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BnS Reaction Gifs

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Don't know if this has been done before but here goes~   My reaction to the number of people in the queue.   2 hours later.   Finally log in and then crash after the

Me when I use a quest object that spawns a mob, and another player waits and attacks the mob after it spawns.   Me when that same player follows me around and does it 2 more times.

trying to get out of combat after killing a mob be like 

Wanting to make your way home and play b&s after a long day of being outside


Getting on and seeing the que



Being mad at NCSOFT like


That rare moment when you are so sure you're gonna be waiting on que but you end up successfully getting in


Premium Members be like



Being A Premium but ending up on que anyway



Being on the game like


Encountering the que once again



Getting used to the que and not even caring about playing so soon anymore




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My reaction when doing the final class quest.



When I first saw the boss that dropped essence in the early level zones, I ran right across the map to it to see what it was but by the time I got there it was dead. I was just like,




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So i finally got the right weapon class from the chest today after 130+ something keys, wasted over 2 golds and many hours of farming those chest boxes.


Finds out i need a Transmutation Stone that cost 10g to begin with...




My mind rage bugged the servers i think. Sorry :p

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That moment u f8 que and all your pty members are  lvl 20s but   tumblr_n2hx33Lquh1scr19zo1_400.gif




When i think iam logging in after the que just to get hit with the dc tumblr_ndmjrw5l1O1r5v17fo1_400.gif




WHen iam bidding and i think i finally got the costume then i get hit with the 2g bidder original.gif


when i finally logged inoriginal.gif

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On 22.01.2016. at 3:16 AM, Grimmreaper said:

when the *cricket* game crashed.



And the Gm's says which has new server, but it's still *cricket*ing queue




HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHA Sorry guys... alll gifs are AMAZING so far.. but i died on this one =D =D =D Keep it up ! :) Sorry for caps :D

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