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  1. Hello, How many times can we do Mushin for the event? I mean how many boxes can we get per day? Are we limited to 2 as the key or?
  2. Warlock Badge

    Hello, my name is Plvto, EU, recently I spent my gold to get a badge for the ice warlock to trigger lots of dragonscall. I just bought the Alluvion SoulBadge, which it says: Each time I proc soulshackle either the #3 skill it casts automaticlly dragoncall for 9 sec". But unfortunetly, it doesn t work. I understand that when Im under sb, it goes to awakened but when Im not and im triggerring the soulshackle it doesn t cast nothing.
  3. Dragon Express - Gems

    Nobody noticed that if you want to buy the hexa's from Dragon Express it costs like 4 powders? But if u wan t to salvage them cuz you got the rong' one u get only 2 ? Is not a fair trade though.
  4. BnS Buddy after update

    Hello, unfortunetly the most people in this game doesn't have such a good system as everybody, trying to play this game might be laggy, it won't even launch, either would be like, freezing from 2 to 2 seconds ingame, meanwhile alot of players play this game at its maximum perfomance. For us, the people that can't play it even on the low level of its graphics, there was another way just to enjoy it, and it means that using BnS Buddy. I know it's considereted a third party tool by the dev's but how can we play this game if we have such a low system. Actually it stopped working after this update and the numer of players decreased like from 3.000 players everyday, to only 500. I can't play this game anymore too, because it takes too much for my system to do. Since I have a crappy one, I know nobody has the luck to get a better one. So I don't know, you can ban me for using it, but, meh I just came back from 1 year of absence and started to catch up with the story, with the new gear, but now, rip chances.
  5. Things about Copyrights

    Hello there ! Today i ve been scrolling down some searches on youtube about some personal things, and found a video, about a game with monsters from BnS, the thing is I don't know if is Copyrighting or na, the monsters looks the same as the frogs from Beastbog, first circle, and the Lycan. Here's some pictures :
  6. A bit of help?

    Thank u @DustinMcDohl but it still didn give me a clue about it, since i dont have any on my applycode. Still lookin to trust it or not.
  7. A bit of help?

    Hello ! Just heard ingame that there's an apply code from steelseries.com for bns (7days prem. and an outfit) Obvisously i couldn t found it, do anybody has any ideea if is real or not?