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  1. This has been this way ever since the Tailor Shop went live in NA. Whenever you change ANYTHING at all, it makes the "underwear" and the thigh strap change to a darker color. I could just click "plush" texture and not change a single color on any part at all, and the underwear will change form white to some leather brown color of some sort. I just spent the 20g to revert my 2nd Pure White (I leave the originals of cosmetics alone when I have two different ones, for storage sake), to see if I could JUST change the texture to "plush" with the slider maxed out. ALL that is supposed to do is change the part I have selected, to a more velvet-looking texture. It's nto suppose to change the color fo anything at all. Anyway, I Just wanted to bring this to your attention so your guys can fix it. Thanks for any and all help in this matter.^^
  2. Login rewards failed to reset

    Just so you guys know, I had the same problem, but it's just a visual bug. If you just wait 3 hours or whatever it is for all the stuff to be available for claiming then hit the claim all button, you'll still get your stuff. I had this bug after maintenance too, but it's just a visual bug. The stuff is actually there.
  3. The outfit, "Enchanting Temptress", which I just bought from the "Dragon Trade Courier" in Mushin's Tower, cannot be stored into showroom/wardrobe as it is seen as a totally different item from the version that IS shown in the current showroom/wardrobe. Included are screenshots. Please, fix. Also, BOTH version of "Seductress" are shown in the showroom/wardrobe. Also, "First Step" in the "Moonwater Plains" section of cosmetics has been showing a duplicate in the showroom/wardrobe for a few years now. The other one is under the "Hongmoon Store" section still. Thank you for taking the time to look at these.
  4. Larger breasts size

    You're not going to get bigger chest sizes for female characters than are already in the game, not only because I am ACTIVELY swatting the devs' hands away from the "Put Larger Boobs in BNS" button, 24/7, and sleeping with just one eye open in case someone tried to while I was sleeping. I won't allow it, so you won't get it. It's as simple as that. So NO bigger boobs for you! If you want to look at bigger boobs, go elsewhere online for that sort of thing. The sizes in this game are way too insane, as it is. All you're asking for is a bigger, sloppy clipping nightmare than the game already has with all of their character models, hair, and costumes that make little to no sense. You're not getting bigger boobs in BNS, so give up. It's up to ME, I have the final say-so, and I won't allow it. XD
  5. Ah, naruhodo... Thank you for your response.^^
  6. This is what the info page says on the subject: """Existing Subscriptions If your existing 365 Day Premium Membership has or will renew between February 20, 2018 and May 8, 2018, you’ll automatically receive the Righteous Blade costume and Hongmoon Swan Feather head adornment. That’s right; if you fall in this renewal grace period you don’t need to purchase a new subscription for the bonus items! The Righteous Blade costume and Hongmoon Swan Feather head adornment will be delivered to your Received Mail after the May 9 maintenance. New Subscriptions Any new 365 Day Premium Membership subscriptions made on or before May 8 will get the Samurai costume set delivered immediately, along with the Righteous Blade and Hongmoon Swan Feather head adornment on May 9. Any new subscriptions on May 9 and beyond will receive the Righteous Blade and Hongmoon Swan Feather head adornment bonus items. New subscriptions on May 9 and beyond will not receive the Samurai costume set.""" ***My question is, if I already have a subscription now, and also have the samurai set with the hongmoon feather adornment, will I get those items again if I cancel my sub and renew it before May 8...?*** I only want to know this because I wouldn't mind getting another Samurai set to put on an alt, as well as the hongmoon feather thingy. At first, I was thinking I could get the new items if I cancelled my sub now and then renewed it instead of waiting for it to run out.^^;
  7. This is where I should post a picture of an anime kid, drooling with a finger in his/her mouth, thinking of chocolate. XD
  8. By "cheated", I basically got enough event tokens on my FM, pictured here, for the outfit a while ago. I decided to wear the "Midnight Bloom Clip" hair adornment from MSP, since it seemed to match the outfit better than anything else I had that was purple/violet (I have a purple hat with diamond-like details on the band. lol). Since I was also doing these event quests with my WL alt, I decided to buy three "stamps" for her to buy the "Phantom Flower Head Adornment" and just send it to my FM, completing one character's outfit ensemble.^^ Anyway, I just thought I'd share this with anyone who wants to check it out in a place other than the Showroom. Now, to work on my WL's outfit and head adornment. I've got time. hehe
  9. That's okay. I'm not mad. hehe I took the day off, for a change. Hope you have a better day, for what's left of it.^^
  10. Hence, the "lol" and the quotes around the word, "cheated"... You need people to explain jokes to you, I guess...? XD
  11. --Or on the 3rd boss in BT, you can tell your shield/spear boss party to HOLD dps so the other party can catch up, but they'll still do it and trigger an enrage and wipe. It's not always the fault of people who dont speak/read/write English as their firat language. Sometimes, it's that some people just go about things, or robotically, having sunken into a brain dead routine from doing the content so much. Sometimes, you just get a bunch of "traps" in your party or raid.
  12. Yura´s hair, come back pls

