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  1. Show off your characters!!
  2. character restoration

    thank you gm for recovering me character, and please lock this thread its so shameful and embarrassing to read all comments
  3. character restoration

    my girlfriend tried to make me quit this game, so she threw all my accessories and weapon in shop and deleted my character, is that possible to recover this character and also all those gears
  4. so far in cross server such as ebondrake citadal most recruitment is like need warlock, need summoner or assassin only, and like soul fighter force master is not that welcome in these dungeons

    just block spammer
  6. new weapons after baleful/seraph.

    my seraph is at stage 6 too and i dont want to go any further cuz stage 7 will loss sockets and i cant afford any legendary gem hammers
  7. i have seen a destroyer with 600+ ap died in 30 secs in front of asura
  8. Female Gon Stance

    yun female stance look awful too
  9. or think about lyn small ppl spinning a giant axe
  10. Duelist Bundle

    if unlimited purchase that would be p2w, inb4 some ppl have already even complaint about duelist bundle in cash shop
  11. Does BnS require skill to play?

    yes for high lvl dungeons mech is important, if someone scruws up the whole team will be totally destroyed
  12. YES YES YES !!! thank you

    does that mean gunner too
  13. rip Battlegrounds

    i think this happens in most games, whales kill for fun, shrimps die for food, then more and more players quit pvp and whales cry for players to join pvp to become their food and entertainment toys
  14. Galaxy weapon price reduction

    or try get that from trove boxes