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  1. Great i can't login. eyes at the Xcthing
  2. Not sure on drop rate, but last night I bought 4 boxes just for grins and got two outfits. RNG doesn't seem too harsh.
  3. 5/10 stopped playing last month and won't renew premium. May return at a later time, they do need more time to finish adding 3 years of content. The Game is not complete. NA patch jobs are band aids. The MMO model is going the way of the dinosaurs. MMOs favor the younger generations. Move along, nothing to see here.
  4. I don't notice the "crit shake" playing on a 32 in. TV, but when I watch recorded videos at work on smaller monitor, I can see the shake. Wouldn't have noticed otherwise.
  5. Brilliant keys, they save us from this. Buy one, use one, and you're done. Great investment.
  6. In OWPVP, the side with the most vacuum cleaners wins. True story.
  7. Blade and Soul coming to NA Tiny Lyn jumping around Gon female. Make an alt, try to dance when low level chat is disabled.
  8. The story quest forces you to choose a faction, if you want to continue and learn skills. Faction pve and pvp are blended, the only difference is you wear a uniform in order to kill opposing field bosses. This is the true nature of ow pvp. If the server pop isn't too high, both factions can pick a channel and farm the field boss for the 160 insignias needed for Moonwater arena. I spent 1-2hrs and got my 160 plus another 100 for the epic uniform. It's mostly mindless field boss grinding. Prestige comes from killing players and remembering to upgrade before taking off uniform or dying.
  9. Added hair and glasses, huge difference.
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