    I have it on 2 or more characters and rarely wear it, personally. On my female Gon, which is my main, the bangs clip through her forehead, and NC/NCW has still not fixed that. It doesn't work well with a lot of outfits either, but on a normal-sized Jin female, it's looks okay. I wanted it so bad when I first saw preview screenshots of it, but the reality, at least for me, is that it doesn't look as good on any of my chara. :(
  13. Rude, unacceptable Support behaviour

    By the way, I've had very different experiences with support here, and I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the help that they were kind enough to give me. When I was misunderstood in the gorums, I hot perma-banned, but someone heard me out and lifted my ban. When I got scammed for 4.5K gold in-game, they got it back for me and went after the crook who tricked me. When someone in my still-recruiting BT pug (last week) killed the 1st boss while everyone else wasn't even inside the instance, it bound everyone's progress to show that they completed it. Heck, I was fighting the midnight Koldrak's Lair dragon at the time. Due to a limited toolkit for resetting my progress and unbinding me from that group, they gave me back my 10× reset tokens instead. It was a fair compromise, and I was grateful for any help at all. Whenever I needed help, they got to me when they could, and never ignored me or left me hanging. I understand that we have a whole server's worth of people who could be submitting tickets too, but eventually, they DO get to me. You have to be patient and NOT spam them with messages like some crazed ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who's super clingy. If they cannot fix your problem with ONE particular solution, you can suggest alternatives and they'll hear you out - maybe even come up with a solution that would work even better for you. -But again, if you act like a total butt-lord, your "demands" and venting will only fall upon deaf ears.
  14. Rude, unacceptable Support behaviour

    You REALLY need to calm the hell down. You sound like too huge a pain in the ass to even have a productive conversation with because you don't seem to care WHAT answers and responses you're receiving, and instead only want to be heard while you VENT at everyone and everything within proximity. If I were working in support, I probably wouldn't feel as inclined to deal with your pointless whining either. You type too much in all caps, which implies yelling or shouting, rather than emphasis. You're more rude than the people here who are simply giving you pointers and advice on how to be MORE approachable and LESS abrasive. Quite simply, you DO come off as a jerk, and in ANY job, jerks are not the most sought after customers to chase down and serve with a GENUINE smile. I deal with people like you EVERY day with my own job, and while I may have the patience of a Buddhist monk, I would NOT allow someone like you to continue to terrorize me or my co-workers, thinking that we'd eventually "cave in", and let you have your way. This isn't "Burger King": you can't always have it YOUR way, right away. --And whoever invented that idiotic saying, "the customer's always right", is a complete buffoon, and is the singularly MOST hated enemy of any person who has to deal with the public on a daily basis. Be nice, be respectful, be polite, and be someone who CAN take a "no" for an answer. Otherwise, you'll just be another social rapist in the making. Even if it hurts you SO much, you NEED to play nice, or you'll never be able to make progress when ASKING for help. Call me "rude" if you must, but just know that someone had to make you aware that you're NOT very approachable, diplomatically. Personally, I'd apply for a job with NCW just to close your tickets myself. ♡
  15. You can not trust anyone

