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  1. Black Friday Sale

    I think they will put all fake items in fact all sold out already in order to trick us to charge nc.
  2. Is Blade and Soul Worth Returning To?

    You can come back to do the main quest the storyline, but about the game event everything is about to suck you money
  3. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    the game events are getting ridiculous from Halloween, now this one is such a bullshit even maple leaves are rng, that octan gem requires 130 leaves for exchanging, so i guess it needs at least to open10000 plentiful crates to get that amount of leaves, maybe this event should be called as painful or pitiful event, but whales dont care about spent that much money, and nc doesnt worry about the income from this event
  4. game capping 30fps

    Mine is 1050, last week after win 10 updating my fps never goes above 30
  5. I guess maybe after windows 10 update my fps drops from minimum 60 to maximum 20, is this because of the system update because many people said before that fps drops after windows 10 update, in that case is there any solution to recover fps
  6. New class suggestion: pure healer class

    This game doesn't need a healer
  7. Radiant Energy

    I had totally 184 radiant energy, and today I got totally 670g
  8. Is there a class without ani-cancel?

    Gs just hold lmb, that's all
  9. cold storage has 100% merchant shows up, which means the dungeon reset is aka trove key, in that case can we get about 39 nc each please
  10. F9 ?? are u kiddin us ?

    i would be happy if the rate could be 1:1, so i can buy 1400 gold with 1400nc, which means so far in zulia that rose costume is 1400 gold so 1400 nc can buy that costume, its cheap
  11. So... finally got back

    I instant a lvl50 gs, completed all main quests, make ap to 850+, only one week I get bored and never want level upgrade weapon or accessories or log on this alt any more
  12. Rosethorn drop rate is way too low

    I suggest to put all rose costumes in a bundle includes weapon skin just like in before that grand phoenix bundle list the same nc amount at least can ensure people to get 100% chance instead of rng
  13. BnS Toys

    I hope figma or hottoys can make one, but that will be expensive
  14. why are new mmos so ping reliant?

    If set a server in Australia could even benefit players in other Asian countries, my average ping is 300 and for me frost wl is only playable
  15. Thanks for 2 sets of free costumes

    Blood raid requires memory bells to exchange which can be acquired from daily also about the jyansei jet pot which totally gives 3 sets of free costumes