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  1. I have the same problem !!! i bought 9 pet pack from dark hearts and now in shop Can only buy one ebon remnant ... I Hope they will fix this fast.
  2. I'm not wrong, I'm saying that they're making enough money to sustain this game but their greed is so strong that they're forcing new "long term updates" and other stuff like Unity Stones to make even more money out of milking Whales. It's their greed which is causing all the negativity towards any form of P2W.
  3. Don't you know that even if you have like 100 GB/s internet speed it doesn't affect your ms/delay/ping?
  4. Definitely they should adjust and improve premium membership rewards especially those monthly stamps and add an ability to choose if you want stamps, threads or designer threads to get old outfits.
  5. This idea of compensation was just an example. For such untested and bugged patch we've got we should be getting way better compensation than 14 days premium. But like always we will be getting nothing in return.
  6. I won't expect any form of compensation from NCSoft. We should be getting compensation for White Orb and Demon Stone fiasko, but we didn't get anything which you could call "compensation". This time they should at least give players 14 days of Premium Membership due to bugged patch, but they won't bother because like they already confirmed many times they don't care about players only about big whales.
  7. It's a first step in right direction but it's not like we're even with this patch. We deserve more changes to be made in the name of players. There are plenty of things that need to be changed asap and there are plenty of topics which includes very good feedback with pointed stuff that should be done/changed/implemented. You should definitely look forward to "send it to KR devs"
  8. Because in their opinion HM level is "long term update" and giving players something good in return stays in conflict with their company politic. Tell me when NCSoft was kind towards their player base?
  9. They're making enough money from RNG Boxes, Trove, F10 bundles, NCoin only stuff from F10 and Premium Membership. They don't need to make profit out of every material in the game.
  10. They really should consider making one change: Instead of one gem powder per 25 solar energy there should be one Hongmoon gem (which you can salvage into 10 Hongmoon gem powders). That would definitely solve demand for this material.
  11. What are you talking about? Leveling itself is boring and you need to do it to reach end-game. Imagine doing this same story for let's say 7th time. You'll get burned out before reaching end-game. In my opinion going through story should be even faster that it is nowadays. It would make more people into endgame and there is where the real grind and actual game play starts to shine.
  12. Yes, but it's something we should get while Storm of Arrows went live. More than that we should be getting even more "fixes" and "updates" because there is plenty of space to improve and make Blade and Soul playable for all players especially new and mid-late geared players. Not to mention that mods are only there if you break forum rules in any other way they don't even response to urgent topics or feedback. Imagine if they write simple "thank you for your feedback, we're gonna send it to KR devs to further discuss this topic". But nah, they just want to stay silent and hope that everything w
  13. I'm sorry to tell you this but everything will stay as it is until Trove will come to an end. After Trove ends we'll receive "fix" that should at least nerf dungeon difficulty. All they want to do is to milk as much money out of whales as possible and later provide "fix" for this huge mess of a patch. Don't believe me? Just wait and see it by yourself. Until then, they'll be telling you that they're working with "dev team" to fix this patch but in reality if they truly want to patch this update and do it properly they have plenty of time (one week) to gather feedback, adress most of the issu
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