    I'm embarrassed to say this, but I was foold by a trove key "seller" too, recently. I gave him 4,500G for 150× keys, which sounded like an okay deal. Besides, at the time, I had made nearly 13,000G off of the trove. I got lucky with the gold chests and with crits that gave me 25× Premium Transformation Stones, along with an additional crit that gave me 3× more on an alt. I had just finished a long, tiresome work week and took my brother to a doctor visit to get checked out, so I was dead tired and not thinking straight... I didn't think to look at the seller's profile to see if he had a reputation at stake, as in a character with high end gear who didn't want to be blacklisted by a whole server for being a crook. The seller wanted me to meet at Foshi Pyres, or whatever it's called. I traded him the mney and waited. I had never done this kind of trade in BNS before, so I wasn't sure how it worked... He apologized for the wait and even asked me about my cool-looking weapon, etc.. Then he just dropped out of the party we were in and was showing as being located in the "Proving Grounds", or something. I think that was a tutorial area... I didn't fully realize my mistake until AFTER I handed over the gold. lol Anyway, I DID screenshot the chat log and his profile and submitted a support ticket on it. GM Yehara and another of the GM staff reviewed my situation, saw my evidence and read my reasoning behind trying to trade for his keys (20× key limit per 24 hours with Hongmoon Coins), etc.. They took action against the crook and returned my gold to me. They also advised me that is IS against the rules to make trades like that, and recommended buying them from the Hongmoon Store, but I wasn't aware of that. I thought it was a legitimate in-game trade method, even though I did understand it meant having to trust someone to NOT screw me over. Anyway, I learned my lesson - well two lessons... One, not to do those kinds of trades, even with trusted sources. Two, NOT to make big purchases while I'm sleepy.^^; Yesterday, I made a sleepy purchase, just because it was a funny impulse buy, but it was just $13 USD for some neon LED shutter shades. --BUT THEY LOOK COOL! XD
  16. Yeah, when RNG isn't on your side, you could either keep pushing forward, hoping that the next run will give you what you want, OR just give up and try again at another time. I prefer to take a break and try again later, because your first try on another day could still get it for you. The troves and RNG boxes feel like they have a decaying RNG rate after so many rolls in a day or even a week. Even if it isn't so, it's still my choice to either play now or later, and that same choice is yours. With the "free" outfits in this game that depend on RNG, you can at least take comfort in the idea that they aren't going anywhere. With these cosmetic items, they won't "rotate" out for some other cosmetic items like the HM Store does every two weeks, so you could always try again later, making it a "long game,", or more precisely, making it only a matter of time before you'll finally get it. That said, I can at least remember that I don't have to push myself too hard to get RNG items when they'll be around to roll for at a later time. There's no rush for those items, except for how badly you want them.
  17. y noone spam ec hm?

    I'm aware that they merged all of the HM rewards into the NM rewards so that HM is obsolete, but if I'm not mistaken, I THINK you can still play HM in EC by toggling the option for it. That said, and if it's true, EC HM does still exist, but not really worth doing anymore, except for the challenge itself and a little more exp.
  18. this page is true or it is false

    It works. In fact, I wanted to thank you, OP, for making me aware of it.^^ SteelSeries is a trustworthy source, but I can understand you're wanting to be careful, because the page itself could've been an imposter website, which I have seen a LOT of in my time. More recently, along those lines, was an email from someone pretending to be PayPal, prompting Mr to log into my account and do all sorts of stuff. Needless to say, they're not as smart as they think they are, and by no means will ever be smart enough to con me. Their email didn't connect to anything legitimate online and their usual safeguards were not in place. However, this site does work and it's legit.
  19. Just curious, which outfit was the F10 outfit at the end of the tournament? I got frustrated trying to type in codes and not getting anything, so I gave up. I was SO tired of hearing Barney saying "hopes and dreams", and his hair got on my nerves. --And the little fella from "The Big Bang Theory" talked over him so much that he couldn't get a word in, most of the Stream. Oh, and hearing "doing as much damage as he possibly can" was used SO much, that I do NOT see a future in sports commentatin for either of them. I know it's THE "esports pose", but seeing these guys with their arms folded all the time was getting me even more ticked off. lol
  20. Crafting outfits with transmute option

    I lost track of how much I lost getting all of those outfits, since it was such a long time ago and back when everything cost so much more to do those transmutes. I actually wish they'd make NEW packages of outfits available for transmute, because it was kind of a fun way to get new cosmetics. I do wish the RNG just dictated which item you got, instead of making it fail and throw away all of your gold and mats. Getting ONE fabric back only made me want to buy more to put with it for a another roll.
  21. Worst Trove Ever

