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  1. Time to sleep on this event and play other games. It's like you guys at NCWest are deliberately trying to make people play this game less.
  2. You mean like shadow gunner mods to remove last bulletstorm that makes them go oom is a cheat? The one thing that makes the class actually playable? You're a freaking meme dude. Get out of here.
  3. It seems a lot of you are unfamiliar with what happened to Tera. I'm gonna be laughing when bns is dead next year.
  4. Yeah okay kiddo. If you really had you wouldn't be spewing that dribble. It's okay anyone with half a brain can see through your lies. Find me an anti cheat that can discern client modifications for QOL improvements from client modifications to cheat. (Hint: you can't) but I'll wait. There's plenty of things they can pro-actively do to ban cheaters that don't alienate the base of people who don't cheat.
  5. People have been asking for quality of life changes for years and met with cold shoulder. Doing so accomplishes nothing. This is now the fourth time I've said that in this thread and you people seriously cannot get it through your skulls. Like, if you're not going to bother reading my posts just don't even bother replying. You're wasting your time and my time. I'm sorry you're new to the game and don't understand that. I've played since NA launch and have watched as people ask in droves for different QOL changes only to get nothing.
  6. Ah yes very constructive post. I already have moved on to FF14. I'm simply bringing warning after witnessing the fall of TERA what will happen if the publisher decides to alienate the modding community. They were at least smart enough to backtrack on their decision making but by then it was too late. The community was burned and they all quit. En Masse Entertainment quickly went under. While NC west has other titles to support them they will most likely be shutting down BNS some time next year should they continue down this path.
  7. How many times do I have to tell you they don't take our QOL suggestions anymore? We've been asking for these basic things for YEARS and they STILL won't give it to us. We have to rely on client modifications BECAUSE THE DEVS DON'T GIVE A ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ABOUT US. This has got to be at least the third time I've said this in the thread why are you incapable of understanding?
  8. Your quest to get rid of cheaters will get rid of people who simply use QOL changes like rebinding skills to different keys and fast box opens. You'll be eating your words when the game dies next year.
  9. You must be new here if you think they implement QOL suggestions any more. Even when they did it would be six months or more to see anything resembling what was requested. People have been asking for fast transmute and box opening for years but we still rely on third party mods for that.
  10. They stopped giving us QOL updates years ago around the time Jonathan left. NC decided to just copy paste KR client making little to no changes for us and left us hanging. Gold scales and ET materials STILL aren't account bound 2+ years after they stopped being relevant. We can suggest all we want but we won't get ANYTHING. This game relies heavily on its modding community and if we alienate the modding community this game is good as toast. Did you see what happened to EME and TERA in north america?
  11. NA TERA made the same mistake cracking down on third party tools and their game never recovered. It's a fraction of what it used to be and the company flopped and had to give rights to a new company.
  12. Some people cheat, yes, like with the flying back in Thornwind CM. Most people that use client modifications use it for GCD which compensates for ping issues to squeeze out maybe less than 10 percent extra dps, and things like using XMLs to rebind skills to different keys. If they're going after people who modify to cheat the people who use it for QOL willl inevitably get caught in the crossfire. Remember the disaster that was the ban waves when people were abusing the ET skill to gank people? Yeah miss me with that.
  13. Don't worry the game won't have any people when they shut down the servers because all the whales quit. 😄
  14. Fact: most of the player base at end game modifies their client Fact: Most of the player base that spend any significant amount of money modifies their client. Do you really intend to eliminate your paying base from the game because a few whiners want an anti cheat system that doesn't and hasn't worked in the past? Bold move NCWest, we'll see how that plays out when your game dies in first quarter 2022 because you've banned everyone that actually swipes. FF14 is seeing a surge of new players because it's a game you don't need to modify to be able to play. Most
  15. Naw the real worst argument is the dribble you just posted.
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