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  1. 16 gb ddr 5 ram,İ5 cpu (I prefer i5 cuz its so much stable and much more working cooler than i7) ,1050 gtx gpu... Anyway..70-80% RAM,80-90% CPU usage mostly time in game...Dont need to say how much gpu usage...WTF...
  2. Patches,events almost everything is coming from Korean Devs.So I wanna ask them directly.I hope they will read this: What If the game has no problem gold farm HARD as like this much then do u think how many gold sellers should be in for this game? U guys do u have secret agreement with gold sellers to force players buy gold from gold sellers?Cuz u r making the game to desert for getting gold.It is only one explaination for that: Find it from somewhere else.Buy Ncoin to sell it for gold or just go buy gold from gold sellers.There is no any other option left by u guys on every patch by patch.What do u want exactly?Tell us honestly...I am asking simple and logical question with these gold and mats farm nerfing almost every patch.In Kr server is the gold farming hard as like that?If it is why I always see in youtube east server players have hundred of thousand golds mostly time in their inventory? We r calculating silvers here they r calculating thousand golds.And their market is not expensive for their golds too.They can farm so much easly tons of gold from the game play.WHY THE LIFE IS SO MUCH EASIER ONLY AT EAST SERVERS?ARE U HATE US? SO WHAT?Sorry for yelling but this is enough...
  3. New player

    Get your wallet ready for after finish the main story.Or prepare yourself grind tons of mats to make even simple thing.Grind is MMO's fact but this game's grind....Anyway dont need to tell anymore. U will see yourself.Especially with merciless gold nerf and mats for new players in first place and the others. But if u have good wallet there is no problem.Just buy tons of RNG boxes then life is so much easy.If u don't goood luck!
  4. New players in BNS

    OMG there is a new player in this game after all these happens! I wanna cry as a river with happiness!
  5. Why Flower of Lament still drops?

    Cuz they love it
  6. Its really not bad value but trust me its sooooooooooooooooo much easy to farm gold at east servers than here.They made west servers just for milk money to keep east servers alive and much much easy play.Almost all korean games doin same thing.Check out Bless coming now.I bet it will be pure pay2win after 1 or two year for milkin money too. Edit : Even east server bosses are much easier than here
  7. then u r just noob than me.I am playing at east server too.I have 124k gold atm with 2 chars lol. edit: sorry 127k gold pure free2play So u tell me which side life is easy? West or East?
  8. Good for u.Say hi at least to ur buddies from me.U guys when u stop defend companies? R u work for them?
  9. With their gold earning there is no problem at all with thier gold sink.The REAL GOLD SINK is here cuz there is NO GOLD from almost anywhere U imagine to get gold for even single PTS here.How many alts u need that?And how much time need to spend for farm mats or gold for that here? They r almost no play with alts at there.Cuz no need.
  10. F2P allowed?

    The whole messing up things all about gold sellers.They cannot handle with them.I see always gold sellers with speedhack in SSP for farming soulstones.I bet they will remove soul stones from SSP too.At the end,they r butchered their own players just about gold sellers.All korean companies following same politics.Just like as Nexon.Their all games becomes desert to making gold after few years.Thats why all korean free2play games becomes pay2win and dying after that.Cuz new player base incoming goes down dramaticly.No1 cannot tell this game is not pay2win now If u dont have limitless time for grind as a slavery.
  11. Give up...

    Playin 3 years casual could made full bt and rav 9 and lvl HM 13.Thats all I could...I am not pure free2play.I payed sometimes to game a little. But when I am thking about somethings like as:Before this patch 1 mil exp charms was no cd and when I saw many pay2play players who is start play them few months ago and become HM 20+.After their mission is complete the 1 mil exp charms become 24 hours cd... About soul...I could make stage 9 soul in three years.yes I know I could make it more of that maybe stage 2 or 3 cosmic one.Anyway now we have event and they r giving awakened soul. Ok its looks like good in first place right? Ok what about after that? I need to get 78 yes "78 sacred viral" to make true cosmic soul.Another 3 years maybe I can...And whales walking around already with their tiger souls stage 4-5... I couldnt even 1 time still VT...Stupid title things dont let u get VT gear. Anyway the game is puts huge walls front of u for everything.There is no way to catch up others if u r not credit card warrior. So sad to see this cool game how its become so greedy and makes the game life harder and harder in 3 years... Working for only end game players always something new about end game dungeons-items and always become more merciless for new players,free2players making everything harder for them.Even become greedy for some few gold for daily to them. Then I give up finally as my many friends and start looking to some other games.Good luck to u guys.Peace... EDIT: lol I meant 5 mil exp charms sorry.Anyway did walked around more of bit in while say bye to some friends in game... Cya again guys.
  12. Fun is gone...

