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  1. This has been the deal for years tho. After event is over, there is NO WAY to get more event coins. We just have to deal with it.
  2. So you can use your remaining event tokens to get 2 vials for 4 more weeks from dragon express.
  3. You can change your mystic/soul badge for basicaly free, so giving you an other one has no purpose. If you dont have badges yet, just do Junghado/Koldrak/Moon refuge for martial tokens and eventualy you'll get them. A free lv 60 ticket is a great gift. If someone wants to wintrade, they'll just level up an other character anyway, so no point in crying because of it.
  4. how about you do other dungeons, not just dst? even if you have 0 gear, you could to dailies till SP with lfp
  5. it's not a cheat, it's the clever use of your character
  6. The droprate is a joke, I've been playing almost since launch, noone ever got that item from drop.
  7. All right, so dauntless needs 10 enchantment stones instead of 5, and that's just the price catching up. But we are both just assuming, it would be great if it was shown in the game too in the equipment upgrade paths menu. Because this could have been a valuable information. Also I just hope it wont ask me 5 enchantment stones every time I upgrade my heart.
  8. Then please explain to me, why do I need 5 enchantment stones to upgrade my heart?
  9. Yes, also get the 2 vials each week. If you have to choose between tickets and vials, get the vials imo
  10. Ancient system is a huge trap. I had some fusion stones, so I tought I'll use them on my heart. Later did I realise, the regular upgrade costs greatly increase if you have your item on at least +1. Don't EVER use the ancient system, let the fusion stones rot in your warehouse till the end of time (or till they change the system's core)
  11. This might help https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YbZ8FFUPU7KeQR-SRocbYfCw5b78RPKkIKG_27gMxbo/edit
  12. Not really, just spin the wheel till you can, after that buy elysian crystals or moonstone crystals, 10 for 1 candy, it's a great deal. Also that 1 extra spin each day is still good, free stuff is free stuff.
  13. Yunsang hair kinda looks like it, just smaller. Use that
  14. In task manager, right click, manage affinity and turn off 0th core, it might help.
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