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  1. Good job announcing to the entire playerbase about the glitch and how to abuse it. Now morep eople than have been online in months are online abusing the glitch and it's a constant 350 ms ping to the server from within the US. Honestly how could you be so dumb as to announce to everyone about an economy breaking glitch with details on how to do it? Like REALLY? The amount of people doing now is tenfold because you had to say something instead of keeping your mouths shut. Should've waited til you were ready to do a rollback.
  2. Seriously this is stupid. They've been locked behind a paywall all this time. I don't want my sixth damn peridot from this daily dash I want a damn amethyst and aquamarine
  3. You misunderstand. It auto kicks you from party now when you DC.
  4. What gives? I can no longer re-join a party when I DC. It auto boots me from the party. This is really inconvenient considering the absurd amount of DC's during loading screens I've been getting since the desolate tomb patch. Before you say "HURRHURR GET AN SSD" I'm already running on an SSD
  5. so i woke up this morning to this email asked in discord and people said it gives 5 corallite after applying the code, yet i've been subscribed since launch (received the last bundle that was sent out) so what gives?
  6. thanks a bunch for the email. for some reason it's still redirecting me to account settings when i try to go to tickets. I don't know if this helps narrow the issue but i change my email every 90 days for personal account security (so in case of a compromised account the email cannot be changed), and this issue popped up when i cycled back to a previously used email, so just wanted to throw that out there as a possible cause for the bug.
  7. clicking submit a ticket or my tickets redirects me to account settings. top quality customer support
  8. I need this malware off my PC now. I can barely do soulstone Plains, my loading times (even with my brand new SSD) have doubled, and I can't Ani cancel properly (even as a summoner I need to Ani cancel to utilize Sunflower properly) I've been playing less and less since it came back. I pray they do something soon
  9. Dear NCSOFT, please get this malware off my computer and start using a real anti-cheat engine. sincerely, players all over with low-end PCs.
  10. the big issue here is that we're having new content shoved down our throats so fast there's not enough time to grind out our gear before the next update, while the costs remain the same. i was barely able to get true pirate before sfm patch, didn't even get my accessories to siren until recently, and now i'm looking at hundreds of gold for the next upgrade. not asking for instant gratification but because of the fast rate that gear is becoming out-dated, we need to have upgrade costs adjusted to make it feasible w/out having to swipe.
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