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  1. How do the Yun reproduce?

    I think yun are eternal young, you see in yun's city there are no old ladies
  2. The Grand Enchantment Costume.

    Or maybe because of zulia is jin, the censored costume is on yun, could be race differentiation
  3. I want my Trove Keys back.

    I spent 100 keys got golden dragon costume and raven king spirit, then upgrade my weapon to raven 6, so done that's it I don't wanna anything else
  4. 2000 key trove results and thoughts

    Ugly costumes, recoloured costume makes even more ugly, disappointed bns xmas
  5. I'm in Australia, and in those 2 solo dungeons my ms is over 400, even with a 1100 apple wl I can't still kill these bosses, yunsang kills me in 5 secs, outlaw land first boss kills me in 10 secs, due to lag and delay it's pretty hard to dodge the red circle, when I saw the red circle then already got stunned, so in that case it's impossible to get those costumes, or please make them purchaseable even in f10
  6. Bullet Time outfit

    i have over 400ms in outlaw land, skill delay, unable to get out the red circle because of lag, once i got stunned and killed in 10 secs by the first boss, unable to complete it
  7. Bullet Time outfit

    nerf please, I have 1200 ap wl but still can't beat the first boss
  8. Where is login rewards

    I have registered the new content pack but so far still can't open that login rewards the sand clock tab, is there anyone else
  9. Bullet Time outfit

    Is outlaw land going to be next week update?
  10. New Costumes / December 1 Hongmoon Store

    I think the person who want to list those costumes needs to do optical colour and brain taste surgery
  11. New Costumes / December 1 Hongmoon Store

    Ok that's awesome, I won't log on bns tomorrow and in next 2 weeks
  12. Black Friday Blade & Soul...

    I think this week costumes rotation will be some old shit again
  13. Black Friday Blade & Soul...

    I think so far they may recruit a new stupid and arrogant products managers, who thinks we will buy their shit
  14. A Small Tip, F10 Premium Discount

    mandatory buy costume with membership which i have had 90 days membership already
  15. Northstar Bundle

    totally bullshit friday sales, additional slots vouch, costumes delivery stamps, some old ugly costumes, risk business sold with membership