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  1. You got a point there. Also they calcaluted the rewards in the same manner again. I want to clarify one point: I do not want NC to make afk fishing more efficient. That way afk fishing would become more mandatory/important to do. Best: no afk stuff Close behind: afk stuff that you can skip without a big loss Very far behind: afk stuff that you almost need to do. You cannot play the game in the time/waste of power
  2. With the current event you calculated like: do daily challenge and weeklies + do all fishing = average event rewards. You reduced the rewards for active players by the amount you can get for all the afk fishing. A lot of players got demotivated to do event / daily challenges including myself. Btw is fishing much worse for the game than crafting (in theory). While crafting you can participate in all active content (dungeons, open world, pvp) but fishing locks the whole account! To state something positive: rewards of 4th year anniversary event were awesome. So, I believe you rather did a mistake at calculating the rewards of the current event than doing it on purpose. Focus on your strength which is an action based mmo.
  3. Accumulation stacks do not reset at the start of a new round. Fatal Blade (one of two main damage skills) can be used at three accumulation stacks. This bug allows lightning blade dancers to pre stack accumulation stacks at round four and use fatal blade faster at final round. Fatal Blade was intruduced by the awakening update.
  4. Nontradable materials have one positive thing about: you can freely use them on alts without thinking about your main/raid. Also I do not think NC should add more to "play alts to equip your main". But I agree that we should be able to get unity stones faster by playing the game. When unity system was introduced we had a merchant of wonders who dropped Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest (300g) and Sparkling Radiance Stone Chest (150g). Maybe this could be revived. Another idea: add a Hardmode Daily Reward Chest obtainable once per char/hardmode dungeon/day. Hardmode Daily Reward Chest could obtain all kind of endgame items and it would be easier for NC to maintain than merchant of wonders (high geared players who stomp hardmodes in a few minutes).
  5. Needed Changes for Way of the Spinning Storm

    I got the "no-wind-surge-bug" today at Resurrected Tokan (ET Miniboss before ET boss 1) while being in soul separation and took a screen. Without bug after 6s of non-stop rolling typhoon (you start using X followed by Z then FFFF...): X (Skyward Slash) ready; Z (Whirling Scourge) 27s cd With bug you do not have wind surge and X is not ready after 6s. In the screen: left side without bug, right side with the bug (6s after using XZ). Look at wind surge buff (under my char) and cooldowns of Z and X.
  6. And ... if nc tries to do just a little step against inflation players enrage at reddit and forum that they get less gold.
  7. Needed Changes for Way of the Spinning Storm

    Hey @Hyunkel! "Skyward Slash and Wind Slash will sometimes not trigger the Wind Charge effect, despite hitting the target" Rather complicated to reproduce (?). But you have a high chance to trigger this bug while being in soul separation. For example: ransacked treasury final boss, warped citadel final boss or vt boss 2 (knock down and do not move your back to the boss). "Effect of Skyward Slash won't proc if a Rolling Typhoon is used too quickly after" For the sake of sience only ofc! Run a macro spamming F very quickly non-stop.
  8. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Same happened to my static. One member got top X-% rewards and participation rewards others got only participation rewards (4 times 6 EM and 8 HM participation, 1 time 3 EM / 4 HM).
  9. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I agree. I just lfp TSM and downward on my raven3 alts. Quick matchmaking & easy kills (btw I judge 2-3min boss fights as easy kills). I disagree. I think this change helped to make F8-dungeon matchmaking much faster. Also the removal of basin and the increase from 3 to 4 dailies to claim the best rewards seem to be good changes in this respect. People who did basin+solo+X on 11 chars pre patch were almost completely out of F8-dungeon matchmaking. I agree. Some other points: nc should not have named the new mode "easy mode" and ofc wrong information during preview stream was bad (dungeons would be easier). Imagine you would have advertised psyches and costumes for normal mode - completely different reactions. A change I wish for: can you make hard mode runs count for daily challenge in case easy mode is needed? I do not(!) ask for the same vice versa.
  10. Needed Changes for Way of the Spinning Storm