    Even though everyone will parrot eachother with the whole "RNG is RNG" thing, the more keys you open, the "more likely" you will get what you're gambling for. Unfortunately, after using 610 keys, it just MIGHT have been key #611 that would've gotten you exactly what you wanted. That's the thing with gambling and RNG - you'll just never know what's next, unless you make your next roll. However, keep in mind that with RNG in an online video game that thrives on real life money, we are only trusting the guys who run this game to NOT screw us with shady crap disguised as RNG. Honestly, we all think about it, so why not talk about it? There's nothing keeping such companies from just CLAIMING there's an RNG system in place when it can be flipped on and off with a simple setting in admin options or just not exist, entirely. An RNG system could be put into place for the minor items like sacred crystals or experience charms, for instance, while the big expensive/rare items could be contingent upon how much you swiped your card in the game over the past week or so. I'm NOT saying this IS what's going on, but anyone who feels like it's 100% impossible to program things to run this way is naive. Just with my limited programming knowledge, I can do such things, so why couldn't people who do this for a living NOT...? Anyway, don't feel bad when it comes to "sucky rng", because it happens to the best of us and the worst of us. Sometimes, just that ONE more key COULD be your lottery jackpot, but that's also what gambling addicts know for themselves. Don't be like me - spend your money on things that are more worthwhile. lol
  22. I kind of feel like the dumb area between the matchmaking screen and the dungeon itself should be done away with. It's a waste of time, and everything I could do with the NPCS in that area, I can do from my inventory/vault/shop interface, etc.. The daily quests shouldn't even require us to pick them up at the NPC who stands to the left of the portal, when it could automatically show up in our quest log/tracker like a dynamic quest. All I ever do is run from where I spawn, into the portal for another wasteful load screen. I can even repair my weapon inside the dungeon if I didn't think to do it before matchmaking. Other than having to sprint between those two load screens, no matter HOW brief your load times can be, it's also silly that I usually feel the need to "zoom out" my camera before going into the portal, when it can be done at any time you have control of your character. It's just dumb that the camera always starts me in that partially zoomed-in point-of-view. So yeah... it would just be a QOL improvement, in my opinion, to do away with that "limbo" area, because it just doesn't seem necessary at all anymore.
  23. Worst Trove Ever

    I do not feel that any of us actually should feel entitled to compensation, just because we bought a bunch of keys and didn't get what we wanted. However, I kind of want to, if I can score some HM Coins. Hehe Now, let's get real here. There's no way you got "nothing", if you USED the keys you bought on the trove. You might not have gotten what you wanted, and like you, I've used over a thousand keys between spending WAY too many dollars like a gambling addict AND selling gold to buy more keys with HM Coins. --But we BOTH got something from each key used, unless you decided to keep rolling without buying from any of the choices in each list you generated. I didn't get any of the big, awesome gems, but I'm happy with all of the Octagonal gems I got from previous events and transmutes, and my only heptagonal gem is an black one. I mainly wanted the cosmetics and the upgrade materials, but didn't really get much of what I wanted, and am still missing the red eagle eye adornment thingy. I DID get it to show up by luck with a few keys I bought with GM Coins, but it was a crit that gave me two other choices: 30 sacred oils for 50g or so, or 25 premium transformation stones. With those stones selling at around 425g a piece yesterday, I made over 12,000g - I had three additional stones on an alt with only two trove slots unlocked. Purely luck there. RNG normally hates me, like it does some of the rest of you/us, but yesterday, I got more gold than I had ever seen at any given time I had ever played BNS since NA and JPN launch. I think at most, I have only had around 3-4k gold at a time. I definitely didn't get "nothing", so even if you got a big worthless stack of Korean mmorpg "manju", then at least you can eat that in your dungeon runs.^^;
  24. From some KR clip someone posted in the forums some months ago, they showed a cutscene where some bad guys were chasing after certain characters and kills at least one, so that sucks. I don't wanna say who, in case anyone's worried about spoilers. After seeing that for myself (even though I don't REALLY care that much about a Korean mmorpg's story), I feel both relieved that an annoying character gets killed off, but at the same time, feel bad that he/she is being taken out of the other character's lives.^^; I'd rather the promotional videos for B&S NOT show story spoilers like those, from cutscenes, etc. when they can just show their new cosmetics, skills and their changes, features, etc..
  25. Stream Codes

    Aris is usually pretty funny, just from what I've observed from some of the stuff my brother watches. I liked how when someone would donate during his stream, he'd say how he could afford a "big dinner", for the night. I always envisioned it being something like a Styrofoam hot dog and fries plate, like from a local diner, but with an EXTRA hotdog. lol His Stream where he played some Dark Souls game was funny. Use the keywords "we've got a runner" and give it a looksie. Hehe