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  1. Where is Summer Love? Seriously !!! Most of the (remaining) players I talked either don't even know or don't care how to obtain this outfit anymore. @Hime You guys used that outfit on every banner but it's nowhere to be found. Pretty sure that's another famous NCWest copy/pasta drop but I love to see this is not the case.
  2. So like 12 hours ago I was telling to my friend which dungeon weapons he will gonna need for stage 6-9. And to be sure I opened the patch notes you guys posted. 1 Hangar 0 weapon and 2 Stonescale weapons. Now we logged in to see that changed to pristine oils. I even checked the website and saw they also ninja changed in notes. Is this a usual NCSoft patch error or you guys are trying to find new ways to make players stop playing the game?
  3. Yeah, especially 1Ncoin RNG box outfits are real problem for me to. I wish NCwest gives us some options to get them later because I also miss a lot of those. They can do another poll for those and rotate them in Hot Items may be? They even gave Boss Mode set like that so pretty sure that's not a hard set rule to not to include those outfits. And yes, of course cosmetics are the end game
  4. To avoid confusion pls use naked characters next time I'm sure more people will be happy with that way
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