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  1. Tailor shop suggestions

    Can we get tailor shop colour variation recorded which means once the colour of a costume was modified the colour can be saved so next time no need to use those items to change back again
  2. why still play with 300 ms ?

    I'm in Australia my average ping is 350
  3. Grand Phoenix

    Now we have grand Dragon, but takes a long time to farm with huge lag
  4. And infinity challenge costume too, I have done more than 200 runs so far still nothing
  5. Rude, unacceptable Support behaviour

    I was thinking about to send a ticket to scam infinity challenge costume by the reason of dc
  6. Can I get compensation

    I did another 30ish runs in dreadtide arena and got the infinity challenge costumes dropped, when I pressed g key second time to collect the costumes and I got dced so frustrated, can I send a ticket to get this costume recovered
  7. Please don't ignore this, I have tried more than 90 times but no drop in dreadtide dungeon, or please list it in f10 the red version I'm so tired of farming
  8. Im out

    i just quit this dungeon not the whole game, haha, just complain about the lag of this dungeon, guess im not the only one
  9. Im out

    grand dragon is the worst raid ever, 120 scales for costume takes long time to farm and this is not the case, mostly the lag, i have more than 1000ms, skill delay, unable to dodge attack, die often [Title edited by moderators]
  10. is there any way to get this costume quickly, so the daily gives 2 scales and in that case needs to take 60 days to collect 120 pieces scale for that costume, so that too long
  11. Worst Trove Ever

    I bought 600 keys and got all the costumes, gems crits several times, 2 times for octan, gem powder a lot, other useful mat and extra about 5000 gold from safe chests
  12. How do the Yun reproduce?

    I think yun are eternal young, you see in yun's city there are no old ladies
  13. The Grand Enchantment Costume.

    Or maybe because of zulia is jin, the censored costume is on yun, could be race differentiation
  14. I want my Trove Keys back.

    I spent 100 keys got golden dragon costume and raven king spirit, then upgrade my weapon to raven 6, so done that's it I don't wanna anything else
  15. 2000 key trove results and thoughts

    Ugly costumes, recoloured costume makes even more ugly, disappointed bns xmas