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  1. My friend got her account perma banned because a hacker wrote " WTS VoltSalvo xml".... are u shitting me ncwest? you can literally see IP adresses and where this originated from and obviously it wasnt from her ip. people literally break the game with speedhack, xml's like the new IA xml to clear it while flying and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ whales just ruining the game with this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, yet they get what, max 3 temp ban? and she gets perma banned for a thing she didnt write? disgusting. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ insane how shitty ncswest is. imagine getting hacked, talking to support about it
  2. instead of assuming it havent been reported and write a sassy comment, maybe check if the bugs has been reported which; yes they have.
  3. and apparently someone has already mode that mod.
  4. sooo basically we need someone to mod this file to be minimal but not remove literally every text. that'll increase dps and it'd be fine and far better from vanilla file.
  5. bd third spec, Grim, is bugged as hell to begin with and you screwed the other two specs with bugging the badges. you gonna fix that or what? because I havent seen any bd changes/fixes/patches since october in korea. soooo, you want to lose even more playerbase or what? because more and more people will leave if you dont fix the new "awesome" spec you released and screwed over the other two specs. have a nice day. - upset bd
  6. literally every other third spec is good for pvp or op. thanks ncsoft.
  7. run. dont come back. save yourself. please.
  8. Stop playing with simple mode and Git gud
  9. I guess ncsoft hasnt seen this. Sad.
  10. Before awk patch I were a die-hard lightning fan... gonna be honest with you, I changed to wind. Both pve and pvp. Both arena pvp and 6v6 pvp. It's amazing and fun as hell. There's just one issue with wind bd. A bug. It removes the next readied typhoon when whirling scourge ends. Although irritating, it's easy to work around. Pulling 4 enemies and then slapping multiple enemies with hatah hatah hatah killing them all in 6v6 is just fun as hell. Wind is bae.
  11. How is this a bug? It clearly says what it means just not phrased the way you want it to..
  12. Sorry you have this issue aswell. All bd's got it, obviously. I'm just hoping ncsoft sees it and decides to actually take action but.. doubt it. tip: have your X or be ready to q/e when whirling scourge is about to end and u can work around it by being ready to ready another typhoon!
  13. Recorded a very clear view of the bug. Please take a look. https://streamable.com/73gzh
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