    No hope to get 100-1000 gold from the chests (even its had been chance of 0.00001%)...Doing and givin mostly time 15-30 min to each dungeon and u get mostly time completly "trash" rewards...U need mostly time tons of tons of tons mats to get even single thing and u have to countless times to do same dungeons for it...So where is fun now? Paying couple of hundred bucks to open RNG boxes and hope for jackpot? Fun and hope is gone patch by patch...U made the game too much pay2win guys and u r talking about balancing for everyone...One of my friend just quit today even he didnt wait to event ends...Nice work guys.Congratz...
  13. Tons of same topic since from last patch and there is nothing "any single" reply from them at least like as"the message is taken we will consider about this".My friend list almost all time offline at all...My full member clan mostly time 4-5 member is on....Keep goin on with this way guys....Active player base amount is much much more supporting the game than 10-20% whales for free2play games...No1 wants to start play dying game free2player or pay2player doesnt matter.Especially with tons of new games coming up.
  14. Player Base Toxic

    There is any1 noticed what can do "low geared ppl" after this patch with completely dead/empty mid-low dungeons? There is no mats-no gold nothing for them anymore... imagine urself guys u r just start playing this game after this patch... I was read on somewhere some brilliant advice to them farm IF-EL...That was should be a joke...
  15. The direction this game is heading.

    I am totally agree with @JIFSTER . I am stayed log in the game maybe 4 or 5 hours total since from last horrible-terrible patch.Just did weekly and some dungeons. First of all I really don't mind about new "end game" dungeons.Cuz I know no1 will let me join till to after several months get some nerfed.HM 13 rav9 BT gear 1150+ ap but not enough for whales.About clans.Clans are mostly toxic too.And why I must join some clan and beg to some1 to do that dungeons? The game should be more firendly for pug teams for maps. I couldn't still VT once...Once man....This is horrible...The game is wont let u play if ur wallet not enough.Have tons of wings but u have to get title even for damit VT ss..Good job.. Anyway that was my "personal" problems. What about new players???? I mean really new ones to started play 2 weeks ago for example...After 1 week they saw the all mats,gold are gone.I really dont have any idea for them how can they r obtain their mats for even bale/seraph stage 10....And nobody cares Bale...They have to get raven/rift at least stage 3...To buy from f10? really? Do u think this is work? Do u think even pay to players bite that to start new game in these days?With so many other options in game market? The new player incoming to game will be dramaticly cut off after this patch.This is suicide. About returners...2 of my firends was return few weeks ago.Both of them quit again immidiatly after this last "famous" patch. About this last event....Finally they found another "RNG" way for event too.Congratz them. About the new game engine bla bla.I really dont mind that too.Who cares some more shinny visual effects even u cannot play the game without wallet.And the engine changing will be cause so many new bugs,issues etc etc.I really dont think it will fix something. Every working brain can understand this is really wrong way to managment. EDIT: Just one of my friend told this in discord:))) : Korean games like as Hyundai,U like them,u buy them after 3 years u have to try sell them.
  16. Cuz there is no reason for me anymore...No mats,no gold,almost nothing...And I cannot imagine for the new players.The game is totally "desert" for them now.God help them... Today for alts,tomorrow even with main I think with this happens in every patches...
  17. So what do u want from us guys?

    I'm just watched-read many discussions,videos on reddit-youtube and steam.There is 1 fact for almost every1 agree: This patch is makes very hard to play for new players without any help. Mostly of them have no idea how can the new players geared even bale-seraph to stage 12 with "empty" dungeons. especially check out this one from min 12:50 :
  18. Daily challenge gold reward removed,many dungeon gold rewards cut off to as a joke...Not only gold,all mats are removed.I did yeti and I couldn't believe my eyes... On the other hand what about for new players? What they can do now after complete the main story? They cannot do anything without pay money if they wanna do something now. Honestly why I pay money to game? I need only gold and the game is takin away from me every patch. So do u think I pay money and sell Ncoin for gold? No way....I dont care how the game is cool.The real cool game is who call itself "truly free" should be soooooooooo much friendly for their players than this.The fun is gone...I was happy to dream to get 1k gold from dailies.I know I will not have any chance to get but still was weirdly exciting.I was soooo happy at least when I drop 100 gold.That was "top" thing why I am finishin for daily challenges.Now u r take over that too... I am playing maybe over 20 years many mmos and I am noticed something every time same thing about Korean games: They r great,fun,nice graphics and game play and they r god damit most hungry and greedy ones. So back to topic...Really I want to know..What do u want from us guys? Do u read any game forums about BnS in the net? What r they talking about these days about this game how much become to pay2win in west servers? Its beyond to pay2win...Its pay everything what u got to play.Why I spend couple of hundred bucks to your "RNG" boxes and doesnt any info how much I got chance to get something good? Anyway I am sure u can monitoring how incomes goin on.And I am sure that incomes goin down.Keep doin this guys.Next patch I hope U remove more thing from the game till to totally unplayable and keep saying "truly free (in your dreams)"Enjoy ur future from now with few whales in whole game server.
  19. Selling gold at a 1:2 ratio

