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  1. As per title and image, new shackled isles season didn't start with this reset. Is that intended?
  2. No....... Tera NA never had que timeframes while Tera EU did and still does. Result? Everyone knows when to que if they want to get matches, so they pop regularly. Meanwhile...... NA is just tumbleweeds. This is a good change
  3. "Nobody" is a bit of a stretch. Been waiting for best friend and spring blossom for a good while now
  4. Arena/BG times...

    I look forward to this change
  5. As per title, it's a disgustingly glaring issue that really bleeds the experience of an honest player, dying a miserable death after performing well only to get ganked by a team of two, three, four, FIVE people, who never once attack each other? And then it happens in another match, and another one after that? Can I have an official statement to ease my mind, is such a thing allowed? Can you freely make your teams in solo-que before going in, to trade 1st and 2nd place? If it's not allowed, why isn't anything being done about it? Would a report with video proof help? Or is nothing going to get done in that case either?
  6. If you want to team, there's a separate que that's meant for duos. According to me that directly implies that teaming in solo que is classified under "unfair advantage" under ToS.
  7. time to up bd escapes

    Suggestions supported by arguments are amazing in this thread
  8. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Game is rated M17+. Meaning you should expect communication skills of *at least* a 17-year old. 3rd year of highschool in most cases, should be plenty capable of speaking coherent lingua franca. Being unable or worse - refusing to do so indicates that *those* people think the world is spinning around *them*. Not vice versa as you said.
  9. Latest patch introduced this new effect when reaching certain Unity stones milestones. Some may like it, some don't. I certainly don't because it's annoying and don't like my character looking like a big blue-flaming ball. Therefore, can we have an option in settings to remove this effect please?
  10. Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

    The only "restrictions" current event has is recoloured lycan wings, TT soul shield 1-3 (hey, you can get 1-5 freebie from msp so who cares) and some octas (who uses events for gems anyway?). So basically only wings. Irrelevant cosmetic. Boo-hoo. "Meaningless updates that bring nothing new to the game". I remember a year or 2 ago people were *complaining* that we're getting updates and content way too fast, making f2p players unable to catch up. Now that it slowed down, someone's unhappy again? You don't really have to spend that much money to be relevant. If you really want something from store you can sell gold or hoard season rewards (in my case this reset I managed to get 15k hmcoins (and 13k of those on 1 main character). Dungeons and raids are constantly getting nerfed before next tier content even comes out, which I certainly don't think encourages p2w. Honestly, those 2 people that left, good riddance. One of them was already bashed for days on other social media so I don't need to go over that here. The other one no one really cared either way. Point being, ever since they left, people's questions and community interraction have increased immensely, especially on twitter. As for streams - no, they're not *good*, but they're hell of a lot better than what Liinxy and Jonathan gave us, and there's still room for improvement. I mean, of course the game that runs on money would encourage you to spend money. If there was nothing worth spending money on the funds would run out within weeks.
  11. BD and bladeguard

    It's useful in pve (or at least it was), but now the buff sidewinder gives is just a permanently better option. I'm going to assume you're talking about it being unusable in wind spec for pvp. If wind had the option to use sidewinder on top of everything it already has, it would simply be too powerful
  12. Blade Master dead in PvP?

    You don't understand how powerful target immunity is. Not to mention insane flash step damage
  13. This update is terrible.

    Loving the update
  14. Post awakening arena alt concerns.

    Winning a match is more important. No one ques to lose
  15. Dead game :(

    Saying game is dead certainly won't help any potential new players try it out. Blade and Soul has one of the simplest mechanics out of many games I've played, they're not complicated at all. If there's no actual incentive to complete mechanics no one would bother doing them. "Boss heals" is not a real incentive. Deep Wound exists. Imagine if there were 30 dungeons "worth" doing. I doubt an average player would have time for them day-to-day, meaning they would lose possible rewards as time goes by. As content gets outdated, it's very logical for it to be reduced in rewards. So people don't have to do the same dungeon that's already extremely boring from playing it for 2 years. At-level-solo dungeons are most well balanced content this game has to offer. I would really like to know what you consider "complicated" in them. Figuring out difference between cats in Outlaw Island? Predicting where the laser beam will turn in Circle of Sundering? M'ao attack patterns? If you spend an hour in them you'll know it all by heart the next day. Overpowered new classes are a thing in every MMO on the planet. That's how they get people to play it. The only exception so far has been Soul Fighter. Regardless of your class, if you put some time into it you can get a decent rank in arena. It seems like putting time into their class is something people in this game hate doing. If a player has endgame gear but is in bronze ranking, there's only 2 possibilities 1 - the player sucks so bad not even endgame gear can carry him 2 - early in the season/season reset when all rankings are reset so naturally some higher ranks end up playing lowbie games On top of that, arena is the single best way to get moonstone crystals, and soulstones if you want to sell them. And getting gold rank in 1v1 is really not hard. I'm not saying the game doesn't have problems, but what you listed doesn't even classify as such. And game isn't dead or dying. It's a widespread meme that people are being led to believe because they're discontent with some factors of the game, and they want to force others to believe it. Yet all of those people still play regularly.
  16. Is there any chance for Shackled Isles to be a permanent addition? Like, Heroes Arena (or whatever it was called, the 1v1 arena where you could play as Hong, Jinsoyun, Poharan and Yunsang) has been gone for a year now and hasn't come back since. It's really a shame that new PvP content is time-limited...
  17. Lvl 60 Voucher questions

    It can be used on any character not-level-60. No expiration date. As for quests, who knows
  18. Are there new Lyn hairstyles too or just ears and tails?
  19. How to get the samurai armour?

    It was a reward for having a 1-year subscribtion 2 years ago. I don't think it will be available again, at least none of those kind of specials ever were
  20. Patch preview

    Stream has been confirmed for few days now...
  21. It directly says anything related to new pink badges won't be able to be exchanged and fused
  22. Butterfly Effect

    Chances? - very high When? - probably not soon
  23. Please fix warden already

    As far as I know they're getting nerfed in the iframe/cc resist area while getting increased healings in return
  24. Bethany and Jonathan jumping ship

    For Jonathan I could care less, but Bethany? Good riddance. I've been through a lot of games and she has been hands down the least communicative "community manager" I've seen, only showing up in livestreams every 2 months, with limited vocabulary "this is awesome, this is cute". Take this as constructive criticism and not personal attack because man there's lots of room for improvement for you. Lots.
  25. It's likely just the orange story quests leading up to the raid, with actual raid coming april 10th.