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  1. why are new mmos so ping reliant?

    If set a server in Australia could even benefit players in other Asian countries, my average ping is 300 and for me frost wl is only playable
  2. Thanks for 2 sets of free costumes

    Blood raid requires memory bells to exchange which can be acquired from daily also about the jyansei jet pot which totally gives 3 sets of free costumes
  3. One week of gunner and we already have this

    Lol $500 is merely a dolphin, that guy must at least spent $5000
  4. Coming back- is it worth it?

    You can try gun, pretty fun to play but a brain dead class just hold lmb to kill everything in pve
  5. One week of gunner and we already have this

    Omg, guess at least spent 10000 trove keys
  6. Ping struggling as Shadow Gunner :(

    I'm in Australia too with over 350ms, fire gs is easy and with high survival ability, when I switch to shadow gs in celestial basin I found my gs is easy to die and kills mobs slower
  7. And also thanks for blood raid costume full set for free to get, so appreciated best costume
  8. its so hard to get this weapon dropped from boss and need to wait till a specific time, and so far not so many people doing peach now, or please increase the drop rate because without it if go other way requires 20 transformation stones too expensive
  9. how to get 65 memory bells in about 5,6 hours

    ok thats how, because my gs is instant 50
  10. i logged in after the new patch maintenance about 5 or 6 hours but saw someone has already got 65 memory bells and they are not account bounded, so how
  11. Gunslinger weapon models

    Give me
  12. I guess the sb now can be no brain, normally I always do sb after all my warlock soul shackle cd, now it's not that necessary just start sb for when r for boss
  13. So Warlock is not that welcomed to party as before, but I don't really care even when sb prenerf I was lazy to do sb even there was only one warlock in party
  14. Best weapon for class

    Raven for all class
  15. New bns hmble bundle pack

    Yes this is real not scam, I got the bundle