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  1. 64bit Client

    run. dont come back. save yourself. please.
  2. Awakening Patch Bladedancer Simple Mode Bug

    Stop playing with simple mode and Git gud
  3. Wind BD bug

    I guess ncsoft hasnt seen this. Sad.
  4. I'll ask you again. How is this a bug?
  5. Before awk patch I were a die-hard lightning fan... gonna be honest with you, I changed to wind. Both pve and pvp. Both arena pvp and 6v6 pvp. It's amazing and fun as hell. There's just one issue with wind bd. A bug. It removes the next readied typhoon when whirling scourge ends. Although irritating, it's easy to work around. Pulling 4 enemies and then slapping multiple enemies with hatah hatah hatah killing them all in 6v6 is just fun as hell. Wind is bae.
  6. How is this a bug? It clearly says what it means just not phrased the way you want it to..
  7. Wind BD bug

    Sorry you have this issue aswell. All bd's got it, obviously. I'm just hoping ncsoft sees it and decides to actually take action but.. doubt it. tip: have your X or be ready to q/e when whirling scourge is about to end and u can work around it by being ready to ready another typhoon!
  8. Wind BD bug

    Recorded a very clear view of the bug. Please take a look. https://streamable.com/73gzh
  9. Wind BD bug

    Me and my friend noticed a very frustrating bug with wind bd pve. When Whirling Scourge ends, it removes the next readied Typhoon. it's really frustrating and completely clutches your dps. please fix. posting two recordings of the bug. https://gyazo.com/59e6a8628ad6b14beab09ff27e11499f https://gyazo.com/fe9747da93d193860cd5d4c6319708ec
  10. Heyyyyyyyy Ncsoft, it's me again! now, why aren't the code working? itsn't working for any of my friends either. anyone who got it working please lemmie know thaaaaaanks ~Eren
  11. Server Freeze and DC

    Well.... If we bought the game.. yes. sure I've put in tons of money but we don't "deserve" anything. but I'd like that too, yes.