    I did a 3mio dummy parse yesterday. Let us compare it to a lighnting parse with almost same gear. Lighnting BD with 76 more BAP than I have (2339 - 2263), ET 8 set (I only have ET 5): 3,87 mio dps ET8: 100 + 30 + 35 = 165 ET5/TT3: 100 + 30 + 20 = 150 -> 165/150 = 1,10 -> 10% more F damage -> 10% of 80% -> 8% more overall damage 4 f/s is possible 3,46 f/s in my parse -> 4/3,46 -> 1,16 -> 16% of 80% -> 12,49% more overall damage -> 3mio * 1,08 * 1,1249 = 3,64 mio I did not use a dumpling (+ 2%?) -> 3,71 3,87/3,71 = 104,3% 4,3% more damage with 76 more BAP.
  11. Needed Changes for Way of the Spinning Storm

    I would like to use Typhoons for doing Nacha's mech too. Most people play the spec that is ahead dps-wise no matter if the difference is 5% or 20% including people with the best gear. Additionally a lot of people just do their dailies and try hard at end of season. Imagine best geared lightning bds at top of mao ranking were wind. If they try harded yet on wind too they would be in top rankings too. TOI: my battle record last season was 6.92 s - six weeks ago without any ET gear. Let's imagine I would be 25% faster now: 5.19s. Rank 4 in EU
  12. Needed Changes for Way of the Spinning Storm

    Hi Viblo, nice to meet another passionate wind player! Most of all I enjoy playing wind since pink badge has been fusable. Rotation is smooth and constant dps is very nice if you can stay at boss and fights take a little bit longer. Bugs... actually endboss of warped citadel bugs wind a lot. Not every run but maybe 2 out of 3 runs. I have tried to find a pattern but idk yet. Maybe burst must be high enough to skip a certain boss attack which bugs us? Not enough wind orbs during Z: I agree. Maybe they cannot buff/change squall itself for pvp reasons. But something has to be done (increase chance to regain a wind orb?). Sustain damage = constant damage - burst damage -> our sustain damage is very high! TOI and Mao top 5 ranking should be possible having max gear (EU). Last season I ranked toi #2. Mao I did not invest those 2 oils because of gear gap and everything under #5 would mean no benefit. I think a major balance issue is the passive of lightning which increases critrate. If lightning and wind would be 100% balanced for solo content then wind would be ahead in party-play (blue buff). A little hint: wind is playable using simple mode. Sunder and Typhoon move to rmb. No rotation relevant skills move to rmb. Two benefits: 1) Those little gaps during Z are filled by a (maximum boosted) sunder. No awkward "stuttering". I do not know if this is a dps increase but it definitely feels better 2) dps freely using rmb. No risk to accidentally f-roll. No need to wait for ever after using tab (hmb is on F). Take care to not ani-cancel the spin too early. BC boss 1 mark as wind bd: just start spamming lmb right after the grab. Do not get nervous -> you will do it in time
  13. I got your point. But think about afks, leechers, pilots.. "Dungeon design. Good design: trash -> boss -> portal -> trash -> boss -> portal -> trash -> boss (naryu sanctum) Bad design: all without a portal (yeti, hongsil workshop, starstone mines) and those with too little trash/travel between a portal and a boss (this was a problem way back when lvl 36 and below dungeons were part of daily challenge. Somebody just rushes through the whole dungeon and others get hit by mobs at start/before a portal)."
  14. Tower of infinity: new scores won't save.

    Actually battle record seems to be always saved. F11 -> My Ranking shows my best time. But it is not transfered into the rating. -> wrong My ranking just got overwritten with a time I never did(?). At least it is not my old record I achieved before today and not my new record. The correct time appears at "End Challenge" -> Challenge Result -> Battle time -> Best record TOI season will end tomorrow. 1) Would you run a script that refreshes rankings based on "Best record" before season reward calculation? 2) If this is not achievable in time, pls inform support members so we get an easy way to get our rewards.
  15. A wish for upcoming preview streams

    Hi Cyan, thank you for answering. First, Tower Trader Gang Chiwon who is trading badges. There are constant changes in prices and items listed. Those changes were not fully covered in the past. Second, Dragon Trade Union Junsorei. Espacially the legendary tab. For example, I expect Hellion Bracelet Chest to be eventually changed to Chest - Stage 1. Right now this is the last chance to make gold out of helion cores. If you cover this in your preview stream players could react in time. Well, I am interested in the other NPCs as well, but not so much as in the above mentioned.