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  1. You res up immediately after wipe aoe, hit the boss fast with something, then use your charm. Read your party res charm's description, because some charms cant ress up teammates when they are chi recovering or just laying on the ground. Wait for them to fully die. In house of idols, you can ress them up almost immediately, but in hch, you gotta wait a bit, use it after the spin.
  2. The chance of opening slots when you upgrade is extremely low 😕 They can get slots, but just in case, craft some legendary gem hammers
  3. Yea, we did the same as you, but it would be nice to know how it works.
  4. Hello there, If someone gifts me two frozen gift boxes, then I purchase two boxes too from dragon express, they will stack. How does the system decide which box can I mail for event rewards and which I can't?
  5. Hi! This video helped me a lot. Sadly, you need to disable skill effects and make it look like a PS2 game. If it doesnt help, this might: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EnWZkr0QP3kmt_krlA2IVaCpJVTmHTFreBxsnsCRJwA/edit
  6. Once .... I got kicked from an oblivion party mid-fight, because I used party freeze (we had hm block too in that party, but I dont trust randoms when it comes to party protect lol) Btw if you still need help, pm me here, on the forum.
  7. When I recruit for weeklies, and someone already did one of them, I always accept them. There will be a good raid leader who accepts you. If not, then I'll make a raid for you ^^
  8. I would also like to have an other source of liberty tokens, other than marketplace or F10 in for 100 ncoin each
  9. From DD to HCH, they nerf the difficulty. On the russian server, DST last boss has 18 million hp. Yes, 18 million. That's a 90% hp decrease. If the other dungeons recieve similar nerfs for the event, then a full newbie party with event gear will have no problem doing even hch. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/673933338746028032/758007630240284782/unknown.png
  10. Sadly, I don't have any free slots and vouchers atm. Once I speedrunned a charater from lv 1 to 60 with all gold, orange and purple quests. it took about 21 hours, and there was monster, hell and maybe redbull pumping in my veins lol
  11. Yea, but for that, you need to create an astromancer, level it up to 60, do daily challenge 3 times, then delete the character and create an archer with the 60 voucher :(
  12. This new even hyped me up, ngl. The free character slot, 60 voucher and the whole chest event is kinda sweet. The astro skin looks great on other classes. It's downside is you need to create an astromancer for this event and do 3 dailies for the skin. I wanted to create an archer and I would have loved this outfit on it. Will we be able to get this skin from any other source?
  13. Hello there, Newbies can farm decent psyches from rt-st-tsm. They can also get hepta obsidian and garnet from those dungeons. DST and BC hard mode is doable with aransu gear, you just need to do mechanics, but it's a good thing to make new players learn some mild mechs. Good psyches come from those dungeons too. I agree with the challenge mode part tho, it would be nice to get those psyches even after a new dungeon comes to cm. Also, making rare elements more accessible would be great, many of my friends can't craft because they don't have enough of them. But I don't understand what y
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