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  1. XIGNCODE3 ?

    Great i can't login. eyes at the Xcthing
  2. Another nice outfit stuffed into a RNG Box again

    Not sure on drop rate, but last night I bought 4 boxes just for grins and got two outfits. RNG doesn't seem too harsh.
  3. 5/10 stopped playing last month and won't renew premium. May return at a later time, they do need more time to finish adding 3 years of content. The Game is not complete. NA patch jobs are band aids. The MMO model is going the way of the dinosaurs. MMOs favor the younger generations. Move along, nothing to see here.
  4. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    If you are just mashing buttons, then it's not animation canceling. Proper animation canceling is a based on timing and rhythm. Try mashing buttons with KFM 3RF with no rhythm, destroyer if you just mash you will just cleave and lose focus. It's a real skill that takes practice.
  5. forgekeepers completly usseles

    Craft hammers, use or sell hammers. Not huge profit but I had over a gold at level 18 from selling hammers. Just selling hammers. I can hardly call Forgekeepers useless. Hammers will always be useful. The stuff everyone uses, sell that stuff and quit hoping for the big lottery payoff, smallest amount of effort for big money. Daydream believers... I swear. Think smarter.
  6. Transfer outfits?

    The DEVs are suppose to work on a store item that lets you transfer outfits, but it's only a pipe dream right now. If they use the same method used for founder outfit, shouldn't be that hard.
  7. Take the speargun and defeat corrupted beach crabs

    Kill the little ones first then kill big one last. If you kill the big crab before the 50, it stops working.
  8. I send stuff to alts all the time, it's your own account..... The panic is real.
  9. These days most people shoot first to get credit and send invites later. Usually some idiot rushes in and kills the last mob I need and then sends party invite. Crappy way to socialize. If I get a party invite, it's usually when I am almost finished. So, yeah, don't need party any more.
  10. Economy is dying

    One hour after patch finished and server came online, couldn't find a Stalker Razor, "stalker" for under 35 silver. Yeah, gouge gouge gouge.
  11. Screen shaking effect, please make it stop!

    I don't notice the "crit shake" playing on a 32 in. TV, but when I watch recorded videos at work on smaller monitor, I can see the shake. Wouldn't have noticed otherwise.
  12. Whisper sound bug?

    Blocking/Reporting spammer: I can still hear the whisper noise when they try to whisper me. It's only blocking the text, but the alert if enabled, will sound. I had to disable the whisper noise alert so it won't be annoying.
  13. Tera vs Blade and Soul

    Tera has it's problems, community managers left, then a change of ownership, then BnS came out. The writing was on the wall so to speak. It's up to the new owners to fix things and they will need time. If and when they can recover, who knows? We have BnS for that time. Funny how that all worked out.
  14. The video length gives it away, but it was entertaining to watch. :)