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  1. im returning player and i know WL become **** so i really enjoy destroyer and from what i have heard it has less learning curve which makes me easy to pick it up , for me in 1v1 im not looking for high end tier 1800 pvp nor im looking for killing bots and people try arena for first time , can i see win as destroyer ? or i will get annihilate by top tier classes in current meta ? also have 2nd question : do i have to create every class ever existed and make them lvl 60 and test them to make me decent in pvp ? , since before WL got nerf i didn't require to do that and matches
  2. im returning player and when i played warlock its become dog sh*t , everyone destroying me , and yes i know how to play , im currently lvl 55 to test my the meta , since there is 0 link on google talks about the game , and i either fight smurf or a bot , thats horrible can someone tell me what current teirlist is and does being lvl 55 makes big difference ? like higher hp on lvl 60 , since the arena is equalized
  3. scanning 2 gb took me like 5 hours and i close it , it has big issues in it , but who knows ? maybe it could work for others
  4. i know its old post but whatever , you said "No, it's not challenging because on Normal mode they pretty much removed majority of mechanics so it's just brain dead DPSing and little error to fail the actual boss." i disagree if normal players start know the mechanic and start grind it , when new players come to the game they will keep asking them if they knew the mechanic let alone alot of players ask for high requirement that is not nessesary for this dungeon
  5. i know its old threat , but in that case why there is no male yun if they marry male gons , not to mention they looks like pure yun as if yun marry another yun not yun+gon , don't DNA have any effect on that ? like size,color,sex , unless they marry female gons then its different story lol
  6. well they didn't put archive system that exist in reddit that if 6 month go or something then you can no longer post so it make sense anyone can just come and post anytime , like i said this is the public internet , beside threat maybe dead but people who post their comments still here so its not really neco technically
  7. if you main necromancer class in mmo then its something normal kappa
  8. lmmao , wow have 12 milion account in their history and yet never suffer from this problem
  9. im pretty sure even cow have smaller breast size than these characters xD , although i think boobs not that sexy , because you spend most of your time looking on ass because of fight not boobs :P , so costume with nice ass and bad boobs is far way better than big boobs and hide ass
  10. i think blade and soul doing pretty good job with release tons of costumes and 20% pretty cool , but problem is the other 80% is just worst costume i have ever seen in my life in history of video games , take a look at this one for example and more and more tons of costumes that looks weird and the main problem in these costumes is ( inconsistent in color and shape of costume ) like you wear costume and suddenly have 5 or 6 colors and there is fat parts in this costume while other is skinny , also its kinda kill game theme when you wear so much weird costume that is not same age to bns but
  11. i think the website needs wardrobe here , because some of us just don't play for a time or someone need make update first in order to enter the game and when you come back you want just check what outfits they release , because we all know wardrobe of EU/NA server is not contains the same outfits like EU/NA , it will be cool feature to add
  12. good to know :) , but thats strange because i remember characters don't share the bank o,O ? , also will that code send to email ? , because i don't open my email box and there is spam messages everywhere on my mailbox :(
  13. so how do i choose which character i want to give ? or does it send to all my characters on my account ? about jinsoyun white costume
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