    Good point.I know tons of MMOs just died about that.Also there is 1 more thing what I am experience b4 many times in games: If the game build too much on RNG there is doesnt matter how many whales,pay2play members etc etc.Eventually,that game wil start dying too in few years.40-50k active members looks like good for any mmo in first place but when the game starts to becoming non friendly to beginners,free2players,increasing RNG rates,changing the rules oftenly,bad supporting,bla bla bla that 40-50 k member will drops down faster and faster year by year.Some ppl will still play mostly times but incoming money and the new players amount will drop dramaticly and the game will die.They cannot escape from that doing new things,items,maps etc if they r keep doing that mistakes.And mostly of them keep doing that still...
  20. Advices before leaving the game

    I am totally agree with u man.Thats why I am play this game only when I am bored and want get some break from other games.This game is pure p2w.This is fact.Not only p2w.U have to PAY A LOT!!! This is classic tactic almost all of Korean games.Just as NEXON games.There is absolutly no difference between all of them about p2w."PAY A LOT TO WIN" I will never ever do this mistake to start play again with pure RNG-stupid box system-with stupid fees for everything Korean games.I gived my 2 years to this game and I really dunno why but not again to any made in Korea game.They r all made just steal ur money at all.Not some money....A lot money for gamble RNG.This is should be crime geez...
  21. 5 days ago 4 fail 1 succsess,2 days ago 5 fail 2 succsess,yesterday 4 fail 1 succsess,today 3 fail in row.WTF is goin on in this game? Don't dare to say to me its about luck bla bla. They changed damit 50% rate I am sure about that.Guys this game will die soon with this greedy managment. I am just payed to this game hundred bucks till now and I am god damit happy for that. I will never ever pay any dime to this game again. They should be insane with this amount forcing players pay money to this game.Especially there is already many better games with too much better free2play options with true open world. Not everyday in same dungeons doin same thing over and over and over again.Look that achievements...Says do 300 times same dungeon....Geez this is enough for me sorry.... I will only play this game when I bored from now...This is not a game...This is slaving more than many other better mmo games.Yes this is not grinding...This is just slaving... Good luck to u guys.Have fun...
  22. Cuz when I am kick out the server I am logged on to web site there was News and Announcements about maint just for 26 mins ago and says : An in-game notice has been given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. WTF this ?What kind of u guys unrespectful to your customers,members,players and fans?
  23. Emergency maintenance for...THIS?

    *Fixed an issue where bundles in Received Items were displaying as multiple linked items, which in some cases prevented access to them. There u go...When they r messed up by themselves about the money there is always emergancy maint for fix it but when the game has some bugs,mulfactions etc oh boy.... we r working on it don't worry....We will fix it when we can.....U guys just keep to paying for it.We r promise to we will fix it....
  24. Is it joke or u r kidding to us? Pls tell us what's the drop rate of 100 gold (even is it "big" deal for u guys?).... I am opened myself 400 of them.. Non of them,I repeat "non" of them dropped any 100g reward.I can imagine now may ppl will post nono I got 1 times,even 5 times bla bla.First of all "I don't believe u guys". Let me explain why: U can check youtube...Some guy opened over 540 chests and "No" any damit single 100g drop...Do u know why? Cuz they cannot handle with "Gold sellers"... It is also "why" u cannot drop "any" coin from the mobs at the game if u r free player...I can give many of the links youtube about over hundreds of that boxes opened and got nothing about "single" 100 gold reward...Just search in youtube u can find urself too...I want to say again:If u gonna tell:Noo ı dropped many times bla bla just proof that.Otherwise there is tons of tons of tons proofs there is no single drop 100 gold at youtube...