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  1. .. but, but... "the cosmetics may be valuable to someone else, all 3-stars are good!" .. Sigh..
  2. ... and they also have 2kk+ HP, yeah. All of that stuff is connected to - how I feel, yes. Solo-dungeons in this game don't feel fair. Every decent developer knows how frustrating it is when the control is taken from the player. It should only happen very rarely and on a special occasion and leave space for a counter-play. See Overwatch for example. And even there there's a recent trend when devs themselves admit they have too much CC (even though with proper counter-play and not lasting for 10 seconds). Solo-dungeons in this game is not a challenge, it's just overw
  3. Yes. Lately it becomes so even with hidden players and optimized for combat graphics I get 20-30 fps only. No idea why (and honestly I gave up on trying to fix it because other games which are way more demanding to graphics work just fine on high settings). And ping .. well, no way to have it below 100ms at all for me.
  4. Btw: can we NERF HARD the CC chains in ToI??? It's just ridiculous; example: sin goes CC-chaining you for 4-5 seconds straight, then it goes invis, then it goes another 4-5 seconds CC chain, then it dashes away. How am I supposed to beat that as SF? It has like .5 to 1 seconds of window when you can damage it, often when it's far away, but even if I'm lucky and it appears when I'm near I need more than 1 second to spin up my rotation. And yes, my CC doesn't work, example - skill that should stun for 2 second only works for around .5 second. HOW IS THAT FAIR??? Sigh... not th
  5. By definition, something written by a person is a subjective point of view, not objective. Please don't state your opinion as something "correct". (saying "I'm objective" is not an argument, it's a subjective statement based on nothing). My point of view, however subjective it is, on the other hand, is supported by unhappy players (see on the forums, reddit or youtube to see that there are indeed many of them), as it is supported by the lack of common sense from the side of the publisher, and that lack is illustrated in the point above. Sorry, but at this point I don't see this dis
  6. One reason for its existence that comes to my mind: at times on trove you get it and there's nothing else better to buy. You buy it for I think 15 gold there, so that's somewhat worth it. P.S. Too bad most of the troving whales are at GC6+ nowadays...
  7. Aye-aye... it looks like defending the greed of the certain publisher is certain someone's hobby. Can't help that. As can't help but to see my point was completely missed. Just to repeat: it costs them absolutely nothing to fix the pathetic rolls on 3-stars and make them meaningful. Repeat: Absolutely nothing. They don't pay it with any money or other real resource. They can make as many virtual "goods" as they want and not lose a penny. But when they don't fix it, they have unhappy customers. Unhappy customers don't cash in. So short-sight greed beats long-term sense I guess. With policy like
  8. The reason why F8 is "picky" is combination of entitlement/ego (most of the times) and practicality/performance (least of the times - usually when people want to run multis and so they want fast clears). Honestly, playing on higher end I was never yelled at even if I catch that lag and die - people usually don't care as the clear is fast enough anyways. Only the new dungeon (the WC) is somewhat a threat because can't be bursted down without doing mechs (at least not yet), everything else is about just skipping all mechs because omg-4kk-dps .. Megawhales are those in full-ET SS (and
  9. Trying to compare this with a casino is laughable. Simplest reason why: the casino has to pay out prizes to the winner with real assets that casino must get somewhere in the real world. Publisher of any game can create as many "assets" as they please out of nothing. There's really no excuse for having it as bad as to rob people out of seemingly won prize.
  10. I have no idea what are you talking about but I'm glad you've found your answer.
  11. For someone to properly answer, you'd need to link characters. Use https://bnstree.com/ for that for instance. You'd also need to tell what were the circumstances. Couple of ideas from what you wrote, it can be a combination of factors such as: - The person has way better ping on a ping-reliant class (and you have worse ping) - The person has way better gems - You don't do your rotation properly and they do (simple mode has almost nothing to do with it and in some cases can be even beneficial) - Your class isn't great and their class is (yep, such thing a
  12. Sigh... modern OS have the disk service on a schedule basis. Mine is weekly. Fragmentation is at 0%. Again, missing the point. Sense of humor isn't forte of these forums I guess.
  13. What I learned about solo-dungeons is that CC is king, so anti-CC is a must. Which class has it easy with CC? Right, Warden. And which class beats all by a factor of at least 2 in the list above? You guess. About SF - it's not hard to get the current status of the class: just press F11 and count how many SF do you have in top list of every category. Usually you don't need more fingers to count than one of your hand has (on premise you still have all of them) I'm actually surprised that summoners did so well. Yes, it's rather old list but still they outdid many other cla
  14. I don't know about the UE4 EULA but regardless of whether one has or doesn't have to pay any royalties, main cost comes from integration of the engine into the game. It's not your regular "apt-get" command (or whichever packet manager you use) to update. It's hundreds of days of development work and testing. In the current situation it's really not very profitable for them to invest into UE4, to be honest. Population declines, sales indeed go down (just look at the trove announcer - it used to be almost non-stop years ago and now it's only active first 2-3 days and then you see new
  15. Contrary to widely spread opinion that higher end players enjoy "trolling scrubs" and bullying weak-geared people, I don't enjoy this. Because what's the point? If I got someone just because my gear is better, it doesn't make me any better. It's like an 8-grader would win in a fight against pre-schooler and boast about it. Titles.. why? Grinding hundreds of hours for the line written above my head isn't appealing at all. What a waste of time. Besides I don't use any titles. It's not like you have the whole space on SDD. So I've chosen to not have BnS here. Anyways, t
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