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  1. So you gonna fix this "biggest update of the year" which turns out to be the biggest bugfest of the year or you just gonna wait until Trove ends just to milk some extra money out of whales? In normal company there will be rollback to previous update or this huge update should be postponed and properly tested before implementing it into live servers. But here you only acknowledge the problem with easy mode and I bet you'll never fix all the bugs that you implemented with this patch. There are plenty of reports for newly discovered bugs, typos etc. But hey, we need to wait until next Wednesday so you'll receive new build from KR and MAYBE this will fix few of those bugs. But later you'll decide that it's intended that way and all those bugs will become feature. Like there is a topic right above with Known Issues and Bugs and there are still bugs SINCE MAY and you do NOTHING to fix it. Is this company even trying? It's just killing EU/NA on purpose at this point. If you really care about this game being alive you'll have thousands opportunities to attract new people and care about your player base. But after this patch this game is mostly dead. Only log-in to do raid and log-off because there is no point to do anything else besides raids.
  2. B2P

    NCSoft without their Pay2Win or like the White Knights like to say "Pay To Progress" scams? Impossible. Sorry, but like you see they are so greedy that they don't even care at this point. Pushing upgrades further and further just to get some sweet money from whales who will spend thousands of keys on Trove or on RNG Boxes just to get new stuff. It's like never ending mountain that you as a FreeToPlay will climb forever and as a Whale you get prestige helicopter that will take you to the top in matter of few seconds.
  3. We've come to point when you can clearly see that if you spend enough $$$ you gain REAL advantage in terms of your character stats. There were RNG Boxes, there was Trove where you spend money to get materials. Some individuals called it "PayToProgress" - Okay, that's fair enought BUT right now you're buying STONES which INCREASES your STATS PERMAMENTLY. Not to mention you're buying second tier out of three. Blue -> PURPLE -> Orange. This way you're gaining so much of improvement towards your character in matter of few swipes that would took literally half of year for regular non-paying player to be not as near in terms of said stones and stats. It's just a pure money grab just right before another Pay2Win or Pay2Progress event which is coming soon which is Trove. The gap between whales and regular players is just so huge that there is no way even playing daily on 12 characters everyday for whole year to catch up with said Whales. Sorry NCSoft, but it's enough for me. UE4 is just a carrot on stick and your attitude towards players is just pure scumbagery. NC$cam. I'm not even surprised that you didn't announce patch preview. You were just afraid of rightful hate you'll receive with such money-grab moves like you did.
  4. They have doubled daily XP limit for Unity just to introduce new Pay2Win boxes with said XP charms and Purple Stones. Nice move NCSoft I'm proud of how greedy you really are.
  5. They are looking into Evolved Stones situation since last year and up to this day they didn't even bother to experiment with new sources of this material. It's sad to see that you need thousands of Evolved Stones + other materials to craft hundreds of Oils for 1) Soul 2) Heart 3) Badges 4) Pristine Oils for Accesories Yet still there is zero farmable efficient sources of Evolved Stones. SoulStone Plains when you kill everything in like 3 Hits two times in hour may give you ~ 4 evolved stones considering you'll have luck with getting Keys + appropriate badges from two different bosses. MSP 1-6 - Looking out opening of hundreds of Boxes stages 5/6 chances of getting evolved stones are hilarious ; in like 500 chests you may get ~30 evolved stones Celestial Basins - Outdated and irrelevant at this point and droprates of evolved stones are also hilarious.
  6. Things to improve: 1. Boost Celestial Basin rewards because they are outdated and should be improved. 2. Boost Koldrak rewards and revamp Dragon Trade Union Junsorei rewardsfor example: add Grand Celestial steel, Hongmoon Gem Powders, Sacred Vials or something for tokens AND revamp most of items offered by Junsorei because they're outdated at this point. 3. Revamp Celestial Basin rewards because most of them are outdated example Destiny Ring for 8000 peaches and 50 draken cores while you get it from story also MSP soulshields are worthless since you get Raven Shields from Story. 4. Add Ticket for Floor 13 at Mushins Tower and revamp Naksun to be more challenging and rewarding (moonstone crystals bundle at higher rates or something) 5. Revamp items offered by Tower Trader Kangcha because they are outdated at this point and should be removed. 6. Add more outfits to obtain for Chromatic Threads from Jongyon in Mushins Tower and remove Designer Threads because there is no way to obtain them since months. 7. Revamp F15 , F20 and Outlaw Island to be more challenging and rewarding due to high potency of solo dungeons. 8. You have promised us few months ago about further improving Premium Benefits. We're still waiting for them. 9. Premium Stash Tab should be shared across all characters. This will help many players to menage their items OR you may increase the number of items you're able to send via mail from 3 to for example 10. 10. Lower and adjust prices for upgrading BT accessories and other old gear. 11.Add a new source for Hongmoon Gem Powder becasue right now there is literally zero farmable source besides RNG Boxes and Trove. 12. Revamp Soulstone Plains ; make mobs more challenging and adjust rewards becase they are very poor. Feel free to add your ideas
  7. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

  8. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Insert *my job here is done but you didn't do anything* meme here.
  9. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    I'm glad to see that even the producer is leaving this sinking dead game ship.
  10. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    They are reducing weapon upgrade costs but VT neck is intact. Also they are introducing next stages of True Heart but still no new source of Moonstone Crystals...
  11. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    There is so much complain about moonstones problem past few weeks and NCSoft doesn't seem to care. Look at this -> It's just sad how greedy NCSoft really is and how they treat all non-whales players. In terms of the worst company they will be on the first place. Remember guys they "don't like p2w".
  12. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    They can add RNG box inside another RNG box but can't add bundles or guaranteed 3-4 ms crystals from doing Naksun? Pathetic.
  13. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    Nothing new for next 3-4 weeks.
  14. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    Or make something like that: F13 - guaranteed ticket F14 - Chance to obtain 5/10ms bundle + guaranteed 1 ms crystal F15 - Guaranteed 1 ms crystal with chance of 10/100 ms bundle but not like 0.00000000001% chance. 10 ms bundle shouldn't be extremely rare but just common. 100 ms bundle should be like todays 10 ms bundle
  15. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    Up Even if they say that they didn't make any changes just look for augment system. Babbletr0n said that you need max 5 psyches to max bonus stats on your items. Somewhere on reddit there was this guy who need 6 of them to max stats even if they said that you will need max 5 if you're really unlucky. With that said it only shows that they don't know for sure what is changing inside their game. Maybe there was something that changed for example algorithm or RNG for certain items and that was 10ms bundle is now so rare to get.