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  1. You'll get more materials from the chest
  2. It depends if you should switch to td or not. If you are the most geared, it means you should stay sb, because the +10% ap during sb helps. If you have some super whales, use td. For example, if you have 2k ap, and the ppl who ask for td have 3k, you should td. If the biggest boi is ranged, stand next to them, summon your thrall there and td 3-4 secs after the fight has started. If the biggest boi is melee, then switch to thrall stun on q, throw it on the boss and td there. I saw a sin bursting 15m+ because of td, a warden once wanted to marry me because of it 😄 But I understand your poin
  3. I was wondering, if the dungeons will be nerfed during the event, like last time, when you could easily do high level dungeons for remnants and boss enrage didnt wipe the pt, like in hch.
  4. Hello there, For new players, I recommend this doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13yekyrPM5OZTUPAxscnKJ2yaxRzD9II3EXPC_5gQsXw/edit It's long, but it has everything. Also, don't join random clans. BNS has 2 types of clans. One is for just gathering ppl, minimal upgrade cost reduces, no clan battleground, mostly alt characters are in them. These are called Social clans. The other is called competitive, you can level up the clan, mostly main characters are in them, that's where clan life is. You can't join them trough the menu you joined to social clans, you have to apply, or s
  5. I once speedrun leveling up, it took 21 hours with an fm to finish all gold, orange, stamina and awakening (3rd spec) quests. Kanda vihar was extremely painful, you get stuck in the ground almost everywhere, took me 20 minutes just to get from A to B.
  6. The ancient system is for whales only. It's too expensive, not worth it. As @FeralStripes said, you have to be smart with your gold, use it on other things and you'll gain more power. In a F2P game, there have to be some P2W systems. Sadly, that's how it is. The game is free because it's running on players' money. There would be far fewer players if the game were P2P. Maybe my mentality is wrong, but in a f2p game, never aim at the top. Don't grind for the top tier soul/heart/pet/talizman, the penultimate level is enough. Don't try to max out the secondary systems, like unity, compound and
  7. Wait, you no longher have to purchase ncoin to send stuff to others?? Very nice
  8. You res up immediately after wipe aoe, hit the boss fast with something, then use your charm. Read your party res charm's description, because some charms cant ress up teammates when they are chi recovering or just laying on the ground. Wait for them to fully die. In house of idols, you can ress them up almost immediately, but in hch, you gotta wait a bit, use it after the spin.
  9. The chance of opening slots when you upgrade is extremely low 😕 They can get slots, but just in case, craft some legendary gem hammers
  10. Yea, we did the same as you, but it would be nice to know how it works.
  11. Hello there, If someone gifts me two frozen gift boxes, then I purchase two boxes too from dragon express, they will stack. How does the system decide which box can I mail for event rewards and which I can't?
  12. Hi! This video helped me a lot. Sadly, you need to disable skill effects and make it look like a PS2 game. If it doesnt help, this might: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EnWZkr0QP3kmt_krlA2IVaCpJVTmHTFreBxsnsCRJwA/edit
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