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  1. Yup. If you continue to play after 1900, you get to be the butt of a joke if you derank. Kind of a problem for me because I close the client when I face too many assassins so I can have a breather and calm the *cricket* down, so I derank regularly and have to work my way back up to platinum. Yes, I close the client vs. Assassins. They aren't so much as hard to beat as they are absolutely *cricket*ing infuriating rubbish design whose *cricket*ing designer should be forced to spend the rest of his life on a *cricket*ing rock pile lest he ruin anything else he *cricket*ing touches, th
  2. I'm not arguing the cause of the discrepancy there. I'm just disputing a given hypothesis for the observed data by applying a simple test. There has to be more to the issue than merely "there are too many summoners" or "summoners are rated highly because they're easy". That's all I'm getting at.
  3. It might be worth shipping that particular angle over to this thread. There is also some discussion of other factors around -- I looked into player preferences here.
  4. The game is not designed for 1900 to be "noob vs. noob". There are fewer than 50 BMs who have even reached that point at all. If you're in the top 1000 of any class, you're probably not a novice player. It takes at least 14 matches at 100% win rate just to reach 1700, and the only class with fewer than 1000 players in that range is BM. There are nearly 1000 summoners above 1800. This chart doesn't describe novice play at all. If it did, then you would also expect a steeper drop-off for classes which are "easy" -- that is. once skill comes into play, other classes should be closing the gap. Up
  5. We can test that theory fairly easily. Just view the chart upward from top 50 Blade Master. That is somewhere in the 1800-1825 range. From that spot on the chart, we can read the approximate number of players who have reached that MMR level for each class. 50 Blade Masters ~135 Force Masters ~185 Assassins ~245 Kung Fu Masters ~295 Destroyers ~340 Blade Dancers ~670 Summoners Do you believe that there are 13.4 times as many Summoners as Blade Masters? Do you believe Lyn-exclusive classes are a combined 20 times more common than Blade Master
  6. Took a quick snapshot of NA rankings: Top 10 1 FM 1 KFM 4 SUM 3 SIN 1 BD 0 BM 0 DES top 25 3 FM (plus one uncounted cheater proudly displaying his cheat) 4 KFM 6 SUM 3 SIN 5 BD 1 BM 2 DES Top 50 7 FM (plus one uncounted cheater proudly displaying his cheat) 8 KFM 9 SUM 4 SIN (counted another likely cheater, but not known for certain, so included -- guild name known for cheats) 10 BD 4 BM 7 DES BD, SUM clear winners. KFM, FM contenders. SIN
  7. Can we get the data directly? I'd be interested to see 1900+ and 2000+. I would also like to fiddle a bit and test a few hypotheses. For example, a steeper MMR drop-off might be expected for classes that are easy-to-play but don't grow in power as much with skill. Of course, this data may be well beyond that point by top 1000 of a class. No, rank is your MMR relative to other players of your class. Summoners ranked in the top 1000 summoner players have much higher MMR than BMs ranked in the top 1000 of their class. This can happen two ways: Summoners are vastly more playe
  8. They're not bad. They're just a bit easy to read and counter. Ease of use helped them out early, like it helped out Summoner and Blade Dancer quite a bit, but Destroyer hits a wall much earlier and ends up requiring much tighter execution to succeed. Several classes (Assassin, FM, KFM) have a simple go-to strategy against Destroyer which will absolutely maul players without comparatively high skill and discipline. Where BDs have long combos and strong defensive spec to wear out any accidental CC breaks (tab being both CC break and core parry/resist spin), Destroyer has nothing sans a 1-minute-
  9. People AFK because certain matchups are not fun to play. Assassins in particular make me want to go on a murderous rampage, and I know I've flat-out closed the client many times rather than spend another 10 minutes with a *cricket*ing Assassin. The better way to deal with the problem would be for the developers to consider what makes the matchup so frustrating to players and aim to fix that.
  10. Still kinda hard to tell with the immature meta. If I had to give a list right now, I'd say Kung Fu Master Blade Dancer Summoner Force Master Assassin Destroyer Blade Master but that's just my personal opinion. The top 50 right now are a mix, dominant specs are KFM, summoner, and BD. FM is especially hard to read because you see very, very, very few of them. BM are struggling ATM, is the only class you're unlikely to succeed with regardless of effort.
  11. Take Persistence, not Fury. Spin less to conserve Focus -- only if you really think he's going to be using a closing attack and want to deflect it. If you grab them, quick power slam immediately -- even if they freeze, you get the focus as long as you started the animation before they froze. Only use counter break Knee at VERY close range, or it will go on cooldown and do nothing. Not only can you iframe the knockup pounce with SS or Searing Strike, if you see it coming, you can Stone Shield with stone to instantly stun him before he lands. If you're doing power s
  12. ...as players are wont to do, heh. At least this game has only a few classes. I did a lot of theorycraft for ArcheAge, and with 120 "class" possibilities, it was a nightmare convincing people to not assume they all had to play Darkrunner, Cleric, and Daggerspell. Having players try to get their heads around that was a mess. I think this kind of thing is still big news to players. I get the sense that most players here have never been held in a Meteor Shower or fried by HM Lightning Draw chase. It will be interesting to see once the dust settles how people feel about it all. The dev
  13. That would be misleading. KFMs don't need to use their stuns up front for anything. There is no need to blow Tremor on a neutral hold, not in the least because it won't land most of the time anyway. KFM stuns aren't gap closers. You can punish an opponent who frolls your daze or KD, but if they don't roll, that's no skin off your back -- you just claim your pound of flesh and go back to neutral. After all, KFM has around 15 attacks that deliver some form CC. Even in the absence of Fighting Spirit, I was killed as a Destroyer 80%-0, and Destroyers do not have particularly low health. The abilit
  14. If the purpose of the escape were to prevent 100-0 combos, you might expect it to be usable all the time, or at least after a certain number of hits rather than the assumption the any CC can be broken and then it goes on cooldown for a long period. Other games have counter breaks that are similarly time-limited (Guilty Gear reversal at the cost of 1/2 your power gauge), but they also have no 100-0 combos and further limit damage and hit-stun. It's not that games haven't tried doing zero-to-dead before. Bushido Blade did it ages ago, and more recent UFC games have attempted it as we
  15. I would argue that opposite is true. MMO combat is CC-heavy, where fighting games are not. Fighting games either have 1:1 hitstun and design combos for lower percentages (e.g. Street Fighter), or they have reduced hitstun (e.g. MVC3) or damage (e.g. Guilty Gear's guard meter) as the number of attacks in a combo goes up. Being able to kill people in one attack routine has always been considered a failure, and some designers have come up with some really funny systems to combat it (e.g. Skullgirls routine that attempts to detect infinite rotations and punt the attacker back to the other side of
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