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  1. I guess the sb now can be no brain, normally I always do sb after all my warlock soul shackle cd, now it's not that necessary just start sb for when r for boss
  2. So Warlock is not that welcomed to party as before, but I don't really care even when sb prenerf I was lazy to do sb even there was only one warlock in party
  3. Raven for all class
  4. Yes this is real not scam, I got the bundle
  5. I'm waiting for gm to confirm if this one is legal
  6. Is it purchasable in in-game store, I'm still confused
  7. Is this scam or real
  8. I hope to have this one for future gunner weapon skin, it's the best so far, and if this one can be sold separately
  9. Me 600 keys, no raven soul, no ss 8, no xano disc, no oil, no offal, last winter trove I got all offal after I spent 200 keys
  10. I have wasted 60 of those red fabric then I gave up
  11. Ok lock this thread because it's far from deviation, my choice is yun facial appearance, jin upper body, gon lower body the best female creation
  12. Create a char for any class with your favourite name then leave it and wait for gunner released delete this char, wait for 5 mins then create gunner class by that name
  13. I suggest to remove any PvP quest from daily challenge
  14. Not gonna be possible, one stamp costs 19 nc, small amount but a lot of income