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BnS Reaction Gifs

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9 minutes ago, Silvershadow said:

I dont even have a gif for this situation, but if someone has one, please help out.


Running Blackram 4 Man multiple times, 13 of which were successful (and many more unsucessful aswell as stressful bcuz people cant play their damn class).

Still no Hair Drop.




Finish the Boss with [F]lash Step


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Don't know if this has been done before but here goes~   My reaction to the number of people in the queue.   2 hours later.   Finally log in and then crash after the

Me when I use a quest object that spawns a mob, and another player waits and attacks the mob after it spawns.   Me when that same player follows me around and does it 2 more times.

trying to get out of combat after killing a mob be like 


Gon 100%



How does it feel to play against a KFM



Trying hard to pick up mats for crafting



Probably your next teammates in poh6



Whenever i land and run ~



Miku tax



I forgot assassins

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On 2/2/2016 at 11:41 PM, ZackGTie said:

hahahaha I know xD  it so funny than they rant in chat: OMG how im I suppose to face FM T_T!!!!


hey what is going on? Please don't let this thread die!!! keep it going!!!!

Am I the only one that does not understand how FM wins against a BM ??? Like... I've never lost to FM as a blade master... EVER (yet to find a good enough FM within gold, maybe platinum once I crawl up there ?)

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14 hours ago, ConfusedNerd said:

Am I the only one that does not understand how FM wins against a BM ??? Like... I've never lost to FM as a blade master... EVER (yet to find a good enough FM within gold, maybe platinum once I crawl up there ?)


its easy, this is a new region with full of people who doesnt know how to pvp BnS style! Silver leagues are like heaven for FM xD And as any other class you never know when you are facing a true master. 

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When the release date was announced



What I want to do to 90% of the people on forums



My initial reaction upon seeing moonwater transformation stone prices



What I did to those poor deer when I got to the frog pond



When you try to switch channels to do faction dailies right into a hoard of the opposing faction



What I imagined when I first heard about summoner...



....the reality



How it feels fighting a good KFMs in arena



What replayed in my mind when the cat single-handedly beat me my first time vs summoner 



What it feels like to have a maxed breast slider Gon jump you



How I see blade and soul hospitals working





I wanted to contribute <3



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Let's them keep coming, this is hilarious!!


When I see another player dying from a case of avarice (hitting every single mob in the area so he/she could take the kill)



When a player, after trying and couldn't manage to stole all my mobs, invite me to party



When I'm having a blast playing Blade Master but I'm trying, in the same time, to be supportive and comfort my boyfriend because Warlock isn't here yet



When one of my friends lags gliding from the platform to the mass on the Supply and dies



When I see another "I'm leaving 'cause X" or "I'll go toBlack Desert now" post on the forums, what I want to do with the OP



Fighting Force Master on 1vs1


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Another round:


Two destroyers (or blade dancers) on 1vs1:



Low on health, trying to get down Poharan on the Supply (or Mysterious Man on the other site) to loot her chest:



How I felt the first time I tried Kung Fu Master:



When I see I'll have to fight a summoner (being me Blade Master) on 1vs1:



When I'm finally block an attacking blade dancer:



What I tought when I see Jinsoyun going without I'm able to move or kick her ass:


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