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  1. Hackers in pvp...

    yes i was very irratated by someone keeps stun and daze me, not sure if they are hackers or not, but it feels like i dont have change to fight back, 3 secs stun then daze 3 secs then stun then daze
  2. yes some low ap players blend in and some dont know mech and some trolls rush too far ahead make other members cant take dragon heart
  3. Stealing Blackwyrm at the last second

    lol this guy, always trolls in ssp with crimson
  4. i assume if thats a gunner, so it could be a kind of force master and warlock hybrid
  5. dont know, still no info in korea yet
  6. New pet transmutation system - Heroic Gemstone?

    salvage a pet to get 2 gemstone, or do pvp to get embers, but now the pet pouches were removed from cash shop so try grind in pvp, use one pet on pet aura same as weapon skin
  7. i agree, i spent a lot of nc to lvl a pet to lege stage 1, i dont really want to waste that much nc to do that again, and so far still no any confirmation for them to be relisted in f10 or not
  8. such as jin have assasin, gon have destroyer, lyn have blade dancer and summoner, but only yun dont
  9. useless high hm with high ap

    if high ap is still good, i saw a hm8 force master with 480 ap still blended in sogun
  10. Weapon Changes Necessary?

    seems the same system in most korean game, just needs you to spend a lot of time or money for it
  11. Drop the scale req from HM...

    its better to farm scale than buy, if you have scale you take all loot
  12. im trying to make my alt a lege pet
  13. i just checked those pet pouches are removed from cash shop, so will they come back again or they are event items  so wont be relisted again
  14. Crit rate for event is too high!

    dont pull too much aggro you are not a tank, just a troll
  15. recently many recruitment in cross server dungeon ppl require at lease 650+ ap or even 700+ ap for such as sogun lament, so is that possible to reach this number without any lege weap or lege accessories