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  1. This will be a great event, evo stones will be finaly be available to all players, not just the elite whales. Stop complaining.
  2. Noone cares about factions, old and bad content. It's already useless. A few whales farm ssp for soulstones. If open world pvp were a big thing in the game, then you would be right.
  3. I think this link wont expire: https://discord.gg/pbgCKTnmey
  4. Hi! A nice person made a discord server where new/returning players can talk and stuff. https://discord.gg/pbgCKTnmey Also, cerulean faction chat is not as active, as crimson. Also, using region chat to find a clan can help too. Try Mushin tower or Savan village (divine realm)
  5. Absolutely agree. I've finished the story with most of my alts before the update, so they are there with stormdragon 9 or raven 9 😄 Also the faction system is outdated, most ppl use faction chat for trade or recruit. It would be really nice if we had a server chat (or even two, one for trade, one for rec)
  6. Yea... I know... Everyone knows this... Thank you for being rude... But if you need 250 of each material and the bags give you 3-6 each, then gl figuring out how many you'd need for one upgrade. You can't deny it wastes space, it's just the new "skystealer" scale broken into 6 pieces
  7. This game builds on reaction times and fast gameplay. Your ideal class depends on your playstyle. This game has a few dedicated tank classes, but all of them can do the work. Other than that, everyone is a self healing dps, so that's nice. Personal quick summary of all of the classes: Assassin - can go to stealth, great mobility, has a party protection, melee Blade master - tank, has party protection, nice mobility, melee Destroyer - immovable object, spin to win, has many cc, party protection and a grab, melee Force master - ranged dps, has grab on fire talent, party protection on
  8. Demonsbane loot is good, new accessories were inevitable. I like how they changed the dynamic in FoE too. But the rng fest with the fusion stones is horrible. Make it more expensive but 100%. Also why do we have so many new materials for the accessories. We get all 6 of them at the same rate, we dont need one more than the other, so they only exist to waste space.
  9. The best option would be to put gc stage 3 weapon chest in dragon express for 1 copper and the requirement could be the completion of that story quest which gave it.
  10. That's scourge. Strong, just do as I said earlier
  11. I don't know. Is it the 1st, 2nd or 3rd talent?
  12. Currently the strongest wl is scourge with the oldschool revelation mystic badge (can be aquired from midnight skypetal plains npc or from celestial basin, but msp is much faster). It reduces your wingstorm (v) cooldown every time your helix (4) hits. And because every time your V hits an enemy, you get 3 seconds of cc resist, you can be in cc resist constantly. Soul badge can be either eternity (can be bought from kangcha in mushin tower). Every time your helix hits during siphon, you can use helix again. So basicaly helix spam, no need for rmb, only to use leech. You need to be in siphon
  13. Don't forget, it takes about 12 days to open all 12 boxes
  14. Well a regular mortal only has 1k-1.5k mystic there, but still, compound is very useful and gives significant dps increase
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