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  1. Are you disappointed too

    There are two things these days, xigncode makes my loading extremely long, and peaches farm much lagger, spring trove for me has extremely low crit rate, do you feel the same way
  2. My loading screen these days has been taken extremely long
  3. Trove 100keys/3crit

    I just rolled 111 keys, and I don't know why or maybe just today the crit rate is extremely low I only had 2 crits, and I think I'm done with this spring trove
  4. Trove Cosmetics Suggestion

    I spent 250 to get superfan costume
  5. 300 keys so far and my crit rate is about 20%
  6. this week's Costume Rotation

    I reckon no rotation this week, because we had one last week
  7. NCSoft do you care about f2p players?

    Spring trove sucks, low critical rate, ugly costumes, unfair solution for that issue, last winter trove is better
  8. XIGNCODE3 ?

    Seems nothing changes for me because I still have around 350 ms as before, but when I checked the fps I found it's maximum 24
  9. For winter trove I totally used 1000 keys to collect all those gems
  10. Loading Screen Wallpapers?

    Oh that's pretty awesome, I need them too thanks
  11. Thank you NCSoft

    So which means it's not fair for people who didn't buy keys, because of that maintenance and my time zone I wasn't able to buy keys and play this trove so it's not fair
  12. Thank you NCSoft

    I don't really understand what's going on here
  13. Compensation?

    How about everyone get 100 keys for free
  14. Trove Expansion

    Ok I thought it was, but if it is not then just one conclusion and which is greedy ncsoft