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  1. Great i can't login. eyes at the Xcthing
  2. I don't notice the "crit shake" playing on a 32 in. TV, but when I watch recorded videos at work on smaller monitor, I can see the shake. Wouldn't have noticed otherwise.
  3. Added hair and glasses, huge difference.
  4. I don't know if it's age or what, but this is both funny and relaxing. I guess the older you get the less impact they have, but now, it's purely medicinal.
  5. Rare drop from Daksun in Dreadtide Arena.
  6. I think the chance for gigantic breast size should be in the form of a rare outfit drop. Genetically speaking, there is always one person with gigantic something... Even in certain Anime, only a few stand out as being "gigantic". Examples Cattleya from Queen's Blade
  7. Got this on my 5th try :) Achievement
  8. Yes, gigantic, flabby man boobs, like all guys have chiseled chests and 6 pack abs.... like male image is exploited at all..
  9. Never take such things so seriously. It's pure entertainment valued fan service. The boob physics is blade and soul is just funny. The oversized, awkward, zany and over the top elements that make anime shows like FLCL, Kill la Kill, some of my favorite shows. I find it hilarious to see such things. All seriousness aside, Normal is just so boring. Very little point to play a game where everything is normal, every day is just normal, more fun can be had with abnormal. It's the crazy antics or out of this world proportions that make all this fun. Some people just take things way tooo
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