can parry. Parry is basicaly like block or counter. If they hit you with a skill that does not pierce parry in that 0.5 sec while your parry is active, your enemy will get stunned.
  2. Do you use the "Unlucky" insignia? It gives you 100% crit chance, but if anything damages you, you lose the ability to crit for about 27 seconds.
  3. The "anger meter" is on her buffbar, named: impatience. Good luck 😄
  4. You'll have plenty of silvers, don't worry 🙂
  5. Can you please send out a few free Mao weekly boxes to the ppl who couldn't enter? They are a great source of anima and silversteel ore, the main reason we did mao. Thank you
  6. The really weird thing is how multitool's file check worked for my friend who had a similar issue
  7. I wonder if the "Heart Upgrade will only use Sterling Scales for all Tier" part from alice will be implemented or not. It'd be a pretty big change.
  8. The invitation link expired... When creating an invitation link, you can click on "never expire", or else the link will be dead in a seven days...
  9. 80 sacred oils or honing oils? 😮
  10. Maybe if we had koldrak in every hour's first 10 minutes, less ppl would queue at a time, servers may take it better.
  11. You can hide it in the options but you can't change it
  12. Gameforge? So you want to have premium membership just to TRADE WITH OTHER PLAYERS? Or op charms in the cash shop. Like in Aion. The neighbour's grass is always greener, I know, but Gameforge is awful.
  13. Different specs have different modifiers on items. SF 3rd spec has powerful dps, so I think it's for ballance
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